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Chaselink Speedy Weeder

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Brand: Chaselink

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    2 Reviews
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      18.04.2013 12:05
      Very helpful



      A great addition to the garden

      I bought the speedy weedy weed puller from Lakeland around 3 years ago now. They no longer sell it today but do sell their own similar version. I paid £14.99 on their website, but I've seen them sell for more than that since we've owned ours so I think I must have got it on a special offer. I've seen the speedy weedy itself available at one of the local garden centres - there are however other gardening brands that make very similar versions. Amazon also sell it through third parties.

      The speedy weedy concept is quite straightforward - it's basically a long pole with a yellow handle and a green plunger button at the top - the design from the top reminds me exactly of a pogo stick! Although as there are prongs at the bottom and nowhere to put your feet, alas it wouldn't get you very far. Obviously it is the prongs that are designed to pull the weeds out for you at ease. The design means that no bending is required while weeding, it can all be operated while standing up. The whole thing is around 1 metre tall.

      The main reason for my purchase was for use on three big borders we have that are full of leafy plants. The garden at the back also hadn't been well cared for before we moved in. We're not big gardeners but we do like to keep it looking respectable and nice because we're the ones that have to look at it through the window and we love to sit out in the Summer (weather permitting)! My back always gets sore after weeding for a short space of time and my husband has problems with his knees so this looked like a good solution for both of us.

      It works by putting the prongs over the weed you want to get rid of, twisting the handle at around 90 degrees and then pulling the handle up. The whole weed, including the root, then comes up in the prongs. The green plunger button then releases it wherever you want to empty it, in a binbag or bin etc. Before pressing the button, the weed stays firmly in place in the prongs. For the most part, I've found that the whole process works exactly in this way. I was a little sceptical that the whole root would come up, instead thinking half of it would stay in the soil, but it does pull the whole thing up around 99 times out of 100 which is pretty good going in my view!

      The pole is just the right size for me, I'm 5ft 2" although my husband has used it too; he's 6ft and he's never mentioned that it's a struggle. We tend to leave it outside all year round and not store it in the storage box we have - just through sheer forgetfulness really. It still works just as well but it has shown a few signs of weathering. The worst thing about it is the fact spiders tend to like crawling into the handle - I'm petrified of them and I have to get my other half to check it thoroughly for me first before I use it! The good thing is though (if you're like me and scared of creepy crawlies) with this you don't need to get close to the border and near them as you're standing up and well away! It also saves getting hands dirty - sometimes I don't even need to put my gloves on because the whole process involves no touching of soil and the weed itself, everything can be controlled by using the handle and plunger part.

      The only other thing we've noticed is the removal of weeds from the lawn itself. I've tried so many weed killers on it in the past, I think it's just beyond repair. I tried the speedy weedy on it to remove the weeds and fair enough the speedy weedy did it's job and pulled them all up - the issue is though that the lawn was left with holes all over it and these took a long time to grow out. This is inevitable though as the whole root and weed comes up and if it's a large weed (like in our case) gaps will be left in their place.

      With the whole root being pulled up, this should prevent the weed growing back. I wouldn't exactly say that my garden is weed free (far from it so it's not a miracle cure!) but it certainly has helped in controlling them and I find we don't have quite as many as we used to have.

      I would recommend the speedy weedy for borders, I wouldn't advise it's use on lawns, other than very small weeds, unless you don't mind putting up with holes in the lawn for a while. But, the concept and the idea is fantastic and has really saved me from getting backache from spending long periods weeding. The process is easy and speeds up the job of weeding too. I rate it 4 stars overall, with the holes in the lawn and the fact that the handle is hollow each knocking half a point off.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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      19.11.2012 20:50
      Very helpful



      A good purchase that I couldn't do without now!

      At the last house we were in we actually had some garden to enjoy. However due to the previous tenant being rather non-green fingered it would seem, the front lawn was less grass and more dandelions!

      Now I don't actually hate dandelions....sometimes. They offer bees and butterflies nourishment at a time when other flowers are not yet in bloom and they do look very sunny with their bright yellow faces. Of course eventually they turn into clock dandelions (great fun when you are a kid, bloomin' nightmare when you are a gardening adult) spreading their seeds in my flower beds.

      Digging said weeds from a lawn or border beds it can be a little back breaking as you wrestle with the powerful root and crumbly leaves that snap in your hands.

      Enter the Speedy Weeder!

      This tool is a lightweight, tall piece of equipment. At the bottom are metal prongs. The middle is just a long grey pole and then at the top there is a hand-bar and a plunger. Mine is actually grey and green, not grey and yellow like the picture above.

      Simple and quite addictive to use, you basically align the prongs at the bottom so they sit around the "rosette" (centre) of the dandelion leaves. With a little pressure, press down until the prongs insert into the earth.

      Take hold of the two hand-bars at the top and twist sharply. Usually it is good to do a full 360 degree turn.

      Once done, pull the Speedy Weeder out of the ground. You (should) find that there is a lump of soil and the weed now free from the earth and trapped in between the prongs of the weeder. Point the bottom of the weeder over your garden sack, trug or wherever you want to dump the weeds and then depress the plunger at the top. The weed and soil lump will plop out neatly.

      It takes seconds to do and if you have loads in your lawn can clear a great deal in a very short space of time.

      Note: It does claim to remove dandelions, roots and all. However dandelions are hardy things and can have 18inch roots. So in some cases, especially with the larger well defined dandelions you will instead snap off the root. However this can still be good as a plant needs leaves to photosynthesis and will take longer to grow back. It does also weaken the root.

      Great for your back as there is no bending down, both when inserting the tool and then pushing the captured weed out, you are upright all the time!

      It is good fun and I find children enjoy it so a once annoying task can become a game to your kids.

      Great for creating bulb holes - I used mine to create nice sized holes in my back garden lawn so I could drop in crocus and snowdrop bulbs. Once holed, a bulb is dropped in and a handful of dirt is added. The grass eventually grows over and the bulbs push through adding a splash of colour to the lawn.

      Because only the very bottom goes into the earth you only need to clean this part really. I just run mine under the garden tap and use a stiff bristle brush on any hard to release mud. However because of its plunger method, very little gets stuck.

      I have had my Speedy Weeder for over 5 years now. It may have looked gimmicky when I purchased it but it has been through the rigours of my last house's garden and now the new one. It has captured many weeds (not just dandelions) and been dropped several times due to natural clumsiness. While it is light weight, it does have a sense of durability to it - though treating it well is the best way - I certainly don't recommend flinging it about.

      A great tool to take the back break out of weeding the lawn and flowerbeds.


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