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Town & Country Ultimax Ladies Gloves

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Town & Country / Type: Garden Gloves

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2013 22:54
      Very helpful
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      Gloves that do their job well and are a great fit

      My partner and I moved into our first house together over 2 years ago. I had a pair of gardening gloves that I had been using in my Mum and Dad's garden that were rather old, and so my Mum bought me a new pair as a gift. My Mum tends to buy products that are good quality and long-lasting, and I thought that these gloves certainly looked quite expensive. I think one of the main reasons she chose them was because they are pink, and she knows that is my favourite colour.

      Price and availability:

      Because I didn't purchase these gifts myself, I've had to have a look on the internet to see how much they cost. I think Mum would of bought them from a garden centre rather than online, and I can imagine many garden centres would stock them, as Town and Country are a well known make. They are also available to purchase from many online sites, and the price seems to be between £14.99 and £15.99, although they could probably be purchased a bit cheaper on ebay. They can also be purchased from Town and Country themselves on their website (http://www.townandco.com/ultimax-synthetic-leather-gloves.html), and they are currently charging £15.99 for them.

      Colours and sizes available:

      As previously mentioned, my gloves are a lovely bright pink, but judging by the image on Town and Country's website, they are also available in a pale purple colour. The gloves appear to be available in either small or medium sizes. I don't know what the sizing specifications are, however, Town and Country's website provides a 'Glove Size Guide', which means that you can decide which size gloves would fit your hands the best, which I think is great because it means that you can purchase the gloves online with some idea of how well they will fit. The sizing guide is located on the left hand side, next to the picture of the gloves, and it opens up a pdf document. To use the guide, you simply place your hand over the image of the hand, as directed, and you will be able to see which size glove would fit you best. The guide will tell you whether you are a size medium or small, and it can also be used for men's gardening gloves, as it shows the sizing for men's medium and large gloves. I really do think it is a very helpful tool to help you purchase the right size gloves online. If you would prefer to purchase your gloves from a retail store in person, the Town and Country website also offers a 'Find a Stockist' option, where you can search by city or postcode.

      Fit of the gloves:

      I only have small hands and so I imagine that my gloves will be the small size, as they fit me perfectly, like a glove one might say! The gloves are fastened with velcro at their base, and this is adjustable, so that the gloves can have a close fit to your hands, which I like because it means I can have them tight enough that they don't slip off my hands, but also slack enough that they feel really comfortable. I think this is a nice little addition that means everyone's gloves can be adjusted, because I think some people will like to wear their gloves a bit tighter than others. I have only got very small wrists, and so whereas some other gardening gloves can be a little baggy on me, and so allow soil to trickle down to my hands if I'm not careful, I can make sure these gloves fit well to my wrists, and so my hands are still clean when I take my gloves off. Town and Country advise that these gloves provide 'an extremely close fit', and this is a claim that these gloves definitely fulfil.

      Materials and features:

      The palms of these gloves are made from synthetic leather, and Town and Country advise that the textured palm pads the gloves feature provide 'improved grip, added protection and extra durability'. The back of the gloves are stretch elastane, and the gloves feature neoprene knuckle 'shock absorbers' and reinforced fingertips.

      My thoughts:

      I have now had these gardening gloves for around 2 years, and whilst I wouldn't say they've had very regular use, they have been used many times, particularly during the summer, when I tend to be out in the garden much more. These gloves are still going strong and I would imagine that they will continue to stay in good condition for a long time to come, and so they do appear to be very durable. Unfortunately, weeds seem to like both my front and back garden, and many of them are of the sharp and prickly variety. Trying to pick up these types of weeds wasn't much fun in my old gloves, as the thorns would simply pierce through the fabric to my fingers, but these gloves have much thicker material and so picking up these weeds is no trouble. I wear these gloves when doing a variety of tasks in the garden, such as hoeing, sweeping and shovelling using a spade, and in every task I carry out, I always find that these gloves provide a really good amount of grip.


      I would certainly recommend these gloves to anyone, as they fit well, they are strong, they provide good grip and I think they will last for a long time. These gardening gloves aren't the cheapest ones available, and I'm not sure I would of purchased them for myself at this price, but I'm very happy with them and so I'm glad I received them as a gift.


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        30.04.2010 10:42
        Very helpful



        I am impressed with these

        I have never been the sort of person who enjoys wearing gloves when I am working whether it is gardening gloves for outdoor work or Marigolds to do the washing up. I always find that the sensation in my hands and fingers is reduced by too much and it makes the job more difficult for me.

        Having said that, since I have been living in our current cottage, I have been wearing gardening gloves when working outside. This is because at the back of the cottage we have a garden set into the rock of the Great Orme here in Llandudno and at the front we have a private road and a couple of parking spaces which can get overgrown with weeds if I don't keep removing them. By the way don't suggest weed killer - I have tried that!

        Initially I had pairs of gardening gloves purchased from the local garden centre which were soft and comfortable and didn't inhibit the sensation in my fingers too much. Sadly, since they were soft, they didn't last very long and I was forever replacing them because the ends of the fingers wore out.

        Last Christmas, as one of my presents, Dave (hubby) bought me a pair of Ultimax Gardening Gloves made by Town and Country. We had seen them in one of the garden centres and I had tried them on before he bought them so that I could see if I thought that they would be suitable for me.

        They are available in both ladies and gentlemen's sizes and the ones that Dave bought for me cost £14.75 - I don't know if the gentlemen's ones are slightly more expensive or not.

        The gloves come attached to a piece of cardboard on which is some information about the gloves which are described as providing 'ultimate fit, ultimate feel and ultimate protection'.

        The gloves themselves are green and black and are made to be extremely comfortable and very easy to wear - even for a non glove wearer like me!

        The palms of the gloves are made from strong but supple synthetic black leather and features textured palm pads for improved grip, added protection and extra durability. The back of the glove is made from green stretch elastane for maximum comfort and fit. They also have neoprene knuckle shock absorbers and reinforced fingertips.

        The gloves have a heavy duty Velcro fastening for a nice comfortable fit and a flexible neoprene cuff to keep out any debris. There is also a towelling section on the outer side of the thumbs so that you can wipe the perspiration from your face when you are working hard too! They seem to have thought of everything don't they?

        So how do these gloves feel when they are being worn? Well I have to say that they are amazing! They are incredibly light and comfortable to wear, in fact I can hold my mug and drink my tea whilst wearing them and even answer the phone too. The design and the materials make the gloves an excellent fit so I don't find that they rub me at all.

        The material is strong enough to keep my hands clean and safe when I am gardening but also when I am moving and sawing wood for our log burner. They do indeed have a good grip so that I don't find the wood slipping from my grasp and the knuckle protectors are invaluable too!

        I have worn the gloves a lot since Christmas and they are showing no signs of wear as yet so that's another good feature as I don't want to keep replacing these at £14.95 a time!!

        All in all I would definitely recommend these gloves - let's face it they must be good if I can wear them and be happy doing so! When they do eventually wear out I will buy another pair without hesitation and you can't have a better recommendation than that can you?


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