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Vento 15m Retractable Line

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Type: Outdoor Clothes Line

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2010 22:28
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      A nice neat linen line

      When I moved into my new house I decided I did not want to take up a lot of my garden with a linen line either stuck in the middle of it or strung across it so I opted for the Vento 15m retractable linen line. Whilst I did have a slight problem with my first retractable line, I have since purchased a second one after a slight change in design and am very happy with it.

      Installing the line

      The Vento retractable line is a very simple devise, it consists of a creamy coloured plastic casing which has the line wound up inside of it and a sliver bracket on the back of it. This line is very easy to install you simply drill 2 holes into the surface you wish to have the casing of the line on (mines the side of the house) and screw it in with the screws provided, you then need to decide where you want the line to reach to, I have mine got from the side of the house to the tree at the other end of our garden, you then need to screw a hook into this surface, the hook is to hold the other end of the line. Once you have the casing up and the hook the line is ready to you.

      How it works

      Basically it works similar to any other linen line, the only difference is this one folds away at the end of the day. There is a small plastic ring on the front of the line, to use this product you pull this ring out bringing the actual linen line with it, you stretch it to where you have screwed the hook and place the plastic ring over it to keep the line out stretched. On the bottom of the plastic casing is a separate piece of plastic, you pull the linen line out a little bit further so it is slack and then wind the line around the piece of plastic, this makes the line tight meaning it is ready to hang the washing on. To put the linen away you unwind the line from around the plastic on the bottom of the line and remove the ring from around the hook, the line will then retract itself back into the plastic casing attached to the wall. A word of warning do not just let go of the line as it will retract too quickly and tangle up inside the casing, you will need to guide it back slowly. With this produc you get approximatly 15m of line meaning it is suitable for any size garden.

      As Good As A Normal Linen Line?

      I have to say that yes I think it is. However I did have a few problems with the first Vento retractable line I had, first the plastic ring broke and I had to tie a loop in the end of the actual line, secondly after a few months the line would not retract properly so you always had a length of line which had to be wrapped around the casing, and lastly just a few months ago I went to set up the line ready for my washing and I could not pull the line out of the casing, it had totally jammed up. However my mum had one of these lines and had similar problems but she decided to give the line another go and found they had changed the design so I also decided to give it a second chance and bought a new Vento Retractable Line. This one is much better, it works in exactly the same way but seems to be made of sturdier plastic, the ring on the end is much stronger and the line itself seems to be of a better quality. Since using my new Vento line I have had no problems with it. I holds as much washing as I need to hang out whereas the old one would sag and eventually slip meaning the washing ended up on the grass, however the new Vento line is much stronger and does not slip even when I have a large load of washing out including things like towels and my fiancés jeans which I could never hang on my old Vento line as they were too heavy.


      The Vento Retractable Linen Line only costs £4.99 and can be purchased from Argos. At £4.99 it is a real bargain, despite the problems I had with my first one, the new design is much better and is a good quality line for such as low price.

      The thing I particularly like about the Vento Retractable line is the fact that after your washing it dry you can put the line away and it is not permanently strung up across your garden of stuck in the middle of it. The bracket on the back of the case has a hinge meaning that it can be folded flat against the wall after use. This linen line is excellent for those who do not have massive gardens as you do not have to devote some of your limited space to the washing line or those of you who simply do not want your linen line permanently out.

      Overall I have been extremely happy with my retractable linen line, I was a little unsure after the problems with my first one but since having my new sturdier design linen line I have been very impressed with it. It gives me much more space in my garden and means that once my washing is dried I can fold the line away leaving the garden much tidier. I would certainly recommend the Vento Retractable linen line.



      Strong now the design has been changed

      15m of line

      Excellent if you have limited space

      Means you do not have to permanently have you linen line out

      Easy to install


      Now the design has been changed slightly and it is much stronger there are none for me.


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    • Product Details

      Wall mounted ergonomic clothes line design. Can be locked at any length.