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B&Q Square Deck Tile

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Brand: B & Q / Type: Decking Tile - Wood

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2013 21:49
      Very helpful



      A not very good decking tile.

      ~*~*~ B&Q Square Deck Tile ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      These are decking tiles. They are basically wooden square tiles for the floor.

      ~ Size, price & availability ~

      These tiles measure 45cm x 45cm.

      They have a price of £2.98 each and are available from B&Q stores or online at www.diy.com for reservation to store.

      ~ To deck or not to deck, that is the question ~

      We decided not long after moving in that we would like to deck the bottom part of the garden where it was just plain concrete and it wasn't in the best condition either. We were going to lay decking planks until my dad decided to use these in his garden and ended up with a good few left over. We had to buy additional tiles but it still saved us around £30.

      I knew that a frame needed to be built for the tiles to be laid upon but I didn't have a clue about this so I left this part to my dad who very kindly agreed to come and sort the decking out for us. He made the frame the one day and then came back to lay the decking tiles on top the next day which he done in no time at all and they looked really good, just like the decking in my parents garden in fact!

      On this concrete area we have two drains which my father made accessible by making a sort of frame so these could be accessed if needed. He made the frame and then put the tiles into that and then placed the small frame onto the larger frame, he said that was the hardest part but everything else was really straightforward. My dad laid the tiles in a checkered pattern where the tiles were alternated to face the opposite direction each time.

      When done my dad applied an oil to the decking to keep it in good condition.

      The decked area looked so much more nicer than the concrete and I was really pleased with the result.

      ~ And then came the good old British weather ~

      This is where everything just went wrong with the decking. For the price I didn't really expect the decking to last us years but I did expect more than a few months.

      When first laid the decking was sturdy and solid but over the weeks and months I noticed that it had started to have a slight bounce to it, but after the winter the bounce just seemed more and more until you could really feel the wood bending under your feet. I noticed it getting worse when it bowed under the weight of my now 6 year old son, he is of average size really so it was then I decided it would be best to take the decking up which was a shame really as it did make a difference to the garden.

      ~ Re-use or skip? ~

      We managed to salvage a few of the tiles which are now used on the thin path at the top of the garden, these have been laid directly onto the concrete path inside a wooden frame, they do have a slight bounce but it isn't as bad as it was in the larger area at the bottom of the garden, I think it is because the are more compact.

      My parents also took their decking up as the same thing happened to theirs too.

      My grandfather has bought a few to make a border around the edge of his caravan in Tenby and these are fine and have lasted him well although they are not really walked on other than the few leading from the driveway up to the caravan where he has placed a few as a path way. He treated the wood with a red stain and they look really good.

      ~ Would I recommend? ~

      I don't know!
      For larger areas I didn't find these any good but they have worked fine on the pathway. The bottom area of my garden isn't very big at all so it's not like they were used for a massive area but they just didn't hold out at all, the same with my parents garden. They are working great for what my grandparents are using them for and are holding out on my path.

      I think I would recommend that you choose a more expensive decking if you can afford it as these could be a waste of money for you.

      I wouldn't buy them again.

      We currently are back to the concrete in the bottom of the garden once again but my hubby has filled in all the holes and cracks so it does look much better.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      05.04.2012 12:58
      Very helpful



      See Review

      We decided to make the most of the lovely weather we have had the last couple of weeks and make and early start on getting our garden sorted out. One of the main things we wanted to do was to cover over the path way as it is really old broken concrete with loads of cracks and looked a right mess. We decided to go for some kind of decking as we wanted to raise it up a bit so that any water can run away under it. Also there are what used to be a couple of shallow steps and we wanted to get the path level. We had a look on the B&Q website and saw some decking squares that are already made up and thought these would look ideal to use.
      How Much They Cost

      The squares were £8.98 each which might seem like quite a bit but we thought they would take out some of the work seeing as I can't do as much DIY these days as I used to. We measured up and bought enough to cover the area. We needed to cut some of them to fit them in but found this easy to do.
      How We Used Them

      The squares are made up with 6 pieces of decking plank that are cut to 600mm in length. They are fixed together by two more pieces the same size which are nailed across the planks on the reverse sides. To cut them down in size width ways we took one of these planks off the back by levering it up with a chisel and banging it off with the hammer. Then we marked the 6 boards across to where we wanted them to go and cut them with a jig saw and then nailed the back piece back on again. Once we got in the swing of things it didn't take long to do.

      We staggered the joins as we went along putting all the strips going the same way across the path. If you were doing this for a patio you could lay them out in a chequer board pattern which would look nice but seeing as the path was only using two squares at a time in width we decided to put them all the same way round.

      The bits we cut off the boards we saved and used these further up the path where the steps started. We just nailed a piece under the bottom corners to raise it up a bit more.
      About The Tiles

      The tiles are pressure treated with a copper-based wood preservative to help to make them last longer. This gives them a nice colour too which looks a bit greeny. They measure 600mm x 600mm by 56mm.
      My Verdict

      We are very pleased with the final result, for an old garden which doesn't have level floors at all it looks nice and covers up all the cracked cement. It took us three days to do the length of the path and that was with cutting and making the tiles level. If you are lucky and already have a flat surface to lay them on then it would take you not time at all to lay these out in the pattern you want. You could have a new garden in an hour or so.


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