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Wilkinson Sword Handy Hatchet Small

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Brand: Wilkinson

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2011 12:52
      Very helpful



      An Excellent Small Axe

      One thing that I really love about our house is that in the back room we have a real fire. By that I mean it's one you actually light with a match and then put wood and coal on. It can be a bit of a pain sometimes but on those cold dark winter nights there is little better than huddling round a roaring fire and keeping warm. In recent years open fires and wood burning stoves have become ever more popular. This has lead to an increase in the price of coal and wood. One area where the price seems to have almost doubled is kindling. If you are not sure what kindling is it is basically the small bits of wood or any other material you use to start the fire. So a while we purchased a small axe to chop our own kindling. So this is where I tell you all about the Wilkinson Sword Handy Hatchet Small, or basically a small axe.

      This has come in very handy over the years and get used on a regular basis in the winter months. It has probably saved us a good bit of money over the years and it does come in very handy. We often by larger logs and then chop them up using the axe into small splinters of wood that can then be lit fairly easily to get the fire going before we put on either coal or more wood. So how does the Wilkinson Sword axe perform?

      Well first of all let's get right to the heart of the issue. How well does it chop wood. Very well I would say. When we first bought the axe the blade was sharp and cut through logs no problem. The weight of the axe is fairly evenly balanced so it is easy to swing and easy to control. The head is a good size for what we use it for and it cuts through most pieces of wood we try and chop. This is not the kind of axe you would really use to cut down trees or for chopping really serious pieces of wood. For that purpose you should really be using a full size axe, this one is designed more for smaller jobs as you can't generate enough power to chop down large trees and things like this.

      The axe comes with a little plastic sheath which you can slip over the head of the axe to protect both it and you. There is also a little hole in this which means you can hang it up on a nail in the garage or where ever you plan on storing it. The handle is very solid and is in a shape that fits neatly into your hand. Even after using this for a longer period of time it doesn't start to cause any pain or discomfort.

      After using this axe for a while we did find it started to get a little blunt. There is no means of sharpening the axe in the equipment you get with the axe. We have a friend who occasionally does this for us. If you want your axe to last for a long time though you will need to get the blade sharpened every now and again. We have been using the axe for a few years and it is still in very good condition. It comes with a lifetime guarantee so clearly the manufactures are pretty confident that this will last and stay in good condition.

      When it comes to price this is not to bad at all. I think we picked this up for around £20 and looking around online it look like there are a few places you can pick it up for a similar price. So as this should really last you for a long time you would have to say it is very good value. Overall I really can't fault this axe in any way, it has been very reliable, done everything we have wanted it to and comes at a good price. So I would say that if you are looking for a small axe for chopping up your own kindling then you can't go far wrong with this one.


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    • Product Details

      The Wilkinson Sword Fibre Comp Baby Hatchet is a perfect tool to use for cutting trees, chopping logs, and for all jobs around the house and garden. It is also ideal to use for carpentry and ideal item to use whilst camping. It can be stored away in its plastic carrying sheath for safe transportation and storage.

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