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B&Q Timbercare Red Cedar

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Brand: B&Q / Type: Garden Extras - Fences

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    3 Reviews
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      26.08.2013 16:59
      Very helpful
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      A great product at a great price

      Fortunately in our current house we don't have fences for me to paint but in our two previous homes we did. The last one had five fence panels along the bottom of the garden with walls at the side and the house before that had fence panels all the way round the garden!

      I first discovered B & Q Timbercare at the house before last when I decided that the fence looked so scruffy it needed some TLC. I chose Red Cedar as I thought it would brighten up the garden without going over the top. There are, of course, lots fo other colours available too.

      This product currently costs £7.98 for five litres of stain and is on offer at 3 for the price of 2 making it even better value. It is considerably cheaper than the branded versions such as Cuprinol but, in my opinion the difference in quality doesn't warrant the difference in price.

      Timbercare comes in a strong, plastic container. To remove the lid you just have to work your way around lifting the very edge of the lid away from the side of the container. Once you have done this all the way round the lid will lift off easily. When you want to put the remaining stain away just pop the lid back on a flip that edge back down again thus sealing the lid onto the container. Being plastic means that it is always easy to get the lid off no matter how long it has stood in the shed. I get so cross with the metal tins that rust around the lip of the lid making it damn nigh impossible to get the lid off!

      The smell of this stain isn't strong and it certainly isn't the horrible smell that you sometimes get with this sort of product. I mean, I wouldn't dab it behind my ears, but I didn't find it offensive at all!

      The stain is very thin - only the consistency of water - but it brushes onto the fence easily enough. The stain is supposed to 'provide colour and protection to sheds, fences and any other exterior rough sawn timber'. It is touch dry in 30 minutes and rainproof in two hours. Five litres should be enough to cover six fence panels.

      I found it very easy to use. I just dipped the brush into the liquid and brushed it onto the fence panel beginning at the top and working down. When I came to places where plants had grown up the fence it was easy enough to just move the plants and paint behind them and the stain didn't harm the plants at all. I even got splashes of stain on some of the leaves and it still didn't harm the plants.

      When I first started to use the Red Cedar colour I was a bit shocked as it looked very bright but, as I worked my way round the garden and the stain dried, I was very impressed. It was exactly as I expected - bright enough to make the garden look really good without being too bright and looking ridiculous.

      Now, when I do any painting, I end up with paint all over me and this is no exception. Obviously I wore my old 'painting clothes' and I am sorry but I can't remember whether the stain washed out or not as it didn't matter.

      What I do remember however is how easy it was to wash the stain off my skin and how easy to it was to wash the brushes as they only needed to be washed in ordinary water - no specialist cleaner necessary.

      I'm not sure how long this stain is supposed to last but I found that I only had to restain every two years as the panels started to look slightly marked. To be honest I could have probably got away with leaving it for three years between stains.

      It just remains for me to say that the obvious safety precautions need to be observed:
      Keep the stain out of the reach of children
      If you get any in your eyes wash it out immediately with clear water
      Make sure that you wash any spills off your skin as soon as you have finished painting
      Only use it in well ventilated areas - being 'external' this would be safe enough unless you were staining the inside of your shed maybe?

      In conclusion I would have to say that I would recommend this stain to anyone. It works well, it is good value for money, it is easy to use and it is easy to store the leftovers until you need to use them again - what more do you want?

      www.diy.com is the address of the B & Q website if you need any further information.


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        08.06.2013 19:57
        Very helpful



        brilliant paint

        Earlier in the year we started doing up the garden at our new home as it was a right mess when we first moved here and needed gutting and starting from scratch with everything. The first job we did was put in the fencing and we decided to go with a terracotta colour theme out there. Although this paint is not called terracotta it is the closest to it that b&q do in there own brand and is just a shade darker than the more expensive terracotta colours of different brands.

        Our fence panels we brought were a very different colour to the posts we had brought despite it being from the same timber company and along with this we had two fence panels that were already here and salvageable but we're painted pine green. I was concerned that there would still be a difference in colour after painting but thought it wouldn't be as obvious as before but was very pleasantly surprised that this paint despite seemingly watery to me when we opened the tub covered really well, it brushed onto the fencing nicely and evenly without runs drying in darker shades like I have had happen with other brand.

        The paint said it covered in just one coat but with ours either having to go on untreated wood or covering the dark green I thought it would need more than one coat but it didnt as it covered really well and has left all the fencing and posts all looking the same colour which looks great.

        It was painted on a decently warm day and had dried within two hours so by the time we got to the end of painting the first panels were already dry. It has been painted a while now and has not faded, streaked or run like I have seen others do despite us having lots of wet weather here.

        I am really pleased with this paint and have no complaints at all, we have ten 6foot by 6foot fence panels and used 1 and a half tubs on doing this so it does cover a nice area too.


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        10.04.2012 17:53
        Very helpful



        Cheaper than main branded alternatives, B&Q's Timbercare represents good value for money.

        ~B&Q Timbercare: Red Cedar~

        Cheaper than main branded alternatives, B&Q's Timbercare represents good value for money. In my experience, it's easy to apply and quick to dry. A little goes a very long way, the finish is good and the protection surprisingly long lasting. It's also quite safe to use and brushes can be washed in water.

        Having long since abandoned creosote for exterior wood treatment, I only just discovered it had in fact been banned for domestic use several years ago, so it's just as well I've been using safer products! As a reluctant DIYer, I've had some success with spray treatments for garden fences but still prefer to use a brush on our wooden garage door and barge boards. It doesn't take much longer; it's less messy, more precise and economical.

        ~~Application and coverage~~

        This product is described as for 'sheds, fences and any other exterior rough sawn timber'. I imagine ease of application and extent of coverage will vary according to the type of wood and surface. A single 5 litre 'tin' of the red cedar version certainly contains enough for our garage door etc. several times over, and it brushes on quite easily. The whole job just takes an hour or so, with minimal preparation. Treating both sides of multiple fence panels will inevitably take considerably longer with this product.

        The manufacturer claims 'touch dry in 30 minutes' and 'recoat after 2 hours'. In practice, it did feel quite dry to the touch in under an hour and a second coat wasn't needed.

        ~~Maintenance and durability~~

        A single coat seems to be all that's needed once a year to preserve the wood and the finish. In fact, I've sometimes missed a season with no dire consequences, at least so far. However, I suspect there may be a trade-off between drying time and longevity with water and oil-based coatings, the latter perhaps taking longer to dry but also providing longer lasting protection.

        While the advice may be to store this product in a frost-free environment, I can't say I've noticed any deterioration despite the lack of heating in the garage where it's being kept, yet...

        ~~Other qualities~~

        According to B&Q, their Timbercare provides 'Excellent protection against scratches, heat and water' and is 'Low odour'. On the whole I'd agree with these claims, except perhaps resistance to scratches. Timbercare may seem a bit on the thin side physically but, to be fair, additional coats might increase its scratch resistance. It probably also performs best when applied to rough-sawn timber, as recommended.

        Certainly, compared with preservatives used in the past, this product is relatively odour-free. Having said that, I actually quite liked the smell of creosote. Mind you, I don't object to the smell of coal tar either - no accounting for tastes!

        ~~Help and advice~~

        Apart from the basic information on the tin, it may be worth checking the B&Q website for their DIY tips and guides, also for details of their 'You Can Do It Classes'. (See links below)

        A quick search engine lookup will also list numerous links to further information on wood preservatives and preservation.

        ~~Health & Safety~~

        The following timber care information is taken from the B&Q website (See below):

        *Keep out of the reach of children
        *Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
        *In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
        *After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water.
        *Use only in well-ventilated areas.


        *Ammonia 10-25%

        ~~Availability & Price~~

        From your local B&Q DIY superstore:

        5 litres : £7.98
        9 litres : £11.98


        Good value for money. Saves me time and effort.

        ~~Related links~~

        *B&Q website : www.diy.co.uk

        [© SteveS001 2012. A version of this original review may appear on other review sites]


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