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Cuprinol 5L Sprayable Fence Treatment

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Type: Wood Treatment

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    2 Reviews
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      14.10.2009 01:09
      Very helpful



      A good quality fencing paint that's very easy to apply.

      Reasons For Purchasing:
      This is the second time I have bought the Cuprinol 5L Sprayable Fence Treatment in the past three years. I first bought it to use with the Cuprinol Sprayer device (that it is supposed to be used with really) but it turned out not too great for painting my fencing boards with, so I have since given it to my Mum. Well the sprayer is great for the solid fencing 'panels' like my Mum has and will paint those quite quickly (if its not windy outside), but I have the long narrow six foot by ¾ of a foot boards (around 1500 or them) right around the sides and at the back of my garden. These boards have a one inch gap between them also, so I found the sprayer caused too much mess and I was slightly worried about my neighbours car and property as the paint went through the gaps, so I quit using the sprayer after about ten minutes. Well I carried on using this Cuprinol Sprayable Fence treatment paint though and applied it to my fencing boards with a pasting brush instead.

      The Cuprinol Spayer when I bought it was around £25. I was more drawn to the colours of the paint (or treatment as it's called) but thought I had to buy the sprayer to accompany it at the time, but you really do not need to. If you like the colours of this treatment then just buy them without the sprayer. They are slightly dearer than the Cuprinol ordinary fence paint tubs, but the colours are just beautiful in this range and I was drawn to them more. This Cuprinol Sprayable paint was £9.99 for a 5L tub of it three years ago when I first bought it, but this spring when I priced it, I found it had gone up to £12.99 a tub. Well luckily when I went back to purchase it a few days later, B&Q had it on a three tubs for the price of two deal, which I was very pleased about, so do look out for offers on it as they do come up from time to time.

      I have used the ordinary tubs of Cuprinol fence paint for years at my old property and found it very good and I had always bought the bright red couloured paint in it. My new home is a lovely deep red brick and cream plastered property, so I really wanted a nice deep red or brown paint this time to blend into the whole outside of my home well and I thought the red fence paint would have been just too much in your face for the quite vast area I had to paint. I do love the red colour though in the fence paint, but I did not want to blind my neighbours either.

      Well after searching B&Q when I first moved house, I found a lovely colour in this Cuprinol sprayable paint range that caught my eye. Cuprinols ordinary fence paint has a green, red and brown colour in it's range, but I found this sprayable fence treatment colours where much nicer and a little different to what I had seen or even used before. Well there is six different colours in this Cuprinol sprayable range to chose from (compared to three in their ordinary fence paint tubs) and B&Q had the colours nicely painted onto little pieces of wood for you to see and get a better idea of what the shades looked like. This is great by the way. I love B&Q for doing things like this. Well anyway after comparing the red and brown tones, I was very drawn to the Autumn Brown colour as it was neither a red or a distinct brown colour, but more of a cross between the two shades really. I would actually describe it as a lovely deep red colour myself and not brown.

      The Colours Available In The Cuprinol Sprayable Paint:
      *Autumn Brown.
      *Forest Green.
      *Forest Oak.
      *Harvest Brown.
      *Harvest Gold.
      *Rich Cedar.

      The Container Of The Sprayable Fence Treatment:
      The large container this Sprayable Fence Treatment comes in is quite well designed. It is designed to be used with the sprayer device, so is more like a bottle in shape, for easier pouring of the paint into the sprayer machine. Well I don't use the sprayer machine anymore, but I really find this tub is very easy to carry around with you and is easier to store than the large flatter tubs. I do pour the paint into an old saucepan I use for my painting jobs, as I find it is great for holding the paint in one hand, as I paint with the other. The paint pours out the liquid from this tub, like you would pour out from a bottle and there is no drips at all from it.

      This treatment comes in a large 5L thick plastic tub/container. It is bright green in colour and is very easy to find on the shelves in the shops as it really stands out amongst other fence paints. The top lid of this container has a very sturdy carrying handle which s great to use as the tub is more bottle shaped in design and I find it's far better than carrying a round tub of paint and more steadier when the lid is off it, as the paint does not slosh about when you are carrying it.

      Well this tub of paint/treatment has a lovely white Cuprinol design at the top of it on the front of the tub and underneath that the words Sprayable in bright red lettering. Underneath that it says Fence Treatment. Also on the front is a lovely picture of a guy painting his fence in the colour of the paint that would be in the tub and in my case it's the 'Autumn Brown' colour.

      On the back of the container you will find everything you need to know about this product, from applying it, to the drying times of this paint. It is all easy to make out and read in white lettering also. Overall it really is a great bottle of fence paint that's easy to pour your paint out from, handy to carry around and takes up less room than the flatter tubs when storing it away.

      My Thoughts And Experiences Of Using This Fence Treatment:
      After my somewhat disastrous attempt with the sprayer machine, that your meant to use with this paint, but do not have to, I first poured out this paint/treatment into an old saucepan I keep for my outside painting jobs, as I just find it easier to use the paint from, than from a large bucket or even the tub the paint comes in. Well the paint poured out quite well. I did shake the bottle first as you are meant too (it states this on the back of the container) and it was neither a thick consistency nor a thin one. I used an old pasting brush I also use for out door painting, as I find it easier to use and slightly larger than a paintbrush would be. This pasting brush is the perfect size for fencing boards and a breeze to apply this treatment/paint with.

      The liquid from this treatment/paint is a very bright red in colour when first seeing it, but do not judge this Autumn Brown colour to be that. It really does darken down a good bit (even with one coat of it on your fence) to a more dark red and has a somewhat brown tinge. The treatment does not smell very strong either, which is great. The paint was lovely to apply to the brush also. It held there very well and was not too runny at all. On first running it down the fencing board, I was very pleased that a little of this treatment was going a long way down the board, but yet leaving a thick coat behind it also. Even if you do use the sprayer machine 'by the way' with this treatment you will need to use a paint brush for those little rough bits of wood, edges and hard to reach places the sprayer will not do.

      Well this paint/treatment really goes on my fencing boards a dream. It was a pleasure to paint with it really. It took me around one minute to paint one six foot and ¾ board on average. It spread over very evenly, went a long distance and applied quite quickly. The edge of the fencing boards and the tops though on my fence where more of a rougher wood and I found you had to dab them hard with the brush to get the paint on them. Luckily though all my fencing boards are very smooth wood and it really makes all the difference to paint.

      Well 1500 boards later and 5x5L of this paint/treatment and my fence looked stunning. On first applying this paint, as I said before, it does look very red on the wood, but after about five minutes you will actually see it darkening down to a more deeper red tone. The paint dried quite quickly I found also and I was able to applying another coat (to certain parts of my fence) after an hour . It does state this treatment is weatherproof within one hour, so this is quite good if it starts to rain on you. I think by the time you paint one side of your fence though, it will be dry enough to apply another coat. It does state to wait four hours between coats though. Also you should not apply this paint/treatment in temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade.

      You really could get away with one coat of this treatment/paint on your fence, but I did opt for two coats of it and my fence darkened even more in colour after I did this. I was very pleased with the finished results of it and was more pleased that it matched the lovely red brick in my house well also. I must say I really hope they do not do away with the spray machines in this Cuprinol range and discontinue this paint colour. Cuprinols ordinary paint in the larger tubs is not the same shade as this paint and I would be really annoyed if they did.

      I touched up my fence this year again with this Cuprinol paint. It does say on the bottle that it lasts for five years. Well it probably does. After two years from first applying it to my fence, it has not faded in colour, but I had a large Mallow tree that grew too big for my border and when I dug it out I noticed it had been blowing around in the wind and rubbed and scratched some paint of a few of the fencing boards that where behind it. Well this year I just used my paint/treatment to touch up the odd fencing board that looked mossy or scratched. I live on a hill, near the sea and my home takes quite a battering with the wind. Well this paint has certainly held up well. This paint and my fencing boards where more damaged by the rubbing of plants and trees against it that I had stupidly grown too close.

      I have given the sprayer that this treatment/paint is made for really to my Mum. I helped her this year use it on her 6x6 foot fencing panels and this paint really goes a lot further, I found, when spayed on with the machine. If you do have fencing panels then I would recommend (on a not so windy day) buying this sprayer to accompany this treatment. It is a lot quicker to apply this paint with also and works quite well once you get the hang of it. It is a well made machine that's easy enough to pour paint in and out off and is easy enough to clean after use. It is not too heavy and does spray this treatment on very evenly also. You really will need a paintbrush also (as I said before) for those awkward little bit's the sprayer will not paint and for the edges of your fencing boards and things also. I do recommend this treatment though without the sprayer also.

      Cleaning And Maintaining:
      I found this Cuprinol treatment very easy to clean off my brush also. It is not like a gloss paint, but more like an emulsion paint and will clean off in a minute with just warm water. It does stain your clothes though, so do wear old ones when applying it. I got a few jabs on my path, but I kept a cloth at hand and I found the bits I cleaned up immediately did not stain it, but those I left to dry in, did not clean off, but did eventually fade off my path two years later. I would maybe recommend covering up patios and paths nearby with a large sheet when using this treatment.

      I cannot find a use by date on my bottle of treatment, but I will update this if I do. I would say this treatment paint should keep for a few years in your shed or garage though. Just remember to shake it before using it.

      My Overall Opinion:
      My overall opinion of this Cuprinol fence treatment would be a very good one indeed! I really am pleased with the Autumn Brown colour in this range and I even had a knock on my door by a neighbour asking me what the colour was on my fence. I was reluctant to tell him as I wanted to have the best coloured fence in my street, but I did eventually tell him what it was. My Mum has just painted her fence in this colour also as she really loved the colour of my fence too.

      Well I really will have to highly recommend this Cuprinol Sprayable treatment. I know I did not spray it onto my fence like your meant to really, but it is the best fence paint I have ever used before. It was so quick and easy to apply and went on a breeze. It was lovely painting with this treatment also. It really was a lovely consistency for a paint (not to runny like a lot of others) and it stayed on my paint brush very well. I also am very pleased that it has not faded and did not need touching up for three years.

      I honestly do not mind paying a few pound more for a tub of this treatment/paint just to get this beautiful colour. It really looks very rich and not cheap or tacky. I have bought a wooden garden table and it matches a little to the dark mahogany sort of colour of it. I wish I could upload a photo here to show this paint off, as it really is very nice. I really am very pleased with the finished results.

      I also have painted some little wooden log rolls I have around one of my flower boarders and my cherry tree with this paint and it really looks very nice indeed, so you do not have to just use this treatment/paint on a fence. This treatment is a beautiful colour to me and really will help at preserving your fence a lot longer also and it will put a seal on the wood and make it weatherproof for you also. This states to last for five years on the bottle before you need to reapply it again. The only reason I touched up after three years was because of a few scratches to my wood. The paint has not faded or anything. It still looks like the day it was painted.

      Well overall I am awarding this Cuprinol Sprayable Fence Treatment a full 5/5 stars for it's quality and it's beautiful colour. It deserves no deductions in my eyes. Even though the Sprayer machine did not really suit narrow fencing boards, it certainly works well on large panels. It really is a pleasure to use and see on my fence. Honestly give it a try. I do not think you will be disappointed either. Please Cuprinol, do not discontinue this colour though. I will be very disappointed if you do as Ronseal did with my decking stain.



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        23.06.2009 23:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Would recommend this product

        The Cuprinol fence sprayer is a fantastic invention. I used it spray my fence about 4 years ago, and found it so easy, and very quick.

        I paid about £25 for the sprayer from memory, and the Cuprinol paint for the sprayer was around £12:99. I had 15 panels to spray, and managed to do it all in about 6 hours, from start to finish.

        Its really easy, just take the following steps:
        Pour the paint into the container, (making sure the bleed valve at the bottom is closed!)
        Screw the lid on, and pump the handle up and down for about 30 seconds, to build up the pressure.
        Spray the fence.
        Wash out the sprayer and hoses and nozels with copious amounts of water at the end.

        You will need to cover up any nearby bedding plants / bushes / grass so that the spray doesn't get onto them, and if you have a neighbours garden the other side of the fence you are spraying, it is a good idea to only spray to a bout 3 inches from the top of the fence, then touch the unpainted area in with a thick brush, otherwise you will cover the garden / patio etc. with spray!!

        The sprayer itself has also come in very useful for my for applying weed killer and lawn tonic to the garden. Instead of putting the required mixture into a watering can, and having to keep filling the watering can up, using loads of the killer / tonic up, just pop it into the cupirnal fence sprayer, and spray the fine mist over the area instead, you can cover a massive area (probably in excess of 10 times the area) with one load compared to what you can with a watering can.

        I can highly recommend it.


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