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Honda F 560 FE

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Brand: Honda / Equipment Type: 2-Wheel Tractor

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2010 17:34



      If you want a tiller,definitely have a look at this

      The first thing you'll notice when you see the F560 is its quality.Sure,the price is high for a tiller but it justifies it with the quality you see and feel on the tiller.There is hardly any plastic used,apart from some spots.The F560 is built almost entirely from metal.Everything seems well assembled and tough and reassures you that this is going to last even after lots of hard work.This one is practical too.Handlebars can be folded and you can adjust their height and angle left or right.I had no problem to trasport this at the boot of my car.All you may need is some help to lift it cause it weighs over 70 kilos when it's full of unleaded and oil.The GX160 engine will start up ridiculously easily.Ignition on,adjust throttle and choke lever,fuel valve on,pull the starter cord just once and that's it.If you had been using two stroke in the past,you will notice how big the difference is.When it's running at idle it is quiet enough and only if you exceed 60-70% of throttle use it will start getting noisy.Of course people who aren't within 5-6 meters from the tiller will not be annoyed at all.A 2 stroke sound is far more annoying.A little tip concerning the engine:If you have stopped working and have turned off the engine,never leave the tiller leaning backwards.It is almost sure that oil will get in the cylinders and it won't be easy to start the engine again,plus you will waste engine oil,plus you will create a huge smelly cloud of burnt oil.And if someone is near the exhaust it's likely that he will be covered in small oil spots.Now the gearbox.There is a big variety of gears and you can also adjust slow/fast with a lever.It takes some time to get used to using the gearbox,at first it will seem a bit hard,but after some hours of using you ll see that it is easy.What is not easy,is using the lever to adjust slow/fast gearing.Maybe the fact that it isn't used so often is to blame,but if you want to switch gearing,you will have to be strong.Maybe oiling something in there is the key,but i haven't tried it yet.Anyway tilling is easy.Side clutches are really helpful when you have to change direction in limited space,and the main clutches witch immediately stop the axle from rotating are useful if you want to stop without having the turn off the engine or switch into indle gear.It doesn't consume too much fuel as well,although i have no other tiller to compare its consumption with,but i feel that its consumption is rational.Now power is another advantage as well.The engine will handle tilling with ease but it will also extirpate weeds easily and pull loads too.Power is so much that when i put it in 6th gear,fast and full throttle,i had to run to reach itUsing the PTO Shaft(whose cover is hard to remove),you can transform the tiller into a sprayer and lots of other stuff as well,but the optional equipment is pricey so don't think that you will buy everything with less than 1000 dollars.So conclusively it is a wonderful choice for a tiller,and totally justifies its price tag.If you don't want your tiller to use it in fields or you won't use your tiller for semi-professional or professional purposes there is no reason to buy something even larger.This is perfect.As for reliability,the name Honda is a guarantee on its own,and apart from that i haven't faced a single problem.Keep oil in the engine,clean the air filter and adjust cables when needed and i don't think it will quit you for years


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    Honda 4-Stroke OHV-Petrol Motor / Max. Output: 5.5 HP (4.0 kW) @ 3600 Rpm / Hand Start / Fuel: Normal Petrol / 6 Forward Speeds / 2 Reverse Speeds / Without Tyres / 180° Rotation / Easy Starter and Quiet Running Motor

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