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Wilko Screening Bamboo Slat

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Brand: Wilkinsons / Type: Garden Ornaments

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2013 14:52
      Very helpful



      I would recommend this screening.


      This year my husband and I decided our garden needed attention. We thought some screening might make the patio area more inviting in terms of attractiveness and privacy.
      Our patio has a concrete wall on one side and a wooden fence panel on the other. Neither looked particularly attractive. The concrete fence didn't look great and on the other side the fencing panel just wouldn't quite stand straight. Erecting new fencing would have been costly and a time consuming task, so we looked for something my husband could quickly (and fairly cheaply) fit himself.
      After looking at various types of screening I felt that a bamboo type of cover would probably be our best bet.


      I looked in various outlets, on internet sites and on high street DIY stores. I thought most types of screening seemed expensive and, as we weren't sure if it would fit well onto the existing fences, we didn't want to spend too much money.
      Bamboo screening is readily available from gardening and DIY outlets, during spring and summer months at least, but sometimes it isn't easy to find the exact size you require and for the price you're willing to pay. Most screens I found for the price I had in mind weren't high or long enough.
      We wanted the screening to be fairly high to afford a measure of privacy on the patio where we sometimes eat and have a drink.
      Wilko's Bamboo Slat Screening at £15 it seemed a good buy. We decided to purchase just one roll and see how it looked when put in place. If all went well then we would return to purchase a further roll.


      We bought screening which was 1.8m high by 3m in length.
      The screening is sold in a roll, packed inside a thick plastic bag with handy integrated handles. The packaging was good for easy transportation.
      The bag was easy to carry back to the car park which was about a ten minute walk away. It isn't very heavy either but a bit on the awkward side if it has to be carried for any great distance.


      Once home my husband soon set to work fixing the screening.
      First of all he unrolled it and checked that the screening looked of a good enough quality and didn't have slats missing or damaged. It seemed to be in a good condition.
      My husband attached the screening to the concrete fence (the side which we felt most needed to be covered) by means of screws attached to the fence post and by tying green gardening wire wherever necessary.
      Fixing the screening doesn't take long at all. Obviously the effort involved varies according to what it is to be fitted to and how easily it can be attached.
      We didn't need the whole three metre length of the screening but, as the slats are flexible, he simply doubled one end over itself and left it like that rather than cut any off and it blended in well. However, this screening can be cut to the size required.
      It was just as well that my husband didn't cut the screening to size because a few weeks after fitting it he and a neighbour between them cut down some extremely hardy ivy, leaving a gap in the chain link fence (next to the concrete wall) between both gardens. We later purchased some bark screening to fill this in and the bamboo screening was moved along and the extra length was then used.

      WHAT IS IT?

      The screening, being of bamboo, is natural looking. It consists of bamboo cut in half lengthwise and these slats of bamboo are then linked in many places by a thin wire across its length. Because of the gaps the screening is flexible and can be fixed onto existing walls, fences or sheds, either in a straight line or contoured to fit around plants and trees.
      Bamboo slat screening is, in my opinion, a versatile type of screening which has many uses. It can be used instead of a fence, or to cover existing and perhaps unsightly broken walls, fences or sheds.
      The screening provides privacy but as it isn't solid it lets some light through.
      Wilko Bamboo Slat Screening can be used as a windbreak to shelter plants, and to section off areas of the garden and hide/screen refuse bins, compost heaps and anything really that will look better positioned behind a screen.
      It is much cheaper and easier to install than a fence, but then again, it isn't likely to last as long as a properly erected fence.


      Once the screening was fixed and we placed some planters and flowers against it I was pleased with the overall affect. I like the fact that it's so natural looking and therefore didn't look amiss used with other types of screening and fencing already in the garden or fitted later.
      I think it blends well and, in my opinion, provides a perfect backdrop for our precious plants. The addition of several new solar lights sets it off, I believe.
      As my husband and I were both pleased with the first length of this bamboo screening that we purchased, we soon ventured back to Wilkinsons for the purpose of buying an additional roll of bamboo screening to fit on the other side of the patio.
      Once the second roll of slat screening was acquired my husband fixed it to the other side of the patio and onto a wooden fence. This wooden fence (our neighbour's) stood a little lopsided and so the bamboo screening helped to tidy this side up and also to help both sides of the patio to match, to some extent.


      We paid £15 for this size (1.8x3m) of bamboo slat screening from Wilkinsons. It is currently reduced (as at September-October 2013) to £10. I thought the price we paid was reasonable and so obviously feel that the sale price is a bargain.
      Wilko sells other sizes and types of garden screening.


      I'm very pleased with this screening. I had to be pleased to purchase a second roll of bamboo slat screening from the same store.
      I am happy, and so is my husband, with the purchase of this product, both in terms of its look and because I feel that it has definitely fulfilled the purpose for which it was intended.
      Now that it has stood firmly in its place in our garden for a few months, I would say that it seems to perhaps be hardier than the bark screening which we purchased a little later than this bamboo slat type.


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