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Qualcast Premium Coated Lawn Seed

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Brand: Qualcast / Type: Seeds

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    2 Reviews
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      15.08.2013 15:43
      Very helpful
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      Quality comes at a price, and this is worth it.


      To the front of my house, I have a small grassed area leading towards the road, with a 2ft wall running down the sides. Earlier this year, the local council came round the estate and sprayed all the grassed areas against walls with some form of weed killer as we were told some form of disease could easily spread through these areas (thank you for using our taxes wisely Mr Councillor). Once I got over the initial anger at the fact this pretty much killed off a 1ft wide strip of grass running around my garden, I decided to dig the dead grass out and get some new seed which would give the grass plenty of time to recover ahead of the winter.


      I decided to buy the Qualcast (500g box) grass seed as my parents had used this before and assured me that it was an excellent product. I purchased the 500g box from my local Homebase store, but this is widely available in most garden sections of retailers such as B&Q and also more common now in the Asda, Tesco etc. of this world as well. I paid £9 for the box which I thought was a little steep at the time, but once you see the results you understand that this is a quality product if you want fast and quality results.


      The product itself is basically just a box of grass seed, which is coated in nutrients to aid the germination and also product faster growth than your run of the mill grass seed, and it works very well indeed. The box also claims this is a hard-wearing seed, ideal for anyone who regularly uses the grass once it's fully grown and ideal for family gardens.


      Though it doesn't explicitly say it on the box, I completely dug out the old dead grass in the affected areas, and then turned over the soil while a fork thoroughly before applying the new seed, and this seems to have worked very well. Once the area is prepared, simply sprinkle a handful of grass seed (a handful for me tended to cover around 3-5 feet along the affected area) onto the soil and then rake it again with the fork to ensure the seed is distributed evenly throughout. Then push the seeds firmly into the mud (best method I found for this was simply standing on the affected area given it was only a foot or so wide) and water thoroughly immediately afterwards. Once done, I saw the new seeds germinating and grass coming through after only seven days or so, and the lawn was once again back to its former glory within 3-4 weeks from planting, an excellent result given that I only used around half of the 500g in the job (around 35 feet of soil covered in total).


      You pay more for quality products these days, and this is certainly one of those cases - dead grass to a beautiful lawn again within one month deserves a five out of five in my eyes.


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        04.07.2013 13:01
        Very helpful
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        We had good results from this

        At the beginning of summer most years me and my Husband have to patch in our lawn in a couple of places, we have one area of grass that during the winter becomes muddy where our cat jumps from the roof of the shed, each summer we have to patch this area in and this year due to repairs to our fence we had another slightly larger area of grass which needed to be patched in.
         We nipped to our local Homebase to see what lawn seed they had in, we wanted something easy to use, was suitable for pets and children and also had good results.  After a bit of looking around we decided to buy the Qualcast Premium Coated Lawn Seed, it was ideal for what we were looking for. 

        The Qualcast Premium Coated Lawn Seed comes in a rectangle shaped cardboard box, the front of the box is taken up with a picture of a garden with a perfect looking lawn, the name Qualcast is written in large white writing inside a green oval right in the centre of the box with the words Premium Coated Grass Seed written just underneath, again in white writing.

         Towards the bottom of the box are  a few facts about the product along with when the seed needs to be sewn and also the area that the box of seed will cover.  

        On the back of the packaging is further product information that tells you exactly what to do with the product and how to look after it to achieve the best results.  All of the information needed is clearly written and easy to follow.  

        The Lawn Seed
        Qualcast Premium Coated Lawn Seed is described as a hardwearing grass seed, it is designed for over seeding and patching in lawns, this was exactly what we needed it for.  The seed is coated with micro nutrients and plant hormones which are said to help germination , healthy rooting and establishment.  

        There is nothing fancy about the appearance of the lawn seed, they look like small little green/ brown coloured flakes.  In this box you get enough seed to do 150m2 of lawn so plenty for patching in and over seeding, however personally I do not think this would be ideal for very large areas you need to totally re-seed.  

        Directions for Use
        When it comes to using the Qualcast Premium Coated Lawn Seed the directions are simple, the instructions state that the seed should be sewn between early spring and late autumn so you have a large period of time where you can use the grass seed.

         To use this lawn seed you simply sprinkle the seed onto the area requiring patching in or over seeding and then rake it into the soil and water.  You need a reasonable coverage of seed, however the amount really depends on how much patching in your grass needs.  To be honest I'm not sure how often the seed needs watering but we watered ours every few days depending on the weather, if it had rained we didn't bother, but if we had a hot dry day we would water it in the evening, watering it in the day meant that it would dry out again more or less straight away.  

        Price and Availability
        As I have mentioned we bought our box of Qualcast Premium Coated Grass Seed from our local Homebase, at the moment they only have large 5kg boxes available and this is sold for £42.99, personally I feel this is a bit on the expensive side and we would not have   bought such a large box, however when we bought ours they did sell it in a smaller box which was considerably cheaper.

         The larger box does work out a bit cheaper in the long run and allows you to have lawn seed available to patch in your lawn as and when you need.  

        My Opinion
        This is the first summer that me and my Husband used Qualcast Premium Coated Lawn Seed but we have been very pleased with the results, we used it to patch in 2 areas of grass, one a small area where one of our cats jumps from the shed roof and this becomes muddy every winter, and a larger area that needed patching in following works to our fence, we found that the small area took quicker than the larger area, however within a few weeks we had a good covering of grass in both areas, the new grass was finer and darker than the rest of the lawn but didn't stand out too much compared to the bare areas we did have.

         It has been a couple of months since we planted the grass seed and you cannot see the areas we have reseeded, the grass has covered the bare patches and now blends in nicely.

         The seed is very easy to set and does not have complicated care instructions.  The grass seed is a bit on the expensive side when you buy a large box (which is all that is currently available) however it does last so once you have paid out for the box you will have it there to patch in your lawn as and when is needed.  I would definitely use this lawn seed again in the future when we need to patch in our grass and it is one I would recommend to anyone.  


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