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Primrose Bark Screening Rolls

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Brand: Primrose / Type: Garden Ornaments

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2013 17:30
      Very helpful



      I like the look of it but not sure if it will last quite as well as some other types of screening.


      We had ivy growing from our next door neighbour's garden and it was well and truly encroaching into our garden and looked like an ivy tree! It was spreading out and also reaching to over six foot in height. And although it afforded privacy to both sides it was growing through the chain link fence and was beginning to take over. It was overshadowing my lovely peony plant and was taking up far too much room on our patio. The fence on this side is ours.

      We don't have any problems with our neighbours and while chatting over the garden fence the ivy was mentioned and our neighbour said she had thought it was growing from our side and so didn't like to dispose of it. My husband checked to see where it originated from and it was as we had thought, from next door. Nothing was said for a while and I forgot about it really.

      Well, starting from this spring, our garden has had a good make over. We have bought many new plants as well as lighting and screening. We have been so pleased with the improvements, and this year (once the weather improved) we have been able to enjoy the garden much more than in previous years. But after my husband had installed some high bamboo screening on the patio making it look much better I remarked that the ivy was spoiling the area. My husband was in a mood for cutting back; weeding and improving. Before I knew it he was pulling and cutting at the ivy. What a mess he made pulling at it and removing the roots.

      When the ivy was leaves and twine was removed we were left with what looked like an old tree trunk where the vines had plaited and intertwined. It looked interesting. This was on our neighbours' side and now there was a big gap between the two gardens and we could see right through and so could they. This was on a Sunday and our neighbours' weren't at home and so we couldn't explain that my husband would tackle the remains of the ivy very soon; we thought we would tell them the next day.

      On the following morning I heard a lot of noise in the garden and went to investigate. My neighbour's son in law (not a resident of their house) was sawing at what appeared to be a tree trunk. After what seemed a hard task he uncovered an old and high concrete washing post which was what the ivy had commandeered. This is why when the foliage had gone it looked like a tree trunk found in the woods in a scary fairy tale.

      I thought the two men working independently on both sides of the fence had completed a difficult job well. We had a better feeling of space and more light on the patio but there was a lack of privacy where the ivy had been and the chain link fence was in a state of disrepair.

      Knowing what to do was a bit of a problem really. Both gardens are quite natural and it is hard to pick out the boundary in many places. If we put a fence up it would be a tricky job and would mean the demise of some lovely plants; my neighbour's garden is beautiful.

      We thought that some type of screening, perhaps an extension of the bamboo screening that my husband had already erected in other places in our garden might prove more practical in this spot than a traditional fence, and be a lot less work. We thought that, at least for this year, a screen would have to do and, if it wasn't good enough, then we would think again next year.

      But any screening would have to be fairly low in height owing to the lack of fence posts or anything much solid to fix it to.

      ~~~~WHERE FROM?~~~~

      I had a look on-line to see what I could find. I knew that I could purchase screening from many DIY stores, either on-line or on the high street; I had already bought three lengths in different heights but I preferred to use something higher than the often seen one metre type. Really I wanted 1.5 metres but my husband said this would be a little high to be fixed in place. We compromised on the height of 1.2 metres but this didn't seem an easy measurement to find.

      I soon came upon an on-line company called Primrose. This site showed a wide variety of screenings which I hadn't seen before and it also seemed to have a wide choice of sizes.
      I hadn't seen bark screening or plastic screening before looking on this website and so it was interesting to have a look around the site.

      When I showed my husband the website and the bark screening he didn't think it would look good next to our existing bamboo screening. I thought that he was wrong as I think woods and many natural products usually look good together.

      Anyway, the size of bamboo screening we would have required wasn't in stock and wasn't expected for a few days but the bark screening was. My husband wanted to get on with the job quickly and so we finally agreed that we would purchase a length of bark screening from this site in the size of 4 metres in length and 1.2 metres in height.


      Ordering the bark screening from this website was very simple and also a very quick process. I chose to order on-line and I paid by debit card but I could have opted for telephone ordering.

      I have now ordered items on two separate occasions from this site and have had no problems at all.
      I think the website is very good and it's easy to see what you are ordering, sizes and delivery methods.

      A phone number is supplied for those preferring to order by telephone.


      Delivery on this particular item was free (Royal Mail, I believe) and it was stated that most items are usually delivered to the purchaser on the next working day, if ordered before three p.m. I ordered on a Friday evening and so expected that my order would arrive either on the Monday, but more likely on the Tuesday. I was out on the Monday morning and so when I arrived home late morning I was very pleased to see the roll of screening had been placed over my side gate and into the garden. I had requested it be left in my absence.

      The roll of screening was packed in a clear polythene protective wrapping.
      On inspection the roll of screening was in good order.


      I paid £22.95 for my bark screening and, as delivery was free, I didn't think this was too bad a price to pay for this item.

      The bark screening is also sold in the following sizes and at the following prices:

      4.0m x 1.5m £24.95
      4.0m x 1.8m £27.95
      4.0m x 2.0m £34.95


      Fixing wasn't that easy but this was because there really wasn't much to fix it to, and so my husband had to find strategic places on the existing chain link fence (which he had previously tightened) and fix the screening in place as best he could. He used garden wire, the green plastic coated type, to tie the screening to the chain link fence. He said that if there had been something solid to fix it to. for example if the screening was being used to hide an old but sold fence or perhaps a side of a shed or garden building, then the process would have been simpler although it wouldn't have been very much quicker, in his opinion. It must have taken him about half an hour to fix.


      The bark screening consists of thin pieces of bark strips, or slats, fixed together with wire. The slats aren't perfectly uniform in size and I think that this adds to the effect and makes for an attractive and natural look.

      I was very pleased with the immediate effect when the screening was in place. Although it isn't high it does give a degree of privacy. Our neighbours aren't nosey (although there are times when I like to have look into their garden, as they have some beautiful plants growing there, including a stunning ilex tree) but it is nice to not stare straight into someone else's garden or have them do the same, albeit not intentionally.

      It is more solid looking than the bamboo slat screening that we have in the garden as there are less gaps in between and the slats are wider which makes it less 'see-through' and therefore more private.

      I think it appears more like a fence than the bamboo slat screening does and it is an added bonus that it can be quickly put into place and makes such a difference.


      We purchased with the purpose of providing some privacy and a better look between our garden and the neighbouring one rather than going to the trouble and expense of erecting a fence but I feel that this bark screening has several more uses.

      It can be used as a windbreak around plants or a seating area.
      I think this screening would look attractive used around a swimming pool.

      Garden screening is a quick and easy 'fix' to hide eyesores such as sides of old sheds, old walls or fencing. It can be used to screen off areas where bins are stored and in fact so many things that spoil the look of a garden.

      Screening can also be used for sectioning off areas and perhaps creating different areas in a garden by using the screening to divide different parts of the garden.

      ~~~~AFTER THE STORM~~~~

      After a few weeks and a few storms and some very heavy rain it doesn't look quite so good but, to be fair, I think this is mainly to do with not having something solid behind it. If it was fixed taut to a solid wall then it would look better. Now and again it may just need to be stretched out a little.
      But nevertheless, I do like the look of it.

      It really has finished off the garden in my opinion and the patio area is much more welcoming. I do feel that natural garden screening can really improve many areas of most gardens and it is fairly low cost, if comparing to more traditional fencing.

      I feel that this bark screening has made an attractive backdrop for our new plants, and the existing ones and our various planters. I am very pleased with the improvement it has made and with a few solar garden lights placed in the planters, I feel it looks effective.
      For the effort and price paid it was definitely worth purchasing.

      Yes, we are pleased, both with the screening and the company that we purchased from.

      ~~~~FURTHER DETAILS~~~~


      The comprehensive website has full details on delivery and how to track orders, plus information on how to return items if you aren't satisfied with them.

      WEBSITE: http://www.primrose.co.uk

      TELEPHONE :0118 903 5210


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