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Bempton Gothic Hanging Bird Table

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Type: Bird House / Feeders

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2011 19:21
      Very helpful



      A nice addition to the garden

      All my life we always had a bird table and bird boxes in our garden. I have fed the birds for as long as I can remember so when my fiancé and i bought our home I knew that my garden would house a bird feeding table and a nest box. This review is about the Bempton Hanging Bird feeder. It was actually a present from my parents.

      The Bempton Bird Feeder is really a bird table that you hang rather than stand. Its ideal for us as we have 3 cats and have the feeder hung on the wall of our house so my little fur balls cant reach it.

      The bird table is approximately 18cm's x 18cm's and 30cm's high. I haven't got the packaging any more so I cant say exactly how much it weighs. However I can say that in my opinion it weighs a lot less than a full hanging basket. It does come with some rope to hang it up with which would probably be secure enough, but just to be on the safe side we also have a small piece of chain attaching ours to a bracket as well as the rope. I have noticed that over winter the rope has frayed slightly so I do feel happier knowing the chain is there.

      The hanging table is made from wood and is an off white colour. Its a pretty design with a little criss cross fence around the sides with four little wooden arches, 1 on each side, to allow the little birds to feed and prevent larger birds from getting in, I do feed the larger birds too but I always put food for them on the shed roof.
      The hanging feeder has a little roof to keep the food dry, it is made from verdigris copper giving it an aged look. I like this look better than shiny bright copper.

      As I have mentioned we have ours hanging from a bracket on the wall of our house, this works well enough but it was a problem when we were having windy weather. The little feeder kept swinging and banging onto the wall. Although its reasonably well made it wont take too much bashing so we have attached a little metal bracket to the bottom edge of the feeder and screwed it to the wall. This keeps it secure in very windy weather.

      My Bempton Hanging Bird Feeder has been used constantly since we moved into our home nearly 2 years ago. Its lovely watching little birds sitting on there feeding. We get lots of little blue tits, sparrows and robins. It was lovely last year to see the little birds flying from the nesting box over to the feeder. They are totally safe from the cats who now just don't bother about them.
      The feeder could be hung from a tree and would look nice, probably nicer than a brick wall but I wanted to keep it away from the cats and they do consider the tree their own personal climbing frame so the wall is safer. The feeder can also be attached to a stand turning it into a regular bird table but once again this would be a magnet for my girls.

      My feeder was bought for me but they are readily available on line from garden and pet suppliers and also Amazon. They are all roughly the same price selling for about £23.00.

      If , like us, you like to keep our little feathered friends happy then I would recommend taking a look at this feeder. Its attractive and makes a lovely addition to your garden.


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  • Product Details

    Ideal as a small hanging bird table or can be fixed to a pole.

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