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Green Jem Clothesline Prop

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Type: Outdoor Clothes Line

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2013 16:06
      Very helpful



      Not such a great line prop.

      ~*~*~ Green Jem Clothes Line Prop ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is an extendable clothes line prop. It is used for rising up the washing line to let the wind blow them dry.

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      In our old home our garden was on a massive slope until we leveled it out and the washing line ran from one corner of the garden to the other, it wasn't the best washing line in the world and due to the length that it ran it ended up quite slack, the bottom end was high and the top end was really low so we needed a line prop, at first we were using a length of wood with a notch in the top, in fact it was two pieces of wood that were screwed in the middle - It was there when we moved in.

      After hanging out washing on a particularly windy day, I looked through the window and happened to noticed that a duvet cover had become wrapped around the wooden prop, I went out to untangle it and I noticed that the screw holding the prop together had ripped the duvet cover, not ideal so it was then I decided it was time to buy a proper prop!

      After trying to explain to my hubby, without success I may add, what it was that I wanted I thought I had no other choice to look online for a prop. My hubby was saying I needed a metal post to tie the washing line to, but I knew different ... It's anyone's guess as to what he was looking at in the garden as the two metal posts that held the line up were firmly in the ground!

      My first port of call when looking for anything online is usually Amazon and it is there I found this prop. When I bought it, I recall it being around the £3 - £4 mark so it thought it was definitely worth a try.

      ~ My Thoughts ~

      I waited for the prop to be delivered and when it arrived I set about getting it out of it's packaging, which was easy enough. I then had a good look at the prop and to be quite honest, I wasn't very impressed. When in the lowest position it was okay but as I needed it extended to it's fullest height that is how I was looking at it.

      The prop extends from 1.4m - 2.4m.

      Even at it's highest height setting it was still too short for my needs but it was better than risking ripped washing again, but that wasn't the problem.
      The problem for me was that in full extended height the prop was really flimsy.

      The prop is two posts in one, you have to untwist the inner prop so that it can be extended and then when it's at the height you want you twist it back to lock it in place. This worked fine and held well, but the prop was bending under the weight of the clothes line to the point I was scared it would ping off, either spreading my washing everywhere or looking like someone has attempted a garden pole vault! Still I persevered with it as I didn't really have much other choice!

      The prop is coloured in a dark green and a bright orange, the plastic hook at the top is white. I wasn't massively keen on the colours, the orange being the main problem as it stuck out like a sore thumb. But in the hope that it would do it's intended job I was prepared to put up with it.

      After a few uses the post was stuck in the bent position so it was no longer possible to put it down into the smallest size unless you done it with a bit of brute force, and then the white clip on the top decided to snap. This did cause a problem as without that being there there was no way to get the washing line to stay in place, this rendered the prop useless which I wasn't too impressed with. I would estimate that I had it around two months, in this time with the British weather being as it is, it was probably used less than twenty times so not such a great prop!

      In the end I found a different prop in Wilko's that is constructed from two square metal tube and a strong metal clip that slot into the correct heights. I have had this for around 3 years now and it's survived a house move that cost me the grand total of £3.75. I would highly recommend this prop over the Jem Clothes Line Prop as the latter was really a waste of money. It is available on Amazon now retailing at £8.39. Save your money and pop to Wilko's where you'll get a brilliant prop for a few pounds.

      The Jem prop was fine for use in the lowest height position, and great for an empty clothes line which defeats the object really.

      It isn't something I would recommend and for the reasons above I feel I can only offer it a one star rating.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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  • Product Details

    2 piece tubular steel construction. Extends from 1.4 to 2.4m.

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