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B&Q Green Garden Wire

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Type: Fences

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2011 12:18
      Very helpful



      A useful garden product

      ~Train, maintain and support with this helpful garden wire~

      B&Q offer a range of helpful products that can be used both inside and outside the home, with their range of garden care products including many items that ware well priced and equally well made. I found some useful spools of coated garden wire on the shelves in store last year that I found can be used to good effect in the garden to tie back plants, train them onto trellises, canes or garden features and allow you to keep your plants growing well without them being blown about by the wind and rain etc.

      The garden wire that I have which was bought from B&Q was reasonably priced considering the amount of wire bought and at the time of purchase there was a choice of widths and lengths which looked suitable for a range of jobs within the garden. I recall that the options available included either a 20 metre long roll of wire for around £6 which was slightly thicker than the roll I bought, plus the 30 metre long roll that I picked out which was no more than 2 to 2.5 mm wide and cost £3.98. I thought the thinner roll of wire, (which had an extra 10 metres of length to it) was the one that most suited the task I had in mind, as well the product offering good value for money.

      ~Presentation and ease of use~

      At the time of purchase the roll of wire I bought came neatly rolled and tied into place so as to keep it in usable condition with no kinks or knots to the wire which may have made it awkward to use. The wire was something that could also be used to tie in plastic coated metal mesh type fencing, although I have not used it for that so cannot comment on how well it may perform in such as situation, other than to say it looks up to the job. I found the wire was easy to handle and use as required with no rough edges, as well as being quick and easy to cut to the desired length when needed.

      The thickness of the wire was right for the job I wanted the wire to do in the garden, as I intended to use it to tie in trailing shoots from a grape vine as well as to hold back some rather tall fennel that was in need of a little extra support. The wire I bought was flexible enough to be able to be tied in place without it being too hard to shape it and tie it in place once I was happy with how it was supporting the plant shoots it was being used to contain. Once the wire was in place it helped to keep the vine shoots in place around the support frame allowing the plant to continue to grow on well without looking unsightly.

      ~The outer coating~

      The outer part of the wire has a smooth green plastic type coating to it that offers protection for the stems and shoots of plants when they are tied in place with it and this minimizes the chances of them rubbing against the bare wire and becoming damaged. The coating also makes the wires look more attractive and in keeping with the lush green colours that many garden plants have and helps to ensure the wires when in use do not look out of place or stand out too much. This coated effect also makes the wire easy for you handle even without garden gloves on should you need to do so and as long as care is taken when trimming the wire it should not catch the skin.

      The coating also protects the wire from the weather when in use and I have found that the wires I put in place last year are in the main still looking in good condition with only a few of them looking as though they will perhaps need replacing with new wires this year. The roll of wire that was bought was put away after use so there should be enough left to use again this year which I feel means the product offeres good value for money, as the 30 metre roll of wire was more than enough to do what was needed last year and should also be enough to use this year as well.


      In summary I feel that for just under £4 the 30 metre roll of garden wire was both easy to use and durable when in place. The wire was neither to solid to the touch or too flexible when in use which meant it was useful for a range of garden jobs. These wire rolls are still on sale at B&Q again this year and should I need any more wire than I have remaining on the roll, I would not hesitate to buy more as it has performed at least as well as any other similarly priced coated garden wire I have used making my rating for the product a fair 4 stars.


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    A comprehensive range of plastic and metal netting and fencing to cover most garden and household requirements.

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