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Bosch ART 23 Combitrim Electric Grass Trimmer

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Bosch / Type: Garden Trimmer

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    3 Reviews
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      02.04.2012 23:14
      Very helpful



      A waste of money, even the 1* rating is being generous!

      Review of the Bosch ART 23 Combitrim 0600878B00 Strimmer

      Lawns! If I was given a chicken every time I trimmed the grass, I'd be a poultry farmer by now.

      ==The Product==

      I purchased this lawn strimmer a couple of years ago. This strimmer was purchased to keep the edges of the grass tidy around the flower beds adjacent to our static caravan. The caravan site staff were responsible for grass cutting, but residents took care of the actual gardens surrounding their caravans.

      I decided on the spur of the moment, to buy a small strimmer for the purpose and I plumped for the Bosch Art 23, basing my choice on the seemingly easy method of extending the cutting line, but more of that later!

      My other half ran his own garden design and maintenance business before retiring, so is well 'up' on garden tools. He was not best pleased that I had bought this on impulse as we have various strimmers at home and as he said we could have simply brought one with us to leave at the caravan. Still, as I didn't pay too much for the Bosch strimmer, I believe it was in the region of £30, I wasn't too worried, especially as we had other tools made by Bosch at home which we had been happy with.

      **Very Basic Technical Info**
      The Bosch ART 23 has a 400w motor.
      A 35cm handle height-adjustable to 115cms,
      A 90 degrees rotating cutter head
      Vertical edge-cutting
      2 spools, 1 for normal cutting, the second for more overgrown areas
      Weight 2.7 kg
      Strimmer operates via mains electricity.

      ==In Use==

      The strimmer has a decent length electrical cable, more than adequate for our needs at the caravan, however I feel it possibly would not be long enough for anything larger than a medium sized garden.

      The strimmer works by means of depressing the trigger type button on the handle, being a fairly lightweight tool, it is not too heavy to swing over the grass. To cut edges, simply tilt the strimmer to the appropriate angle and the rotating head does the work for you. The actual head of this strimmer is quite large and we found that it was rather unwieldy to use in tight corners, such as around and under the miniature conifer trees we had planted around the edge of the borders.

      Strimming can be pretty tiring on the arms and so a lighter machine seems a wise option. The strimmer is rather noisy, it has a high pitched whiny tone and I would recommend users to wear some kind of ear protection if using the strimmer for extended periods of time.

      ==My Thoughts and Conclusion==

      One of the reasons I purchased this strimmer was the simple 'Pro Tap' spool mechanism for lengthening the cutting line. Most of our other strimmers have to be turned upside down and the manky nylon cord yanked out to extend the cord. The Bosch ART 23 simply needs to be tapped on the ground to release more cord. No more green stained fingers or delving around for the end of the cord sounded a plus to me.


      The Pro Tap spool system for releasing the cord worked very well once or twice, but after this it was nothing short of useless. It sticks, you need to remove the spool to unjam it, the spool is tricky to get in and out of the housing, all of this for a system that supposedly just needs a tap on the ground!

      The next problem we had with the strimmer was the operating button. It is located on the handle of the strimmer and the pressure required to operate it was at first quite subtle, however after a few uses the button became stiff and I found it almost impossible to keep up the pressure necessary to keep the motor running.

      To be honest, we found that this strimmer is pretty poor. I was very disappointed in the the quality and performance of the machine, had it been a value, budget own brand model, I would not have been so bothered. To my mind Bosch is a well respected manufacturer and I had high expectations of a garden tool from their range. The issues we had with the spool and the trigger button led to frustration and heated tempers. To conclude, I would not recommend this strimmer to others, we no longer own it as when we sold our static caravan, we left the strimmer in the shed for the next owner to struggle with!

      If I owned a monkey I would definitely teach it to cut the grass.

      Thank you for reading
      ©brittle 1906

      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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        01.03.2012 17:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Another quality product from Bosch

        Having always been impressed with Bosch products in the past I snapped up the Art 23 Combitrim when I saw it on offer in Focus (the former DIY chain).

        I'd neglected a couple of sections of the garden at our new home for several months while getting the interior renovations sorted and as summer was rapidly approaching something needed to be done. It was only after buying it that I had a look at various websites for reviews and found some users have had no end of trouble with theirs. Nearly 2 years after buying it, mine is still going strong and works like new.

        The Art 23 has a telescopic body so it can be compacted after use to save on space and comes with a nice long power cord so you don't have to keep finding different sockets or trail round an extension lead. It's light enough that my wife doesn't mind using it and strong enough to stand up to the toughest weeds.

        My only criticism is that the standard trimming line seems a bit weak and does break quite frequently but a quick tap of the feed button underneath on a hard surface sends out about 1.5" of line and you're ready to go again. The other option is to fit one of the heavy duty lines that comes with the strimmer, this cuts through really thick grass and weeds with ease and lasts ages before getting worn down so it's great for trimming up against a fence or paving edges.

        Overall a really good product.


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          27.07.2011 17:24
          Very helpful



          A good reliable piece of garden equipment

          One piece of garden equipment that my husband finds a real bonus and essential piece of kit for keeping our garden nice and tidy, especially during the Spring and Summer months, is a garden trimmer. Not long after we moved into our house, my husband was given this Bosch ART 23 Combitrim Electric Grass Trimmer, which usually retails around the £30 mark. Having previously had Bosch tools before, he was confident of the efficiency and reliability of the product.

          This Bosch 23 Combitrim is ideally used for trimming the edges of the lawn, or for trimming grass around children's play equipment in the garden, without having to move it, or even the grass around paving, all of which can be hard to get at using a regular lawn mower. This is a 400 wattage machine, although there are other combitrims that offer more wattage, but my husband finds this amount of power sufficient for what he uses if for in the garden.

          One big benefit of this garden trimmer is that it is adjustable in terms of height, and in regards to being able to tilt the cutting head, to make it easier to get at difficult places in the garden. My husband has since heard people say that the machine won't always stay at the fullest height, but he has never had a problem with this. It is also possible, since you can change the tilt of the cutting head, to change the cutting angle, giving you a closer trim near difficult areas such as under trees.

          Like most garden trimmers this product does not use any blade to strim the edges, and instead uses a rotating line which is on a spool, which as it rotates cuts the grassy edges. This machine actually comes with two different line spools, one that is already in the machine, that my husband has always used, and then a extra strong line for thicker grass, which he has never had to use. The only complaint that my husband has about this machine is that the rotating line can break quite a lot when in use, and to remedy this, you need to stop and press down on a solid surface such as paving slab, which will automatically release more line, 4cm everytime this is done, which should be enough to sort out the temporary problem, when the machine fails to cut. If the line breaks completely, you need to do this several times to be able to get a complete cutting head again.

          This garden trimmer is ideally to be used for grass up to a height of 15cm, which most people would not let their grass get to. Beyond this height, then, you need to use the trimmer in stages, and certainly make use of the extra strong line. In order to keep your line in top condition, you shouldn't have it come into contact with solid surfaces such as paving or walls, unless you are trying to release more line.

          All in all, for the last 4 years, my husband has been using this Bosch combitrim garden trimmer without any problems. Yes, he sometimes gets a little annoyed when the line breaks as he cuts, but it is easily remedied, and so far this has shown to be a very reliable and efficient piece of garden equipment at a very reasonable price.


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