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Callaway Golf Fusion Divot Tool

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Brand: Callaway / Equipment Type: Golf Pitchmark Repairers

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2012 20:53
      Very helpful



      a good quality item which works well

      ==Callaway Golf Fusion Divot Tool==

      If a few years back you asked me if I knew what a divot tool was I would have honestly said no. Now however I can say with confidence that a divot tool is a little device that every golfer (especially those attached to a club) should have be they young or old to repair ball marks on the green.

      The Callaway one was an item that my other half won in a club competition a little while ago and as he already had a kit from Rolex which contained all items such as these he was more than happy to pass them over to the newest golf fanatic of the family, Jack. Jack was also more than happy to receive it too. Of course Jack is not yet brand aware (which is a good thing) and he is not to know that Callaway is a pretty good make in relation to golf items.

      Getting Jack used to the etiquette of golf with regards to repairing the divots in the green is only a good thing so having an item such as this is really a necessity and it does take a little while to get the hang of how to repair the divot correctly.

      As the ball hits onto the green this creates the divot (a indentation/hole which the ball has made on impact). You then need to take a Divot Tool and use the prongs to kneed the ground where this divot has been made. You work around the divot to bring the ground back up to level and then flatten with either your club or your shoe.

      This Callaway Divot Tool is more than just a green repair kit in the fact that it also has a very handy little ball marker on it as well. This is super handy as keeping the ball marker as close hand to the divot tool is a must. Jack and my other half play so that when the ball has hit onto the green and created the divot they will then pick the ball up and mark it with the coin like ball marker and then repair the ground with the divot tool. This is where the ball can then be cleaned up of any wetness or mud that has been left on the ball and will hinder the put.

      The Calloway ball marker sits snugly on to the two prong divot tool and looks like part of the design. It is stuck on by a magnetic field and there is a small area to the side which needs depressing in order for the magnetic pull to be broken and the circular ball marker will then drop out of the tool ready for use. It will have a strong enough pull to be easily popped back into the space from which it came after use without too much fiddling about.

      Jack seems to be able to hold the divot tool pretty well thanks to its large head and the prongs seem to work well and help him repair the green with ease. As Jack's occasional caddy he has cheekily asked me to repair the pitch for him but of course I made the little tike do this job himself!

      Jack keeps this little Callaway divot tool in one of the many zips that he has on the front of his golf bag along with some tees and other little items so that it is easy to find and always to hand. The tool itself looks pretty smart although its not really an item that gets seen by too many people therefore it is really the way the it works which is the key thing here and I must say that he finds it easy to use and it does the job it is intended for very well.

      It has to be a top score for this great 2 in 1 little item. Looks good and does the job. Of course getting it for free was a bonus as I can't say that we would have paid the RRP of £9.99 pence for it to give to Jack on the chance that he would loose it. However great item nonetheless.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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  • Product Details

    Not just a useful tool not just a striking accessory this Callaway Golf Fusion Divot Tool will score you highly on golf etiquette too. Callaway Golf Fusion Divot Tool Technology amp DesignErgonomically designed for easy grip and pivot the integrated golf ballmarker on this Callaway Golf Fusion Divot Tool tips a wink to old school with its homage to the humble coin.Callaway Golf Fusion Divot Tool Features Gunmetal finishPerfect giftEmbossed Callaway Golf logoSleek design Sharp styling and beautifully tooled this Callaway Golf Fusion Divot Tool is available now at Onlinegolf.

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