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The Pink Garden Kit

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4 Reviews

Brand: The Pink Toolbox Co. / Assorted pink gardening tools.

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    4 Reviews
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      17.08.2011 13:04
      Very helpful



      A good but also fun gardeners tool kit.

      The fact that I bought this gardening set for myself probably goes someway to show that I am not the world's most accomplished gardener but I actually do quite enough pottering around in the garden when the weather is nice. I mainly stick to my flower beds and light weeding as I am lucky my dad comes round to do the more heavy gardening for me.

      The pink gardening kit is just that a gardening kit where all the tools are pink in colour. The kit comes in a little carrying box and contains a trowel, fork, cutting shears, dibber, trug, 2 pairs of gloves one for light work and one for heavy duty work, string, labels, pink daisy seeds and even some hand cream.

      The tools are of quite good quality which I was surprised by as to be honest just from looking at the colour I wasn't expecting them to be that great but they are sturdy and aren't just novelty items but they actually do the job that they were intended for. The little trowel, fork and shears are the three tools that I use most often and are made of stainless steel with easy to grip pink handles. The handles are good for staying secure in my hands and not slipping about and I find them really comfortable to use.

      The gloves are another item that I used quite a lot until I managed to rip them. The lighter ones weren't quite up to the standards of the tools and I found that they ripped quite easily. The heavier duty ones more robust but I do find them to be a tight squeeze on my hands and I don't think I have massive man hands or anything.

      I absolutely love the kneeling pad and use this all the time even when not using the rest of the set. It is made from a thick foam and really does stop my knees from getting scrapped and sore. I have started using the pad for all sorts of things such as when I am cleaning skirting boards and the floors to stop my knees from getting sore.

      I did try and plant the pink daisy seeds that came with the set but even though I lovingly planted and cared for them the flowers never materialised. Perhaps I had a bad batch of seeds but this wasn't a major problem against the set as it wasn't one of the reasons that I bought it for. The hand cream that also comes with the set is also nice but it's not as good as my own hand cream and it also didn't last that long but I think it is a nice touch to add it to the set.

      I think the pink gardening set is fabulous and would make a lovely present or even just a nice gift for yourself. I only paid £19.99 for mine about a year ago but they seem to be ranging from £25 to £30 for a set now which I still think is good value.
      The items in it are good quality and as it looks so nice it might even encourage the not so dedicated gardeners to do a little bit more work in the garden.


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        17.08.2011 08:24
        Very helpful




        I got this for a present probably about 18 months ago. I sort of grew up in a gardening family. My dad and brother are into gardening and I used to help them when I was younger, but now i'm grown up and have a messy garden that I "have" to look after myself then it's not a little bit of fun doing a bit digging for 5 minutes - it's like real work. I have left my Garden to get a bit out of control so it's all my fault. Perhaps the pretty pink colour was to appeal to my girly side, but at the end of the day it's just a few garden tools.

        I looked online for this set and it still is getting sold thesedays. The price can range from £20-£25 which seems expensive but there is a few tools in here.

        This all comes in a sturdy plastic case which keeps this all together. In the set there is a kneeling mat, Hand Cream, Fork, Pruning Shears, Lightweight gloves, heavier gloves, Twine and a Trowel. So basically all the hand tools that you may need for the Gardening. As for the Hand Cream, that was a different twist.

        The tools seem to be a good quality. I've used mostly the Fork and Trowel and the Steel seems thick enough and you can just dig into the garden easily enough. The handles on the tools are comfy enough to hold and I can see these lasting a good lenght of time. So although the price tag seems expensive when you think of the amount of tools that you get in here then the price isn't bad. I guess it's just the thought of buying all the tools at the 1 time.

        A nice little Gardening set which does the job and looks pretty.


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          12.07.2010 11:26
          Very helpful



          A comprehensive kit that is fit for a gardening Goddess

          My parents bought me this gardening set as a gift for Christmas 2 years ago. It was the perfect little set as I'd just moved into my own place and finally had a garden to play with, although I had absolutely no tools and didn't know where to start. This seemed like it contained all the basics that I would need and it looks so cute and colourful compared to your usual boring garden tools. It was a great gift that I was happy to receive, and I believe they ordered it through Amazon. It can be found online now at a cost of around £25.00.

          The Pink Garden Kit is describes as having "everything the budding pink gardener needs to transform anything from a window box to a full flower bed. Carefully thought out and lovingly put together it's perfect for everything, from pruning to planting."

          The Pink Garden Kit contains:

          - Large plastic trug with handle
          - Foam kneeling pad
          - One pair of heavy weight garden gloves
          - One pair of light weight garden gloves
          - Spool of gardening string
          - Hand trowel
          - Hand fork
          - Pruning shears
          - Plastic dibber
          - Pink daisy seeds
          - Plastic plant label sticks
          - Tube of hand cream

          I must admit I am a bit of a princess when it comes to mud and stuff, but this kit has forced me to brave it and sort out my garden. I have been using them all frequently over the past 2 years and they have served me well so far. The range of tools is good and they are proving to be hardwearing. The pink theme is great and I love how pretty the items look, it's very girly and makes doing the chores seem a little bit more fun.

          Now I'll break it down in a bit more detail as some pieces have served me better than others.

          -Trug- Basically, the trug is a large plastic basket with a handle, and this can be used to store and carry things around whilst you are gardening. It is practical and would probably be more useful if you have a large garden, mine's pretty small and I don't have to carry anything for any great distance. I just use the trug to keep everything stored neatly and at the moment it's acting as a storage box for seed packets and planting pots. It's lightweight but durable and is a good base to the kit.

          -Kneeling pad- The kneeling pad has actually become one of my most frequently used pieces from this kit. It's made of thick, heavy foam and is quite solid. The idea is that you place it on the ground and then you can kneel down in comfort while you are working on the flower beds, or planting, or weeding etc. Not only is it great for giving your knees a bit of a rest, but it also keeps you from getting your clothes dirty and eliminates the problem of getting tears in the knee area of your jeans - perfect! It's really comfy and has worn really well. It's still in great condition with only a few scuffs and dents from where I've been using it to kneel down on gravel.

          -Heavy weight gloves- These are a large, thick pair of gloves made from heavy cotton canvas type material, with suede panels. They are very hard wearing and are good for dealing with bigger jobs and handling plants with thorns. I have a holly bush and it's made it a lot easier and safer to cut it back when I'm wearing these gloves. I've also worn them when I was taking down some fencing panels to avoid getting splinters. They have lasted incredibly well, I use them frequently and they are still going strong in good condition with no rips or tears.

          -Light weight gloves- These gloves are really cute, they are a light weight cotton material and have a pretty pink and white polka dot pattern. There are rubber dots on the fingers to add some extra gripping power. These are easier to move tour hands in and they give you a bit more freedom and flexibility than the heavy gloves do. I basically use these as a mud shield and to protect me from accidentally touching a bug when I'm planting or weeding! They have not lasted quite as well, they are getting a bit thin and there are holes forming at the end of the fingertips where my long fingernails have worn against the fabric and finally started to break through the material.

          -String- String is a real necessity and I have found it really useful to have this on hand as there are plenty of occasions when I have needed to us it to secure and support my plants. There is enough to keep you going for a while and it is long lasting. It is not a natural fibre string, it is made of synthetic materials so you will need to cut it off and throw it away once you've finished with it.

          -Trowel- The trowel is a basic must have tool. It is really light weight and allows you to dig small areas easily and accurately without making a huge mess like a big spade would. The head of the trowel is made of stainless steel and withstands the elements without rusting or becoming damaged. It cleans off easily and still looks shiny and new. The handle is made of a rubberised substance which makes it comfortable and easy to hold, at the same time providing you with a better grip.

          -Fork- This is pretty much the same deal as the trowel. It is a lot more convenient to use a small hand held tool on my little flower beds. Again, the head of the fork is made of stainless steel and withstands the elements without rusting or becoming damaged. It cleans off easily and still looks shiny and new. The handle is made of a rubberised substance which makes it comfortable and easy to hold, at the same time providing you with a better grip.

          -Pruning shears- I use my pruning shears a lot as I have lots of climbing plants and some small shrubs that need to be kept in check. Sadly these couldn't quite stand up to the level of usage and they became stiff and difficult to use. Eventually the hinged spring section broke and they were no longer useable. They were good while they lasted but not strong enough for frequent use and the blades would not cut through the tips of overhanging tree branches.

          -Dibber- My first thought was, what the hell is this?! Well, this dibber is a little plastic stick with a handle and you can use it to make holes for planting seeds in. The spike creates a hole of the correct breadth and depth, all you need to do is press it into the earth and then you can pop the seed in and cover it over. This has been useful and I've used it a fair few times, it's quick and clean and you can use it in a flowerbed without causing disturbance to the surrounding plants. It still looks practically brand new!

          -Daisy seeds- So you've got all the tools, and now you need something to plant! There is a small sachet of daisy seeds that are - of course - pink. I had absolutely no luck with these, I planted them and they didn't grow through. Maybe bad luck or maybe they were a dud lot. A nice touch and a good addition to the kit if they had of worked!

          -Plant labels- These are for marking up what you have planted. You can write on them and then stick it into the ground next to your seeds or bulbs so you know what is planted there and don't forget about it while it's growing underground! I found these to be fairly useless, they are light weight and flimsy and they have almost all gone missing after being used outside in my garden. I think it would have worked better for seedlings that are cultivated indoors as they wouldn't get blown away by the wind.

          -Hand cream- This is a nice little touch as we all know your hands need a nice bit of pampering after a hard session of working in the garden. It's a fairly basic hand cream, quite thick and greasy, but it is nourishing and softens your hands up a treat when they're feeling rough. The tube lasts for quite a while and it's a good idea to keep it with the garden things.

          All in all, this is a kit that I keep going back to and I have had a lot of use out of it. This is perfect for someone starting out as it has all the little bits and pieces that you need. The tools are of a good quality as well as looking attractive. A good set that makes a lovely gift.


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            12.06.2009 21:27
            Very helpful



            Garden tools for the ladies

            Whilst looking through dooyoo's 'newest products' section, I came across 'The Pink Gardening Set', which can be purchased for £24.99 from Amazon. Considering it's an item which I recently bought for my sister, I thought I would swallow my pride and give it a review. Before I start however, I'd like to say that in no way do I condone owning a pink gardening set, and even though I can tell that you don't believe me when I say I bought it for someone else, I did... pink's not really my colour, and I don't have a garden - so there!

            The set contains a small steel gardening fork, some pruning shears, a weird curvy thing (which I'm informed is called a 'dibber'), heavy-duty suede gloves AND lightweight cotton gloves, a kneeling matt, plant labels, gardening twine, and handcream.

            Everything comes contained in a bright pink plastic 'trug' which is sturdy, and features a handle which makes the transportation of your newly acquired girlie tools a doddle.

            The tools themselves are surprisingly well made, forged in the fires of Mount Doom with steel that is reassuringly solid. The pink rubbery handles ensure that extra bit of comfort, and even if you do overwork your poor hands, the included moisturizing cream will put things right.

            As well as the tools, the plant labels and string are handy inclusions - although it is a shame that the string is white, rather than pink to match the rest of the set.

            Both the heavy-duty and lightweight gloves are... ahem! *apparently* comfortable, and those with a taste for the flamboyant will appreciate the pattern and colour.

            All in all, for just over the £20 mark, The Pink Gardening Kit makes for a cool novelty gift which is practical as well as stylish. The build quality of the tools, in combination with the striking colour makes this a cool set - just don't leave it on the lawn, cos it will frighten the birds away :)

            Full list of contents
            - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Trug with stowable handle
            Soft touch kneeling mat
            Stainless steel fork and trowel with soft grip handle
            Plant labels
            Easy grip pruning shears
            Heavy suede gloves
            Lightweight non-slip cotton gloves
            Gardening twine
            Après gardening hand cream


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