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Ronseal Perfect Finish Decking Stain

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4 Reviews
  • nice colour
  • poor quality product applicator
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    4 Reviews
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      29.08.2013 20:17
      Very helpful



      A good decking stain

      I have a small area of decking outside my door in my back garden which I had replaced a few years ago and which I place plant pots and a few garden ornaments on. When I first replaced the decking I was especially concerned to stain and protect it as soon as possible to make sure that it did not get damaged by the elements, and since then I have continued to re-stain it once a year to keep it in good condition. I have therefore used a few containers of this Ronseal Perfect Finish Decking Stain.

      The decking stain comes in an oblong container and you can buy both the full product, which also includes the deck pad and cans of refills of the stain. This is good as it means you don't have to pay the initial expense for the applicator every time.

      The stain has a number of features including:

      UV filters prevent greying and maintain colour for longer
      Protects decking against knocks, scuffs and scratches
      Waterproofs resisting cracking, peeling and blistering
      Touch dry in 90 minutes
      Can be used on hardwood and soft wood decking
      Covers 4m2 per litre
      Semi translucent matt finish
      Deck pad applicator

      The stain comes in a number of colours including country oak, golden cedar and rich mahogany. I chose the colour rustic pine, which is a light golden colour and looks quite natural.

      To use the stain with the deck pad applicator is really easy and makes a great difference to how speedily you can apply the stain. Once the applicator sponge is attached to the handle it is just the right length and size to dip into the container with the stain in it and then brush the stain over the decking. It applies evenly and smoothly and does a great job of getting into all the grooves of the decking to make sure that you don't miss any bits. You also don't need to get down on your hands or knees at all when applying the stain, which makes the whole process a lot less hassle and less mess and saves you any backache.

      After application the stain dries quite quickly and tends to be touch dry after about an hour and able to be re-applied for a second coat after a couple of hours. I have had a few disaster occasions when I have applied this stain to the decking and then failed to keep my cats out of the way and they have run over the wet decking to get back into the house leaving a few paw print marks on the decking and paint stains on my kitchen floor. However I have found that applying a second coat of stain has covered over the problem easily and also that any little painted paw prints on my kitchen floor have washed off easily.

      The stain does a good job of protecting my decking and making it look good and once I have applied it, it lasts all year without peeling at all. It does gradually get a bit marked by the bottom of plant pots but this is to be expected and is easily covered over the following year.

      The stain with the applicator currently costs £16.99 at Homebase for 2.5 litres, which is good value for money. I would really recommend it to help protect your decking and give a smooth and even looking finish that lasts well.


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      22.08.2013 22:21
      Very helpful




      It's that time of year when sprucing up the garden takes priority over the inside of the house....at least whilst the good weather prevails. We have been getting ready for our new arrival later this year, and part of this has involved sorting the garden which was previously a death trap, although obviously we won't be needing it straight away. During the good spell of weather we had recently, my husband was busy outside clearing the garden, laying turf, and constructing a nice decking area for us to enjoy.
      The decking we bought came untreated, so obviously we knew we would need to treat it to protect it from the elements and give it a finishing touch aesthetically. We opted for Ronseal's perfect finish decking stain, which cost us £16.99 from Homebase.

      The colour we opted for was Country Oak, which is quite dark and gives a lovely natural country style finish to the decking. It is, however, available in a few different colours, varying in darkness, and this is obviously a matter of personal preference. I tend to prefer darker woods so this one was ideal for us.
      The decking stain should be applied once the decking has been laid, and is completely dry with no imminent rain expected. It is rainproof in two hours, and ready for a second coat in four hours, with the recommended number of coats being two. The benefits of applying this stain to your decking are not only that it looks better, but it also protects from cracking, peeling and blistering, which can be caused by the elements, particularly rain.

      Although there are pads which allow you to apply this decking stain quickly and easily, my husband used a large paintbrush to ensure that it got into all the grooves and gave an even finish. I actually had a go at helping him with this, but didn't manage to do too much before the extreme heat made me tired! The stain is very thin in consistency, not at all like paint, but obviously being outdoors it didn't really matter about it dripping anywhere. It doesn't smell overly strong either, although this is helped by being outdoors and getting lots of fresh air to keep your lungs clear.

      As it was during the heatwave when we applied this, it literally dried within an hour, and was ready for a second coat. The finish was even and smooth, having been done with a paintbrush, and provided the perfect finishing touch to our decking. We have since had torrential rain, and I feel quite smug looking outside knowing our decking is protected from this, so it will be hopefully be in good condition for us to enjoy next summer.

      This decking stain is very easy to apply, and dries quickly, making it a really convenient way to protect your decking. Obviously if the weather is unpredictable, it will make it more difficult to pick a suitable time to apply the stain, but as it dries so quickly this shouldn't really be an issue unless it starts raining whilst you're actually applying it. I would recommend this stain as a way to protect decking and bring the wood to life.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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      20.04.2011 11:13
      Very helpful



      a quick way to spruce up your decking

      It's almost that time of year again when we have to start thinking about making the garden look presentable so we can have barbecues and invite guests over. We have a small area of decking outside the back door which hosts our patio table and chairs along with the barbecue and small greenhouse.
      The area is walked on and used frequently all year around, so it really does come under all the elements. We have a south facing garden so it gets the full scorch of the sun during the warmer days.

      Neither I nor my husband are keen DIYers, but we do like the house and garden to look reasonably nice. Due to our inexperience and probably a bit of laziness when it comes to DIY, we have bought the Ronseal perfect finish decking stain for the last two years. This is because it comes with a handy decking pad meaning we don't have to use a paint brush to get into all the grooves.

      The Ronseal decking stain comes in a variety of shades suitable for the garden, and we usually pick the rich mahogany as it fits nicely with our shed and fence panels. Other shades available are Golden cedar, Country Oak and Rustic Pine.

      To use, first of all put together the long handled applicator sponge which looks like a pant pad on the end of an extendable pole that has been very neatly folded inside the lid of the pot.
      The stain in the pot is quite a loose consistency, but does also appear to go on the decking quite thickly. I don't tend to worry that it looks like water, but I also wouldn't want to spill any.
      I would recommend you think about where you want to start and finish before you actually begin. It's also a good idea to thoroughly clean the decking of all debris such as moss, dirt etc. Imagine a badly painted wall with paint brush hairs left behind? It would look awful.

      You're advised to apply an even layer to the whole decking area. That's easier said than done as like painting the first place you start once you have dipped the pad into the stain, will always be slightly thicker than then last bit as you are starting to run out of stain on your pad.
      I find a way to get around this is to apply each area twice, going back to front the second time around, so start where you finished and end up where you started the first time. This way, the coverage appears to be much more even.

      I thought the decking would be patchy where the pad didn't reach into all the grooves, but to be honest, with the two applications immediately after each other, the whole area was covered. If by chance you find a stray patch of lighter decking then just press lightly with the pad over the affected area, and like a paint roller or pad, then some will ooze out and settle hopefully on the affected patch.

      The pot advises that the stain will dry within 90 minutes. I can vouch for this and in very hot days it's dry even quicker. We still stay off the decking for a few hours though as there is nothing worse than treading some into the house as I could imagine it would be awful to remove.

      There is apparently no after care for this stain. It is supposed to withstand all weathers and wont crack or blister in the sun. We find we have to reapply once a year but this way it looks fresh each year. By the spring I can see it's looking tired more than anything else, and occasionally there are patches where it has worn off or faded.

      A 2.5 litre pot will cost you £32.98 which is at the higher end of the market. This covers our decking with a little bit to spare which is why we're not worried about buying it. I think if I had to buy two pots or it didn't cover so well then I wouldn't buy it purely down to the cost.
      This is our lazy man's way to stain the decking.


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        27.08.2010 14:02
        Very helpful



        My decking looks much better now!

        Few things in life have made me feel quite as middle class as spending a Sunday afternoon painting my decking.

        Having moved into our new house last autumn and subsequently spending much of our first few months there sorting out the interior of the property, it wasn't until last spring that we really started to take stock of our jungle of a back garden. Early machete work to bring the plant life under control (a flamethrower would probably have been quicker, but we thought the neighbours might object somewhat) revealed that we now possessed a small area of decking between the conservatory door and the patio. We did begin to wonder if "Groundforce" may have been in our garden at some point, but the absence of a water feature and anything discernible as flower beds (or indeed, flowers) pretty much disproved this theory. The discovery of decking was still quite exciting though, and once we had satisfied ourselves that it was not going to be reclaimed by our resident triffids any time soon, we set about trying to restore it from the grubby, scuffed and poorly maintained lump of wood it was at this point ("poorly maintained" turns out to be quite a theme in our house, we have found) into something that would actually look quite nice.

        And so it was that the trip to B&Q on a Sunday came about. I had thought that decking wasn't really the done thing any more, but the large selection of decking-related products in our local store seemed to suggest otherwise (unless there are just a just a lot of defiantly unfashionable gardeners in Gloucestershire, this is). Our basic choices seemed to be between decking oil and decking stain, which seemed to do the same job of protecting the wood against wear and tear, but which gave different finish - oils soak into the wood to give a more natural finish, while stains are more opaque and cover up some of the wood grain. Had I been treating brand new wood I would have been inclined to opt for the oil, but given the worn appearance of our old decking, it seemed wiser to go for a stain that would hopefully hide some of problems. Now, decking stain is something that doesn't come cheap or in small tins, so we were faced with having to buy far more then we initially needed as well as the cost of getting something to apply to stain to the wood with. A quick comparison between various options, along with the cost of buying brushes, indicated that a good choice for us was the Ronseal Perfect Finish Decking Stain set, which provided 2.5L of stain along with a "decking pad" that promised a faster application and better finish than could be achieved with brushes. This kit is available in five colours (country oak, golden cedar, rich mahogany, rustic pine and rich teak) and is usually priced at £29; a special offer on the day of purchase made it slightly cheaper than buying the equivalent tin of stain and a separate brush, however.

        Ronseal decking stain promises to protect decking from knocks and scuffs, provide a waterproof finish that doesn't blister or peel, and protect the wood from UV damage should the sun ever decide to put in an appearance. It is suitable for use on hardwood or softwood decking, and covers 12m² of surface per litre, giving us enough stain for multiple applications. It claims to be rainproof in an hour, touch dry after 90 minutes and requires a second coat after 4 hours to complete the job. The surface of the wood needs to be clean and dry before you start, but otherwise there is no specific preparation you need to do (Ronseal with try to sell you special cleaners for this purpose, but we settled for using our pressure washer on it instead, which was far more satisfying).

        The kit comes in a large rectangular pot, containing the stain in the bottom half, with the decking pad folded away in a tray fitted into the top section. Your first task is therefore to extract and assemble your decking pad; this is basically a soft foam head with an extendable plastic handle that is intended to produce an even finish while applying the stain standing up, making it faster and easier on the back than using a brush. This was nicely straightforward to do, although the finished article felt very flimsy and I was glad I didn't need to use it over an extensive area. Pad ready, I then removed the tray to reveal my stain beneath. Having never used a stain before, I was surprised at how runny it was; I was expecting something with the consistency of paint, but this stuff is far thinner. Tip - this means it drips everywhere, so protect areas you are not staining with dustsheets or newspaper, and wear clothes you don't mind getting messy.

        So did it do exactly what it said on the tin? Well, yes and no. After two coats of the stain, our decking was left looking fantastic - the colour is attractive (we used rich mahogany) and dried very evenly, and it covered up the scuffs and peeled areas well (you can only notice them if you peer very closely at the surface now). The waterproofing also works well, and you can see the water "beading" on the surface of the wood when it rains. Four months after the application, it looks as good as the day we first applied it, and I am not expecting to have to use the stain again until next spring - at this rate the tin will last us a couple more years providing we can stop it from drying out in storage, so in the longer term the value seems good enough to me despite the high initial outlay. I should add that our decking only gets a low level of footfall on it, however, and anybody who uses their decking very extensively would probably have to apply the stain more often.

        The poor part for me was the decking pad. They were quite correct in saying that a foam pad applies the stain more quickly and easily to the wood surface, and being able to do it standing up was a lot more comfortable - but, my initial concerns about the pad being flimsy turned out to be correct. The handle was made up of sections that clipped together to extend it, and these came apart several times while in use. There was also a tendency for the pad to soak up too much stain and leave pools of it between the grooves on the decking. It was also hard to control around the edge of the decking, producing messy results that had to be hurriedly cleaned up before the stain dried, and was completely useless for the vertical section of wood where there was a step down to the patio. In the end we had to dig an old paint brush out of the garage to finish the job off, and end up doing most of the second coat with the brush as we were getting just too frustrated with the pad by this point.

        In conclusion, I would certainly use Ronseal Decking Stain again - just not with the decking pad!




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        The deck pad provided helps speed and ease and provides a pefect finish

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