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Callaway Golf Boxed Hardwood Tees

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Brand: Callaway / Equipment Type: Golf Tees

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2012 12:50
      Very helpful



      a good looking tee which works well but costs more thant he average

      ==Callaway Hard Wood Golf Tees==

      After scooping a lucky first place win at a golf competition a short while ago, my other half came away with a good few Callaway items which although top quality didn't interest him that much and he passed on to our little man who is mad keen on golf as well.

      These Callaway Golf Tee's come in a handy little cardboard box and there are 70 tees in the box. The box has a little plastic window on the front so that the white wooden tees that are housed inside can be seen. The box is pretty sturdy and is not one that would be squashed too easily.

      The other half didn't' mind passing these tees onto Jack as he tends to prefer plastic tees and to be fair he has a ton of tees in the cupboard under the stairs, his golf bag, the garage and a whole ton of other places that they keep cropping up in.

      Of course we managed to get these tees free but if you wanted to buy them they have a recommended retail price of £5.99 pence and they can be bought on quite a few different online stores. This price is not bad for a branded item such as this but of course if you wanted to get a tee which wasn't emblazoned with a logo you could certainly get a lot more tees for your money.

      These tees do look the part though as they stand 3 ¼ inches high and have a classic shape with a larger head where to stand the golf ball on and a pointed bottom end with which to shove into the ground. They are a smooth hard wood which has been coloured white. They have the infamous Callaway logo printed on the side of each tee in a black colour and they do actually look quite the business in my opinion.

      Jack was more than happy to receive them as he only had a few plastic tees himself and this was his first go at trying out the wooden tees. To be honest it is probably more economical giving these tees to Jack rather than the old man using them as they seem to break less with Jack using them and therefore the box of 70 will surely last a much longer time that with my other half using them.

      The old man has a preference for the plastic tees mainly because they don't break as much but of course there is always the chance that by the plastic tee not breaking that it is hindering your swing somewhat. However the other argument is that the softer plastic tees will be more forgiving on the players swing so really it is down to how you feel using which kind.

      Jack has seemed happy enough to use these hard wood tees from Callaway although I can't say that he was overly bothered about the branding of them and therefore it is not a product we would buy in the future. It was nice to get them as a prize but for the cost you can get more plastic tees for your money or even more non-branded wooden tees. They do look good and they work just as well as any other hard wood tee as far as we are concerned.

      For this reason I feel that they are a nice tee and are worthy of a 4 out of 5 star rating with the minus mark being really only for the cost of the things.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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  • Product Details

    Imprinted in black with the famous and trusted Callaway logo and boxed for safe storage and transportation Callaway Golf hardwood Tees are the tees of choice. Callaway Golf Boxed Hardwood Tees Technology Superior hardwood in 8216standout8217 white Callaway Hardwood tees come in a range of sizesCallaway Golf Boxed Hardwood Tees Features Attractively packagedHighquality hardwoodImprinted with logo70 per pack These hard wearing quality Callaway Golf Boxed Hardwood Tees are available now at Onlinegolf.

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