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Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Digging Spade

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3 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Digging

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    3 Reviews
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      11.08.2011 09:36
      Very helpful




      This is a reasonably lightweight spade however that is not to say that it is not durable and strong enough to deal with sodden heavy soil as it is. What I like about the fact that it is relatively lightweight is that it can be used comfortably by myself a on the very rare occasions that I do any digging and the other half is perfectly happy with it as well.

      We also have the hand trowel by Wilkinson Sword and that has proven to be very reliable and this spade by the same company is no different. We paid £14.99 for it from Wilkinsons and for the price it has proven to be great value. The handle is very comfortable and is in the shape of a large D so it is easy to get your gloved hand through it. The shaft is made of ash and it has a soft grip covering to it which makes it comfortable to use.

      The blade is carbon steel which has been heat forged to make it stronger and it is nice and sharp which gives it a nice clean cutting edge for when you first break the soil. It is very comfortable to use with a nice angle on the spade to make lifting easier although I do struggle with a fully loaded blade my other half has no such trouble.

      I have been impressed with how well made it is in particular the area where the wooden handle meets the metal blade is very strong and this bodes well to the fact that it should last a long time as long as it is cared for after use and it comes with a ten year guarantee.

      This is a product I would certainly recommend as it is good value for money.


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      29.07.2011 11:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Excellent Spade

      I have recently reviewed a few garden tools, so I thought as this is probably the one that I have used most often over the years, the is one that should clearly get a mention. Gardening is not something I am overly fond of, but to be honest although this is classed as a garden tool, it really tends to get used for more heavy duty jobs, by me anyway. So while I hate using a trowel to dig out little weeds, usually when I'm using a spade I'm doing something a little more interesting. So this particular spade is a Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Digging Spade. Bit of a mouthful really, so here's what I think of it.

      So first of all why did I buy this spade? Well Wilkinson Sword is a name I recognize and I tend to associate it with good quality, plus it wasn't overly expensive. That's pretty much what made me go for this one in particular. The spades shaft is made from a nice piece of Ash, the wood looks like it has been well treated and has a nice finish on it. The steel blade of the spade is quite sharp, this is handy as it easily bites into all but the toughest ground. It also seems very strong, I've been using it for a while now and there is no damage or real wear and tear to the blade.

      The handle is just a nice simple piece of plastic, when you use this it is hard work more often that not so it's a good sign that the handle remains comfortable even when you are in hard conditions. If you are really using this for hard digging you may need to put your foot onto the top of the blade to push down a little more, there is room for this and as long as your are wearing sensible footwear it is comfortable to do so.

      This can be used for simple digging in the garden or slightly more serious labour. I've used it for digging up the entire lawn, laying a patio, digging my car out the snow and even making a very large hole down at the beach. So this is not limited to simply digging a six inch hole for your shrubs.

      With the recent winters we have had this is a very handy tool to take with you in the car. I was lucky enough to be at home when we had all that snow last year, but if like so many people I had been stuck out in the weather, this would have come in very handy indeed.

      Price wise it's about middle of the range. I think I picked this up for around £15 although having a brief look online it does look to be a little more expensive than that, so maybe I got a bargain. Shop around though and I am sure you will get it for a good price. Value wise I would say it is excellent, this is the kind of product that will pretty much last you a life time. As long as you keep it clean and out of the rain it should be fine and keep it's new look for plenty of time. So if you are looking for a good quality garden spade then you can't go far wrong with the Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Digging Spade.


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        27.04.2009 11:48
        Very helpful



        Well priced, capable and fairly lightweight

        When it comes to Christmas and birthdays I come totally unstuck for gift ideas for the Other Half, he sees designer wear in a very different light, a pair of tatty old trousers and a tee shirt that has seen many a better day!
        Maybe a CD or a DVD? No go, in his opinion they are a waste of hard earned money!
        Aftershave? OMG , No way!
        So as you may realise I am fighting a losing battle here.

        But he does have an affinity with the soil, give him a spade and a ton of top soil and he is a happy bunny so a new spade seemed the ideal treat, rather like buying your wife a mop and bucket for her wedding anniversary!

        Anyway, the Other Half has a `mate`, who can so called `get him anything`, spades and forks that bend after a few sessions in the soil or a wheelbarrow that loses its front wheel after carrying its first load, I bet you know that sort of `mate`!
        So I figured that an upmarket spade would be a good investment, apparently a garden spade is like a woman, it has to be handled in the right way lol.

        Garden tools are not my forte and I won't even pretend to be thrilled by the idea of a shopping trip for a garden spade- but a woman has to do what a woman has to do.
        I needed to collect some potting compost from the garden centre so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and choose a good strong garden spade to celebrate his sixty-something birthday at the same time.
        The array of tools are bewildering, All I want is a good tough spade that can cope with both the light work and the heavier garden tasks.
        Wilkinson's Sword has to be among one of the best known names in the game and besides that it has an upmarket ring to it if you pronounce it properly!

        So, lets be clear about this. I am looking for a strong spade that is comfortable to work with, a strong shaft and a sharp blade.
        My master plan is that when the Other Half is otherwise occupied then I can conveniently use the spade to dig my borders!

        I struck gold, the Wilkinson's Sword carbon steel digging spade was £19.56, but it was reduced by 49% and I paid £9.99, marvellous. I can hear you yelling cheapskate, I am only buying a token gift you know!

        Now it is rather difficult to wax lyrical about such a practical item as a garden spade, you can only put over the positives and the negatives can't you?

        Right, the shaft is made of ash and the wood is FSC approved, this in turn means that the wood has been responsibly sourced. The head of the spade has been forged which helps ensure that it can cope with those tough garden tasks and the handle has a good thick thick soft grip covering.
        The blade of the spade has been well sharpened allowing it to cut the ground easily and therefore make solid ground a bit easier to cut through.
        There is a 40 degree lifting angle on the spade to help with posture when you are digging which can often be a life saver.

        So those are the positive points and now for the negative- how on earth do you manage to gift wrap a spade and still manage to keep it a surprise?!

        If I had allowed him an afternoon with Pamela Anderson his smile couldn't have been any bigger! And I am not jesting either.
        He was genuinely delighted with the gift and I was rather chuffed that I had managed to find something that he needed.

        To cut a very long story short we both use the spade, it is reasonably lightweight and the handle is comfortable to hold, the coating is warm to the touch.
        The sharp blade cuts through the soil well and after good use the blade still remains sharp.
        The other Half has used the spade to dig some post holes and it held up well, those post holes can be the death of many a spade.
        Wilkinson's Sword offer a ten year guarantee with the spade, that is a big bonus.

        Only time will tell if there are any negative points but I have none to report as yet.
        I am marking my birthday on the calendar this year- you never know we may not have to keep spade sharing.


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    • Product Details

      Heat treated Carbon steel for durability. High quality ash shaft with practical D-shaped handle design.

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