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Scotts Easygreen Rotary Spreader

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Equipment Type: Spreader

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2008 13:56
      Very helpful



      Much better than their all plastic cheap spreader trolley.

      Evergreen by ScottsMiracleGrow is a grass fertilizer that our family have been using for a couple of years resulting in grass that looks fresh and well grown. However spreading the powder has been a trial and patience job with the smaller 500ml boxes coming with a spreader top which can be adjusted to any angle, but usually pressurizes the owner to ultimately bend over and tip the box onto the lawn shaking the bottle down to the lawn as the brown granules spread out onto the top surface. It can be quite a backbreaking experience even if you happen to have a small patch of grass lawn because the 500ml boxes weigh around a kg each whilst the integrated handle on the packs aren't always comfortable to hold coupled with being bent at one side of the body.

      As such Evergreen have made a trolley which takes the exertion out of having to bend down close to the lawn surface so that the granules can be spread out in an even fashion. However as environmental pressures go, there is a cheaper to buy all new plastic trolley that seems to have been made with the cheapest, flimsiest quality of plastic, whilst online quite a few reviews from owners report that the latest yellow and green model breaks off in use, dumping the entire product onto one patch of the lawn and briefly is one of the worst products around, even if it does cost £12 to £15.

      My parent's trolley on the other hand is a completely different story; it is the more expensive and less environmentally friendly version - but oh how it has lasted! The price we bought our trolley cost around £30 and we have had it for around eight years. The problem is, it isn't entirely made of plastic and looks like a make shift shopping trolley with the bag removed! But then again I don't think anyone in their right mind will twitch their net curtains watching you fashionably walk around your lawn in circles with a shopping trolley. At least its main tub has the decals of Scotts name in white lettering that should satisfy the nosiest of neighbours. Right down to the two spindly thin rubbed coated wheels and a skeletal metal structure, it is clear that at one point, ScottsMiracleGrow decided to pull a fast one on its consumers and release a new model to supplement what could be described as a rickety old trolley which was never fashionable looking but extremely practical. Rickety it may be, but the metal frame and overall construction is a lot better than what this plastic trolley appears to give.

      For fans of the original spreader trolley, the metal trolley is easy to assemble since it only needs the green-labelled plastic tub at the bottom to be pushed into the grid of the trolley structure. Being metal ensures that longevity is the key here and there is also a lockable flip down stand at the back that can be locked back up when not in use, or when the owner wants to pull the trolley rather than push it. A small green trigger at the top activates the granule dispersal whilst at the bottom of the tub a fly-wheel turns the soil around and underneath the main tub lies a spinning disc that then disperses the soil onto the lawn. It's quite a novel idea however much it has been based on the skeletal structure of an old grannies' shopping trolley. Storing it usually means it can be put on its side as the handle isn't foldable. However I've got around this by being able to hang it up on our shed door thanks to the thinness of its metal construction. Being metal however means that there is a price to be paid:

      Over the years of ownership means that the metal trolley is now starting to rust in several places and the plastic lock points over the two metal bolts which hold the metal grid stand upwards have broken off. This means that masking tape has been used to stick the metal grid together, but in use the stand flops down intermittently when the old adhesive starts to give. However useless this is, I haven't found an easier way to spread out grass seed evenly and precisely. Before it is filled with seed grain the trolley itself weighs around 500g which isn't too strenuous and thanks to the nature of its flop down stand, it can either be pulled along or with the stand raised and locked, pushed along a lawn. Although not available to buy everywhere I still see the black metal trolley version being sold at private gardening shops and some stockists of B&Q also sell this type of trolley, so it's well worth looking out for this model as it can also be used for spreading other products such as tree and shrub fertilizer seeds and grass mildew products designed to combat moss patches. With general long-term use, some points on the metal frame will rust due to weather changes or whenever the item is used, but a quick dab of Hammerite will usually cure this.

      The current model also has thicker wheels, which is a lot more welcome than the spindly trolley bag wheels our model has. In both cases, both trolleys have rubber-coated wheels which are welcome if you use this on steep grass inclines and need some grip assurance. And because the tub has high sides, you can get up to 5 boxes of 500ml of seed in one go if you have a large lawn whilst its big wheels manage inclines and uneven surfaces well whilst spillages are kept to a minimum. The feeder has a spread amount of 122cm to 340cm width that proves when the seed is spread, quite a lot goes a long way and thus not many visits to the lawn are required when this spreader trolley is used compared to constant bending down. ScottsMiracleGrow also suggest that this trolley is the largest spreader you can buy which is compact and portable and able to tackle paddocks or orchards. Well I don't have either but I do welcome its design.

      Evergreen's Rotary Spreader takes the hard work of grass lawn maintenance generally. The next task is spending the £30 to buy this when ScottsMiracleGrow also produce a much cheaper version with a troubled reputation. That's the one and only downside to a great helper in the garden that has lasted long, and in the current heat due to the weather, a welcome change to back breaking jobs. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008


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    • Product Details

      Variable settings for application of lawn fertiliser or grass seed. Wider coverage to feed large lawns easily. Spreading width 122 – 340cm.

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