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Tesco 2L Pressure Sprayer

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Watering Can

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2013 11:55
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      A little easier on the hands

      I normally shop at my local Tesco but every couple of moths we go to a large one in the next town that sells a lot of household items and clothing etc. The last time we were there my husband picked up the Tesco 2L Pressure Sprayer, when I asked him what he wanted it for he just said that it looked as if it would be useful!! It was only £3.00 so it ended up in the trolley. 

      The Tesco 2L Pressure Sprayer is made from tough plastic which although is white you can see through it, the top is bright green and has a little gold coloured spray valve on it. The sprayer has measurements marked on the side of it, these are given in ML and ounces, the millilitres go up in stages of 500ML and the ounces are marked every 15 oz's, these are done in the same colour as the plastic and to see them you need to be in the right light. 

      The top of the pressure sprayer looks similar to any trigger spray bottle except there is a plunger sticking out of the top, this is used to build the pressure up. The handle has a button on the top which when pressed releases whatever you have in the bottle, there is also another little button which locks the handle down so you don't have to keep it pressed all the while, this is easy to click in and out of place. 

      To use the pressure sprayer is easy, you simply put whatever you are using in there and then pump the plunger up and down, this will be easy at first and as pressure builds it gets harder and harder until it wont move at all. This takes a few seconds to do but its easy. Once the pressure is built up you simply press down the button on the middle of the handle and click it into place. 

      The sprayer will give you either a stream of liquid or a fine spray, to choose which one you want you need to turn the little gold valve, clockwise gives a fine spray, anti clockwise the steady stream. 

      Since we first bought the pressure sprayer we have actually ordered another one from Tesco so we can use one inside and one for the garden, it has been really useful. 

      We use the pressure sprayer with plant food in it, it gives the plants a nice fine spray evenly all over them, it would also be ideal for weed killer if you had a large area to do. My husband is fanatical about feeding our lawn and he uses the pressure spray for this too, once again the mist gives a nice even coverage. Painting fences would also be easier with this.

      I have used the other sprayer with disinfectant in it, I water it down and spray all inside the wheelie bins , I have also cleaned all the glass doors and windows with it too, there's no need to keep squeezing a trigger you just get a nice even cover of product over the window. 

      If you have the sprayer so it sends out a stream of liquid the pressure will last approximately 1 minutes before it drops however if you use the fine spray it lass for well over 3 minutes. 

      I'm pleased we bought the pressure sprayer, it was a good price and holds a decent amount of liquid, if you need to spray something over a large area its ideal, its easier on the hands than constantly squeezing a trigger. 

      If you use trigger sprays I would definitely recommend this and Tesco now have it at half price. 


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