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Ketter Easy Go Multi Purpose Garden Cart

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Brand: Ketter

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2013 15:38
      Very helpful



      A compact and durable alternative to a traditional wheelbarrow

      A few years ago, my mother decided to buy my kids a new sand pit but, finding none in stock, she improvised and returned with this plastic 'Easy Go' garden cart on wheels from Homebase instead. Whilst the manufacturers, Keter, describe this as a 'multi-purpose' gadget, I don't think being utilised as a sand pit was something they had in mind as this is completely unsuitable for such a purpose. (Sand pits need to be wide and shallow, whereas this device is deep and narrow. It is also unlidded so the contents are exposed to the elements.) Full marks to my Mum for her creative thinking but we've only been able to utilise this plastic cart for tasks around the garden, as intended.

      This wheeled device is made from thickened plastic and features a very high back, deep central section and a single opening for ease of pushing. It is, to all intents and purposes, a modernised version of a slim plastic wheelbarrow. Ours is a bright yellow colour although it can also be purchased in more sombre shades if preferred. The advantage over a traditional steel wheelbarrow is that this device is very light and easy to push whilst its plastic exterior means that this can be left exposed to the elements without the risk of rusting and deterioration.

      Despite its small proportions, it is surprising just how much this device can actually carry. According to the manufacturer's details, this can cope with weights up to 60kg and contains volumes up to 55 litres. What this equates to in reality, is a convenient way of carrying and shifting great quantities of garden or building waste. Around our home and garden this has been used to contain several full loads of old pebbles/gravel (which we replaced with some more aesthetically pleasing stones.) The old pebbles were simply loaded into the cart loose and then wheeled around to the back of the house easily. The replacement stones were placed straight into the cart in their original bags from the boot of the car, which cut down the number of trips needed and avoided having to lug around heavy bags. Despite the weight of the bags and the loose stones, the thick plastic exterior managed this without any problems and there has been no sign of damage to the two surprisingly sturdy plastic wheels, either.

      Our most common use for this cart is to transport cut branches from the top level of our garden down to the brown bin used for the disposal of garden waste. I find the slim and tall design of the cart to be ideal for this purpose as it is deep enough to contain lots of tall branches and the high back prevents them from falling out while being pushed.

      The beauty of the design is that it can be either be pushed or pulled from behind, making it far more versatile than a traditional styled wheelbarrow which needs to be lifted with two hands. Our garden slopes downwards so I find it most convenient to drag the loaded cart backwards. This also helps to prevent any of the contents escaping too.

      The layout of our garden does mean that there are split levels and steps to navigate. Being a wheeled container, this is not ideal for going up and down steps but the lightweight plastic and slim proportions do make it easier to navigate down steps than a standard wheelbarrow would be. When I need to take this down the steps, I just keep the weight of the load down to a manageable level (or alternatively, ask the other half to take it down instead!) Bringing it back up the steps is far easier as, when empty, the cart is light and slim enough to be carried up the steps.

      The only slight drawback to this design is that it is not quite as efficient at unloading its contents as a traditional wheelbarrow. It is easy to tilt forwards and empty, but there is always quite a lot left behind due to the depth of the container. Fortunately, the cart is light enough that it's usually possible to tip it upside down to dislodge the remainder.

      We've owned ours for a few years now and, despite being left outside more often than not, the cart still appears to be in excellent fully functional condition. The only drawback to the design is that it will collect rainwater if left exposed and the slightly sloping design of the container section makes it difficult to cover over between uses. Ours ends up looking like a bizarre yellow water butt if left outside for long enough! Ideally, this should be stored away in a shed or other covered area between uses where it will still take up considerably less space than a traditional wheelbarrow would do.

      This Keter Easy Go garden cart can be picked up from Homebase for just £24.99. This seems a fairly reasonable price for a sturdy product that can help to make tasks in and around the garden easier and quicker. Whilst it is not an essential gardening item and I probably would not have purchased one myself, it has proven to be a useful gadget to own so I'm happy to recommend it.


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        23.04.2013 19:18
        Very helpful



        A fantastic little helper for minor gardening jobs.

        I'm reviewing the Easy-Go go cart from KETER .
        It measures H89cms x W53cms x L57cms.
        Suitable for weights up to 60kgs & has a volume capacity of 55L.
        They are available in HOMEBASE & in ARGOS at £25.

        I bought this item last year and I absolutely love it. It has wheels & is used just like a pull along shopping bag/trolley.

        ***WHY I BOUGHT IT***
        Our garden is simply too small to justify giving part of it up for a decent storage shed for gardening items, and so we just use a small alcove area formed by our house extension for storing basic things, like plant pots & tools...... I put shelves in there & a door on it & it serves our needs more or less. But it is still VERY restricted space so a wheelbarrow was never an option because it just would never fit in (not even stood upright) & would need to be sat out in the open & a constant eyesore visible from my kitchen window. Then I spotted this little beauty in the end of season sale last year at HOMEBASE & grabbed it for just £15 because it was a display item & had a few scratches on it. A total bargain.

        ***WHAT I USE IT FOR***

        It is just perfect for my needs in both front & back gardens and I use it for lots of different things. I move bags of compost ,tools & pots,larger potted plants etc. For garden tidying (clippings etc) I line it with a bin liner (or rubble sack for tougher things) and it has been incredibly useful & given me my money's worth.

        It has been used outside of the garden too. We've used it to transport bags of decorative stones that we bought for a family grave, because the parking area at the cemetery is some distance from the actual grave & carrying the heavy awkward bags such a distance would have been difficult. Using this we dropped one bag of stones into it & wheeled them along. OK, it only took one bag at a time & needed three trips to the car, but it still saved a lot of energy & hassle and made an arduous job that bit easier.

        We also built a very small (just three bricks high) retaining wall in a part of the back garden & used this cart to transfer the bags of sand & cement from the car round to the back garden.

        During the winter we simply stored it up in the loft............but then I retrieved it & loaned it to an elderly neighbour for transferring logs from her shed into her home for her wood-burner & she thinks it is the best thing EVER & was incredibly grateful for the loan of it during the awful weather. Much better than carrying bags/baskets of logs in from the shed or being dependent on someone else to do it.Lining it with a heavy duty rubble sack which extended above the actual bucket area meant she could fit a few extra logs in on each trip . I think she really appreciated the sense of independence it gave her.

        It most definitely is not as heavy duty as a wheel barrow so DON'T expect that of it, but for minor gardening/DIY needs, or use in a small garden where space is limited it is excellent & is light enough to simply pop up in the loft/spare room/utility room if you have no shed.

        It's just a nice height for using too ,at 90cms ...........and the max load of 60kgs is perfectly adequate for most small gardening jobs.

        So in summary,a great little item which I'd be happy to pay the full £25 for if it needed replacing.

        Thank you for reading & I hope this review was helpful~~~myloh


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