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Dunelm Free Standing Rotary Airer

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Brand: Dunelm

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2013 17:56
      Very helpful



      Handy for drying if you can be sure there is no wind.

      As mentioned I have recently moved in to a flat, the big downside of this for me was the lack of space to dry my washing outdoors as there is nothing worse than doing a big wash and then spending the next day living in an assult course of airers and radiators covered in damp clothes so shortly before the weather started to turn fine again I decided I needed to investigate other options.

      My flat has lovely wide open communal gardens beside the car park but residents are not allowed to put ground spikes in to place rotary airers, so looking for other options I initially wondered about using a parasol stand to keep one upright but decided that chances were it simply wouldnt stay upright. Googling led me to discover a limited range of free standing rotary airers, sometimes listed as camping or garage airers these are a typical rotary airer at the top with three or four arms with rope or cord strung between them and a tripod style base so they don't need to be dug in at all.

      Mine was ordered from Dunelm Mill - only available for collection in store - and cost £19.99.

      On arrival I found that it is much bulkier than I had imagined, luckily I have a large storage cupboard which it fits in but in a smaller flat such as the one I shared with my ex previously I would have found it hard to store out of the way. Indoors this is stable but without an out of the way space indoors it is too big to be practical - though this was to be expected.

      Outdoors however I find that even with a balanced load of heavier items like towels the airer is very unstable and without pegging it down it falls over within a short space of time even in a light breeze. To help with this there are at the lower end of each of the legs holes which can be used to peg it down using tent pegs, this I've found does help but again when there is more than a light breeze more often than not I end up picking things up off the ground and rewashing them.

      Overall I am quite disappointed in this airer, the quality of the product is good, certainly I don't feel that the construction is poor nor do I feel that the arms or cords would struggle with the weight of a full load of heavy washing, unfortunately for my needs it is simply not stable enough outdoors. If you had spare room or space indoors (or even a caravan awning) to dry things this would be ideal but then so would a myriad of other styles of airer which take up less storage space and can be bought for around the same price.

      When I was moving out of my flat one of the ground floor neighbours saw me taking it out to my car and asked where they could get one, I happily offered them mine as I don't need it where I currently live, should I be living in a flat again I will be looking for another solution.


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