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Efco Greenline

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Brand: Efco

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2012 18:01
      Very helpful



      Good quality nylon line for the brushcutter.

      ~ ~ Efco Greenline ~ ~

      Nylon lines are made from nylon materials and they are used on gardening tools, like lawn moaners, brushcutters and trimmers.

      The lines are placed into the line head and when the brushcutter is running, the line head rotates very fast and the lines cut the grass. The green line needs to have high strength and resistance to prevent it from breaking while it is used with the lawn moaner or the brushcutter. They also need to be flexible and have wear resistance.

      This green line is manufactured by Efco. It is bright green in color and it is available in 4 profiles: round, four-lobed, five-lobed and silent. According to the product specifications, it is made of "polyamide monofilament with a high percentage of Nylon PA 6/6, blended with special components to impart high exterior wear resistance and interior breaking strength".

      The green line is also available in a range of cable thickness and lengths, according to the user's needs. The full product range can be found at the official website:


      ~ ~ The company ~ ~

      Efco is an Italian company that manufactures machinery equipment for gardening, farming etc, used to maintain green spaces. Efco is part of the Emak Group. The product range is suitable for home users and professionals and it includes lawnmowers, hedgetrimmers, brushcutters, garden tractors, power cutters etc and accessories for the aforementioned equipment.

      ~ ~ The product ~ ~

      The Greenline by Efco is a suitable replacement line for our brushcutter at home, based on the specifications provided with the equipment in the instruction brochure.

      I have only operated the machine a few times for low grass and my father works at the more demanding parts of the garden. I've found it hard to manage and a bit heavy so I usually watch and occasionally help with the replacement of the nylon lines.

      We have purchased the round profile. The line is solid with a perfectly rounded shape and it's is available in 3 different packages: the Roll packaging, the Blister Greenline and the large Reel. The one that we use is the 41 m long Blister Green line with round profile and 3.5 cm diameter (135 ft x 0.317 inches). The part number written on the packaging is: 63040171. This number is unique for each Greenline profile and it corresponds to the specific diameter and length at the product catalogue.

      My father paid for this product therefore I am not sure about the cost. He purchased the bigger diameter because it's compatible with our brushcutter and he says that it's stronger and lasts longer because it's not easy to break when it finds obstacles on the ground. We use the machine for light work around the house and our garden. So we usually cut the grass, the weed that has grown around the trees and the low plants.

      As the trimmer head rotates, the line gets shorter and we need to reload the line in order to add more length. Some heads with the latest technology reload the line automatically but we have a simple one that needs to be reloaded manually. If the nylon line is weak, it breaks faster and therefore we have to stop working and reload the head every once in a while. This green line profile is durable and strong for light work. The quality is great but when the brushcutter works at the hard conditions it needs to be replaced regularly.

      This Greenline is part of the regular Efco line, but there is also a new range called "Silentline" which features a special profile for reduced noise levels.

      ~ ~ Packaging ~ ~

      The blister package is rounded and the green line forms a roll inside. From the catalogue range, the Roll packaging contains 15 meters of line, the Blister packaging is used for lengths between 41 and 100 meters, depending on the line diameter. For smaller diameters, longer lines can fit in the blister. Finally, the large Reel is available in three lengths, between 165 and 349 meters.

      The packaging is made from plastic in dark grey colour, with a rounded shape and rounded edges. Two plastic protrusions are shaped at the bottom to allow the blister package to stand vertically and a hang hole is also cut at the top. The front part is semi-transparent and the line is visible through the packaging. The company logo and the product details with an image of the profile are printed at the front side.

      There is a relatively wide opening at the base between the protrusions, leaving the nylon line roll completely exposed. The back side is also rounded at the edges with a circular shaped hole in the middle. The product is also visible from the back side, through a rectangular open hole at the top of the plastic surface. The blister packaging has a small rounded hole at the size of the line profile, which allows the end of the nylon line to come out and unroll when the end is pulled outwards.

      ~ ~ Overall ~ ~

      The Greenline by Efco is a good product, strong enough for light work around the house. However, I am not sure that it is suitable for harder conditions or professional equipment.


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