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Metallic Toadstool Ornaments

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Manufacturer: The Potting Shed / Type: Garden Ornaments

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2011 15:14
      Very helpful



      A pretty garden ornament that adds movement and noise to the garden as well as looking nice

      These were an Easter gift last year from my mother we had admired in her garden some tinkling toadstools that were ceramic but given we have an energetic toddler ceramic equals breakable in our household so they weren't suitable for us. However she must have done some research on the Internet and found these metallic ones from the same company and they are much more suitable for a garden with children.

      What are they and in use
      The set we have includes 3 toadstools one large one that is about 46 cm high and two small ones that are around 38 cm high. These sizes are before planting so then they go down another 5-10cm in the ground depending on how hard you push. They are made from a copper style metal that has a lovely oily water style of finish to them. This gives them a great feeling of movement as the light seems to reflect very well of their shinny surface. The different metallically colours that look like a water oil slick makes them shine in different ways in the light of the day. The same effect is on the stem of each toadstool.

      The stem on each has a slight wave to it which makes them look lovely and artistic and natural in my opinion. I am not sure if the wave design contributes in part to their ability to tinkle or not but I personally think they look nice wavy and think they wouldn't look quite as cute and interesting if they were straight. The tops of the toadstools are long and thin and attached to the stem via a tightly coiled spring. As the spring is well concealed under the cap of the toadstool there is no chance of little fingers getting stuck inside the spring. The spring on the toadstool cap is what allows it them to have some movement in the wind and rain and for the caps to tinkle against the stem. The caps also have slight kinks in them which then fans out at the bottom this is to make them look natural and to allow water to run of the cap I think. Water never seems to gather on them at all it just runs off nicely in the rain. The design of them makes them not only lovely pretty but practical too.

      As to the tinkling element which is why these were picked work a treat and often in light breezes you can hear them catching the breeze and the metallic noises as the sounds lifts into the air. The two sizes of them also make different pitch noises I think and this adds to the musical noise they make.

      I would suggest that you do place them some where the breeze can reach them as initially we had them in a corner of the garden and this meant they didn't catch the breeze very well and they only made a noise in high winds and then they sounded more like crashes than anything pretty and light.

      Placing these in to the ground is nice and simple you just need to hold the stem tightly and push its no harder than that to set them up in place.

      We have had ours for over a year now and they still look as bright and eye catching as they day we got them so they do last well. Even with all the rain wind and snow the weather has thrown at them they have shown no signs of damage or rust in anyway. Equally they cope well with a football being kicked at them by mistake without and damage at all so I think they are toddler proof in our household at least!

      These are beautiful and pretty addition to any garden they add light movement and sound to your garden in a pretty way. I like these so much I am on the look out for some dragonflies by the same company to give the toadstools some visitors. I don't know how much my mother paid for them but they are available from the potting shed website for £24.99. They get a 5 dooyoo stars from me for their pretty design and lasting ability with a toddler in the garden. http://www.tinklingtoadstools.co.uk/productDetails.asp?pId=35


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