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Brand: Ceka / Type: Lawn

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2001 19:40
      Very helpful



      No matter how many power tools your shed is crammed with, there is still a place for traditional shears for many jobs. I've used many different sorts- mine and other peoples- over the years, my present set, that I've had for some years now, are made by Ceka. Although I have had several shears, and used a lot of different types, it was still a good excuse to trundle off to the garden centre to play with the various models before buying I found the handles on this pair [varnished wood] to be comfortable: unlike some that were labelled 'ergonomic'- definitely a personal choice thing, but you have to live with the choice, so I forewent the pretty colour, and stuck to usability. They have a 'cushion' - a little shock absorber between the handles that stops them shutting with a bang and jarring your forearms; this helps stop strain injuries to my wrist and forearm which I have broken twice in the past, so is a little weak. Near the handles is a 'pruning notch' - this enables you to cut reasonably thick materials cleanly: better than an electric trimmer in this respect, and saves getting out the loppers. The blades are reasonably heavyweight, so as to be durable, and not get bent out of line too easily if they get walked on, or deflected by trying to cut slightly thicker twigs etc. Ceka did a more expensive set with wavy blades, but the jury is out on whether wavy edged blades really do work better, or are a marketing gimmick. The blades aren't coated, but as long as I remember to clean them and put away dry, that shouldn't cause a problem. They have a hand adjustable nut to tighten/loosen the blades- I personally think that this is a bit of a gimmick, as properly adjusted and maintained shears shouldn't need touching during a days work, but it can make it easier to take apart for sharpening. They aren't worried by enormously long grass, when
      I've had to tame a jungle, they have been the only way in [apart from a grass hook.], by cutting and clearing, they don't get clogged up like a lawnmower, and don't care if you come across thistle and brambles [pruning notch again] I also use them for lawn edging, and trimming and tidying shrubs and perennials, [not forgetting hedges]. I find them light enough for a days gardening, and am happy that I'm not tied to a power cable or using noisy petrol engines. [This makes the neighbours happy as well] I can go and do a job with them with little preparation, and not a lot of kit to take- it's also easier to back away from the hedge etc to check that it's all looking right.


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