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Lazylawn Artificial Grass

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Brand: Lazylawn / Type: Artificial Grass

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2012 13:19
      Very helpful



      A natural looking, maintenance free turf.

      Lose That Mower

      Those dooyooers who remember me from back in the day will know that I am a bit of a stick-in-the-mud. It took me years of reading reviews on laminate flooring before I finally caved in and scrapped the carpet and I have yet to replace my paved patio with decking. However, my resistance to change has proved a good thing in one direction.

      As a gardener, my disapproving sniffs of outrage when I first stood upon artificial grass were, to an extent, warranted. However, that was some years ago. Now days things have improved so much that my reluctance to change has been vindicated and my new Lazylawn was worth the wait.

      Once the decision had been made to replace the unsightly remnants of a lawn outside my window, I viewed the gardens of friends and neighbours who had already taken this progressive step and this led me to www.lazylawn.co.uk. which is well worth a browse. The website demonstrated a good variety of yarns suitable for use as play areas, displays, roof gardens and even putting greens. My goodness! They even have a blue one. Usefully, I entered my post code and was directed to my local installer.

      I will pause here to say that, knowing that artificial turf is displayed on rolls in the larger DIY sheds, I researched the instructions for " laying by the enthusiast". Those which I read appeared to have a few instructions for a base, once a simple preparation had been made. Having watched the 5 stages my guys employed, together with the care and expertise needed, I am pleased that I chose to use professionals.

      A telephone call brought the Lazylawn installer to my door and I was shown samples from which I chose a weave 26mm high within which was a natural looking thatch. The sad strip of grass in my garden was then measured and a price quoted. "How much?", you ask. Well, this is not cheap, although I regard it as well worth the outlay. Varying from about £40 - £50 per square metre laid and including the dreaded vat mine came to £900.

      My original lawn lay with one side curving in waves as it followed a crazy - paved path. It graduated to a point on that side before returning to a more regular shape edged by flower beds. My suggestion that I wished the new lawn to follow that pattern caused no concern and the landscaper was to prove true to his word.

      I knew that my drive would not be able to accommodate the 2 quite large vehicles needed to cart away my old turf and also transport the new stuff, so asked that the landscapers park by my back gates. Now these and my fence form one side of a cul de sac in which half a dozen neighbours live. They have their own businesses and park their vehicles on the turning circle. So the polite note left on my gate explaining that I would like them kept clear from early that Saturday morning was in hope.

      How uplifting to wake and look out of my bedroom window to the sight of vans and cars parked on pathways and squeezed onto driveways, leaving the entire area totally free for me. It was going to be a good day.

      So it was that a short time later I made myself comfortable in an easy chair, picked up a book and watched through the dining room window as Eugene and partner set to work

      Once the original scrappy lawn was dug out (point of no return), a weed-repellent membrane was laid over the area. This contained holes which have subsequently proved to enable perfect drainage in the worst of the recent downpours. There followed a dark grey aggregate levelled with a vibrating plate, which left it flat and compacted. A further membrane was added and all was ready for the exciting part.

      The "grass" had been cut from a 25metre roll, so the fitting required the skill of a carpet fitter and then some; particularly bearing in mind my request that the original shape be kept. Finally the finest of sand disappeared miraculously into the green sward and I was told that this would ensure that the grass would remain upright regardless of traffic. In fact when some weeks later I left some dog agility jumps with heavy bases on the lawn and saw in horror the flattened result, I need not have worried. It righted itself within minutes and I don't think that had anything to do with the frantic brushing with a broom I had embarked upon. As importantly, the colour remained unflawed and is guaranteed not to begin to fade for 12 years and the sward itself for 15 years.

      Less than 4 hours later I gazed over and then stood upon my lawn for the first time. The colour is vibrant but in no way unnatural, the texture is soft and inviting and I am looking forward to watching my young grand children using it as a safe play space.

      To sum up, I have tried to see any disadvantages and cannot. My dogs thought a good scratch with hind legs would establish it as theirs, followed by the usual christening with no harm done. I know that it can be washed if I so desire and I like the fact that it dries very quickly after dew or rain and that there will be no mud or weeds to flaw its pristine glory..

      I am sure that many of us have anticipated something expensive, enjoyed for a moment, then felt that perhaps it was a little extravagant. Well, I look out on my garden every morning and smile.


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