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Poundstretcher Naples Planter

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Brand: Poundstretcher / Type: Planter

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2011 09:33
      Very helpful



      Overall a great planter for the price

      As I mentioned in one of my earlier garden related reviews, my garden is very basic!

      I find that I have very little time to spend in the garden due to work commitments and the commuting involved, and so I really try to keep a pretty much maintenance free garden, which just takes an hour or so each week to maintain in order to keep it looking neat and tidy.

      My garden therefore consists of a modest lawn area, a small patio area, a small garden shed, one little tree in a small bordered area, some solar powered lights, and 4 pots containing simple hardy shrubs and plants.

      Up until a few weeks ago, the 4 pots that I now have, were only 2 pots, but I decided I could manage another 2 pots to liven things up a little, and when I spotted a couple of terracotta plastic plant pots in my local poundstretcher store I realised that they were perfect for my simple little garden.

      The plant pots in question are named Naples Planters and they are available from Pounstretcher coloured in either green or terracotta. I opted for the terracotta colour, as my patio is kind of stone-wash yellow, and so the bright orange terracotta looks great against the back ground patio.

      Pounstretcher offer these Naples planters in 3 different sizes of:

      30 cm
      25 cm
      44 cm

      I chose the 44cm planters as they were a similar size to the pots I already have in my garden, and even though they are the largest size on offer, they are still not huge or over powering, just a kind of standard sized pot. They came in a twin pack, priced at £5:99 which I consider to be a good price, when compared to the likes of B&Q or Focus.

      The planters are composed of a quite a thin plastic material which has a little flexibility in it, and although it is only thin it does seem quite tough. They are round in shape as opposed to the square shaped planters, and there is a little curved rim that goes around the top of the planter, and then simple lines moulded into the sides of the planter.

      The design on the whole is very good, but my only slight concern was that they are very light, and so before I put the two new Pieris plants into the pots, I put a few heavy stones into the bottom of the planters to give them some weight and stability during the windy months that typically batter my little garden. A large bag of compost covered the stones in both pots, and filled them both nice and full, and they now sit proudly on my patio. If anything they look too new at the moment, and make my original two pots look very dull and old, but I'm sure that once they have spent a few months out there they will blend in nicely.

      Overall the Naples Planters are a great buy. They are pleasing on the eye, and for such a low price, they seem tough enough to withstand any usual conditions in my garden. They are light weight, so I think it is important to try and add a little weight into the pot by placing bricks or stones in the bottom of the planter, and using plenty of soil or compost to add more weight. They sit nice and solidly on the ground, with all areas of the base nice and flat and making a good contact with my patio flags, producing no wobble or rocking effects if knocked.
      The dark green of my Pieris plants looks great against the bright terracotta planters, and I look forward to many maintenance free years from these new additions to my rather bland garden.

      Thanks for reading.

      © L500589 2011


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        12.04.2011 18:36
        Very helpful



        Good for a cheap garden make-over

        As we have had some lovely spring sunshine lately in the United Kingdom, it seemed to be the ideal time for decorating the house (so much better when all the windows can be left open to help rid the house of paint fumes) and for working on the garden. My husband has been doing a little of both and I have kindly agreed to be the project manager.

        Recently we visited Poundstretcher with the aim of buying some reasonably priced items to spruce up both the interior and the exterior of our home. I previously reviewed a large 60cm vineyard planter from Poundstretcher and now I would like to review another purchase of two smaller planters, which were bought at the same time, as they match, quite well, the larger planter.

        These come in a pack of two for the great price (I thought) of £2.49. Although they are available in both green and terracotta, I chose terracotta to go with the large terracotta style planter I had chosen to be the new home for a rhododendron plant. I have some green pots in my garden but I thought the look of these pots in terracotta was authentic and would enhance the Mediterranean theme I am loosely trying to imitate.

        They aren't exactly identical to the large vineyard planter as they have vertical moulded lines on the sides, whereas the large planter only has the vine design. But they are a very close match and have this lovely Roman, or Mediterranean, look to them. I thought they would be ideal for planting some bulbs I had also purchased and would help to brighten up my garden and the patio area in particular.

        The planters are made of plastic which doesn't feel that strong. They actually look better than they feel.

        The planters are what I would call small to medium sized (44cm) but I think they are quite large enough to plant several bulbs or plants for the summer. In fact they are large enough to hold a small shrub. I thought a trailing fuchsia would look lovely in them but as I adore fuchsias I would think this. But really they are of an adequate size for most summer plants or all year round shrubs. My garden mainly consists of shrubs as, although I love plants I am not that much of a dedicated gardener; I don't like the company of spiders, slugs and worms. Well worms aren't too bad but I don't like to see the birds devour them. But my point is I like my garden to be welcoming without too much fuss. I feel shrubs in planters help the garden to look nice and with the size of these planters a big advantage is that they can be moved from shade into light or vice versa or moved at those times when the garden is to be used as a playground and precious plants can be put in a safer position.

        I have used these tubs for bulbs and will probably purchase some more of these tubs, or similar, a little later in the year to hold some new plants. I am thinking of geraniums alongside something trailing to make a good effect. But the bulbs I have planted which I hope will add a splash of colour in a few months' time are quite leafy. My location has the type of soil which seems to attract slugs which love a dinner of Dahlia leaves, I think. I believe that the leaves on these might be better protected (or easier to protect) in tubs than planted directly into the borders of my garden.

        The two planters are now standing on the patio along with the newer larger version and other older pots of various sizes and colours. I don't think the rims will be that strong and will not last that long therefore these particular ones will probably be best planted with something not too permanent or that can be easily moved as they may have to be replaced next year or at least before the plant growing in them.

        I Would say that these are a great buy, taking into account their very low cost but I wouldn't expect them to last for too long or to withstand ball games in the garden. If, however, you have a spot suitable for these, out of the way of the usual garden games, then they would make a lovely gift for the junior gardener. How I used to love being given a trough to grow seeds, bulbs and bedding plants when I was a young girl.

        They have certainly cheered up my patio but see them for what I believe they are cheap and cheerful; good for a low cost garden make-over perhaps, but bear in mind that they might not last that long.


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