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18 ball pack. Handicap range: mid-high.

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2011 12:56
      Very helpful



      Not A Good Ball

      When I look through the golf ball reviews on Dooyoo it boggles the mind how many different golf balls there are on the market. It also boggles the mind how many different balls you play with over the years. I went and had a look through my golf bag at all the balls I sometimes use and sure enough there was a Dunlop DDH 110 golf ball. I must admit I really know it more as a Dunlop ball with a number 3 on it, it was only on closer inspection I discovered it was a DDH 110. Now as I said I have a large amount of golf balls, some I have bought, some have been given to me and some I have found. I think this particular golf ball was given to me many years ago, along with lots of other random balls.

      I don't tend to play with this one any more, it's simply one that I keep in my bag for emergencies. Back when I didn't have any decent balls and didn't no any better though, I did use this every now and again. All you have to do is look at the ball to see it is pretty well used, it has a few scuff marks and still has some dirt on it. So why don't I use this ball anymore?

      Well first of all the feel of this ball is all wrong. It feels like you are hitting a rock! This ball is specially compressed to give additional distance, but in doing so it loses all it's feel. The ball has an average distance, there are certainly balls on the market now that will travel a lot further than this one. Another problem with this ball is control. When you are playing pitch shots around the green it is very difficult to get the ball to stop. Due to the way this Dunlop ball is made it just tends to bounce on and keep going. In some circumstances this is a good thing, must generally speaking you want a ball that will take a nice soft bounce and then stop for you.

      I did a little test on the carpet to compare this with other balls. I simply gave it a few firm putts. This ball makes a real sharp clicking sound when it pings of the putter. Again this is due to the compression and it really makes for a very hard ball that just feels very unnatural.

      If you are thinking about buying these you may struggle as they don't seem to make them any more. These balls have been around for over a decade now and the technology has certainly moved on. However, you can pick up some cheap ones for around 50p per ball if you shop around, so for price they certainly are not bad. The ball that I have does seem to have lasted fairly well, I did use it for a few rounds and it came through reasonably well even though it does have the odd small scuff.

      Overall though this is not a ball that I would recommend. It is very hard, tricky to control, sounds nasty when you hit it and is just generally way behind some of the modern balls. The only time I would use this is if I was having a practice in the garden, but even then it would not be one I would enjoy hitting.

      If you are just starting out at golf and you are not to worried about the ball you use then maybe this one would suffice, but if you take your game seriously and want to play with a good quality golf ball then I would suggest you steer clear of the Dunlop DDH 110. This is not one that I will be using unless I lose every other ball in my bag first.


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