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Faithfull Hickory Shaft Hatchet 2Lb

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Brand: Faithfull

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2011 12:33
      Very helpful



      Cheap yet superb quality hatchet!

      The Faithfull Hickory Shaft Hatchet is a manual cutting tool for trees and other large plants. I've used the product to remove two large coniferous trees in my garden which were growing out of control and becoming an eye sore. We didn't have a chainsaw and didn't want to pay to have them cut down by a proffessional. The Faithful hatched proved useful and with some elbow grease and strain, I managed to remove the conifer trees. I bought the product on Amazon UK about 6 months ago for the bargain price of just £9.62.

      The product looks extremely good quality and attractive when you see it in real life. I don't think pictures of it online do it any justice. The form I purchased from Amazon has red paint on the very bottom of the handle, a light wood finish for the shaft, and a silver blade on the top which some blue paint towards the back away from the actual blade. Overall I think this is a brilliant colour scheme and the bright red paint near the handle make it stand out if you lost it in a tree or in some grass. The handle is about 17" in length which is a great useable size, the bladed head weighs 2 lbs or 948g which is extremely light and the handle is ergonomically designed and shaped to provide extra comfort. There is also in black font, along the main shaft of the hatchet, the words "Original USA Hickory" etched into the wood.

      The handle is made of Hickory wood from the USA which is supposed to be very durable, long lasting and strong. I can vouch for this as the quality of the wood work is superb. The head of hatchet is drop forged which means forged materials used in making it are usually very strong and hard wearing over processed materials. The Durability is second to none and the hatchet is securely attached to the handle. The wood is extremely thick and strong and I've not noticed the any parts coming wobbly or loose over time. Overall, a solid and safe build quality. I think with moderate usage, this product would last a life time.

      The comfort of the hatchet is superb, the bottom of the handle is ergonomically shaped making it easier to hold and grip in your hand. I've noticed when holding the hatchet it feels very good and comfortable which make cutting trees down a lot easier. The wood can wear into your hands after a while but I switched to wearing gloves and the problem quickly subsided.

      Ease of Use
      The hatchet weighs 2 lbs which is quite light, a benefit as your arms won't tire as much with heavy axes/hatchets. The handle is about 17 inches which is a good length for generating momentum but still being quite small and light. I did manage to cut two medium coniferous trees down which were growing out of control in my garden. It took numerous swings for each tree but this was largely down to my poor technique. I'm sure if your experienced in using the product better than me then you could cut most trees down fairly easily in little time at all. Overall I found it harder and more difficult using the hatchet on the tree than I would a chainsaw or some other power tool but the cheap price and great quality of the Faithfull Hickory hatchet really made it the winning combination for me.

      The price of the product is an absolute bargain. I bought the product on Amazon UK about 6 months ago for the price of £9.62, which is amazing for under a tenner!. The quality, durability, attractive design and ergonomically designed handle are superb and the product is brilliant value for money. The Hatchet is still even to this day at the same price on Amazon UK of £9.62 which is considerably cheaper than the Bosch chainsaws on there which retail from £95 to £100.

      To conclude the Hatchet was a brilliant investment for removing the two conifer trees out of my garden without needing to get people in or buy expensive power tools. It is harder removing a tree manually and does require some elbow grease but if you are able bodied and quite strong then it's little problem at all. The handle was made from tough hickory which was solid and ergonically designed, had a drop forged and high quality head and came at an unbelievable price of under £10 on Amazon. I would like to maybe see a rubberised grip added to the bottom of the handle just to stop the wood damaging your hands and you do need to wear eye protection to stop shards of wood flying out sometimes. But to conclude, for the price the product is brilliant, the durability is superb and if you wear eye protection and safety gear and have the strength to cut a tree down manually, then I would highly recommend you buy the Faithfull 2lb Hickory Shaft Hatchet. Thank you for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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    • Product Details

      This hatchet has a quality Drop Forged head with a polished, lacquered blade and painted body. It has a specially shaped and curved hickory handle.

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