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Poundstretcher Vineyard Planter

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Brand: Poundstretcher / Type: Planter

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2011 15:12
      Very helpful



      This vineyard planter, all things considered, has to be good for the price.

      Lately I've been thinking of sunny places. The Mediterranean is calling to me. Well, I've heard but can't yet answer. I intend to have a holiday but as a lot is going on this year I've decided not to book a holiday until closer to the time when I am able to go and I don't know yet when that is likely to be. But this last week has sent some sunshine to us in the U.K. and has sent many of us out to the seaside or, failing that, at least outside and into the garden.

      For me, I'm afraid it has had to be the garden; my husband has long been complaining that he hasn't had a chance to do any maintenance on the house and garden and it really does need some tending now so, home at the moment, has to come before gadding about. But I did insist that the garden should be first priority for some attention so that we could at least have some opportunities to be in the garden to enjoy the sunshine.
      So the patio has had a good sweep and has been hosed down, the lawn mown and some general tidying up has been done. And, as I had been thinking of past holidays, I decided to buy some plants and planters to place around the patio in the attempt of giving it in some small degree an air of southern Europe.

      Actually it was last year when I decided to try for a slightly Mediterranean courtyard ambience to the patio area. This hasn't yet quite been achieved. For this reason, last year, I bought some tubs and a standard bougainvillea tree. I had admired these when abroad, and noticed the profusion of colour these give to sometimes arid environments. Well, sadly my bougainvillea didn't survive but this year I have decided to try again. But for now I only bought some bulbs and several new pots. It may be too early for buying bougainvillea?

      I decided to go to my nearest Poundstretcher store. I always enjoy a look round this store as I think there are usually bargains to be had. I don't think everything sold here is of the utmost in quality but, if I'm looking to spend not too much but am intending to brighten up the home or garden I can often find some suitable purchases. In fact I usually purchase far more than intended and this recent visit was no exception.

      While in Poundstretcher I soon realised that I could continue my Mediterranean dreams when I saw the planters on sale on the shelves. My largest purchase was a large 60 cm planter. I bought this as I needed a larger container for my precious rhododendron which has outgrown its present tub. Also the tub is broken and a new tub is very necessary. As I have spent a lot of money lately I didn't wish to spend too much on any one item but preferred to buy several items with the idea of quickly and cheaply making the garden look more attractive. I knew I wasn't buying the best in quality, and perhaps it would have been more sensible to have paid more for a better container. I was influenced by the design of the planter.

      I liked this container as it is so large; exactly the right size for my rhododendron. I also liked the fact that it's terracotta in colour and, although plastic, has the appearance of an earthenware Roman pot. The moulded design on the side is of a vine heavy with grapes; an ideal effect for my patio where I hope to be partaking of a crushed grape or two! I also bought some smaller planters to complement this large one.

      On arriving home with my purchases, my husband straightaway transferred the rhododendron from its restrictive pot to its newer and larger home. We spoke first of where he would place it as, once filled with earth we knew it would be heavy and could break whilst being moved. It was placed in a spot near the fence where it should be able to remain and, hopefully, the plant can thrive.

      The tub looked good and I am pleased with the look. I have my worries as to how much this container could withstand. I feel that if the lip on the top was knocked it would break fairly easily. I think perhaps because of this for a precious plant I probably should have bought a better quality container, even if it was more expensive. As I don't like to disturb plants too often I really hope that I don't have to. This planter would probably have been better suited to many smaller plants which could be easier moved if the tub breaks.

      But now that the tub is on the patio with its new occupant settling down into it, I will have to keep my fingers crossed. If the planter is durable enough then I will be pleased as it certainly looks good for the price paid and blends well with other pots in the garden which are of various colours.

      My family now are just about grown up and so planters and the plants themselves are not so much at risk as they were a few years ago when footballs were more often kicked around my garden. A kick about does still happen but not as often as it did a few years ago. If this planter is being considered by those with young active families wanting to have fun in their gardens, then this probably wouldn't be the best buy, if footballs, tennis balls and whatever were being slammed in its direction. So, unless you have a quiet spot to place it in, then perhaps something without a rim, or just altogether tougher might be more suitable. Of course, if you are looking for something that you would only expect to have a short life span and don't mind (taking into account the cheap price) replacing it, then this may well suit.

      DESCRIPTION (from Poundstretcher)

      Large Planter ideal For Planting Bushes, Trees and Other Large Plants

      Plastic Terracotta Colour With Traditional Roman Style Design Banding

      W60 x D60 x H48cm Approx



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