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Callaway Golf FTiZ Fusion Hybrid

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Brand: Callaway / Equipment Type: Hybrid Golf Clubs

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2013 18:34
      Very helpful
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      A really useful addition to the golf bag. Gets you up and gets you long - reliably.

      If, like me, you struggle with anything longer than a six iron, you're probably playing off 14 or more and you've already started to invest in hybrid clubs. That can be an expensive business. We want quality, but we also want value, don't we?

      The Callaway FTiz hybrid delivers both. These days you can pick them up for under £90 and a lot less second hand, but they're still great clubs for the mid to high handicapper who can't hit the long irons reliably.

      ~~What's So Good About This Club?~~

      With Callaway you know you're getting quality, as a lot of investment has gone into the technology. What they've done with this club is increased the perimeter weighting with high density metals and this makes it a very forgiving club (and I need all the forgiveness I can get!). The shafts as ever are custom-made for the heads, so again you know that - as long as you've got the shaft that suits your swing - your intentions are being faithfully communicated to the club head. One of the first things that struck me about it was that it seemed "intelligent" i.e. it seemed to know what kind of shot I wanted from it, and I put this down to the harmony between the shaft and the head.

      The graphite shafts come in Light, Regular and Stiff, as you would expect.

      The hosel has been off-set, which gives you a lot more confidence in the way you square up to the ball, and you don't have to use it many times to realise that this will become your go-to club.

      ~~Where It Works Well~~

      On our course we have a number of par three holes at about 160 yards where I want to get the ball up in the air and parachute it into the green. I find the 27 degree 5 iron equivalent is terrific for this kind of situation. The ball flies up like a lark from the ground (well, from a low tee peg) and drops in nicely.

      But it's also good from the fairway, of course, and it can put you in a challenging position on those par five and longer par four holes. Like all hybrids the flatter sole means that you can play out of the rough much more reliably, punch out from under low branches etc.

      ~~Do They Do One To Suit Me?~~

      They do four lofts, 18 (RH only), 21, 24 and 27 degrees (2,3,4 and 5 iron equivalents). If you're only going to get one, then get the 27 degree, as most of us don't always want to hit it very far - we'd settle for straight! In any case you might well get 180 yards out of it. As with all good clubs, the easier you swing the further it will go.

      As for looks, I know it has been criticised for its slightly larger than normal head (for a hybrid), but I think it looks quite elegant and, at the end of the day, handsome is as handsome does!


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    • Product Details

      Benefitting from an offset hosel this excellent Callaway Golf FTiZ Fusion Hybrid gives you greater confidence as you address your golf ball assisting in squaring the clubface at impact and providing enhanced workability as well as including the technology to send your golf ball high and far towards the green. This marvellous hybrid is ideal for midhigh handicap golfers.Callaway Golf FTiZ Fusion Hybrid High MOI DesignWith a larger high MOI clubhead design this Callaway Golf FTiZ Fusion Hybrid creates greater stability at impact increasing performance and accuracy and offering maximum forgiveness on the golf course. Additionally the integrated fusion technology uses multimetals combining a stainless steel body and sole with Metal Injection Moulded MIM highdensity weights to maximise perimeter weighting for a higher MOI with an optimized centre of gravity which results in high strong trajectories that make your golf ball fly further and land softer. Callaway Golf FTiZ Fusion Hybrid Features Callaway Golf Graphite ShaftVFT Technology for Faster Golf Ball SpeedsHigh Strong Trajectory that makes your Golf Ball Fly Further and Land Softer 12 Month GuaranteeThese Callaway Golf FTiZ Fusion Hybrids are designed to replace your long irons 18 replaces 2 iron. 21 replaces 3 iron. 24 replaces 4 iron. 27 replaces 5 iron. Offering hotter distance with even more consistency from a wide range of lies on the golf course this excellent Callaway Golf FTiZ Fusion Hybrid makes a superb addition to your golf bag and is available now at Onlinegolf.

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