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Golden Bear Accuforce Putter

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Brand: Golden Bear / Type: Putter

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2011 13:53
      Very helpful



      A Great Putter

      At around the age of 18 I got seriously into golf. I have been playing since I was a kid but had never played on a proper golf course. By that I mean I played lots of rounds of pitch and putt and even went to the driving range. When I hit 18 me and my friend went and played on a proper course. We had to borrow clubs and a bag and just about made it round. Within an hour of playing I realised if this was going to be a regular event I was going to have to splash out on some proper clubs and a bag. So a few days later I took myself off to the local golf shop. That's when I realised how expensive a sport golf actually was.

      A full set of really good golf clubs can easily set you back a thousand pounds. Not something I could afford. However, I didn't want to buy a cheap set that were not going to be any good. A few weeks later the answer came, I happened to visit an auction where they were selling a full set of Golden Bear golf clubs. I got the set for around £150 which I was more than happy to pay as they seemed like decent clubs and they had hardly been used. Ten years on I still use the clubs and they have been very good, I think my favourite club is actually the putter. This is a Golden Bear Accuforce putter. So now I want to tell you all about it.

      Putting has never been my strong suit when playing golf. In fact it is probably the weakest part of my game. However this Accuforce putter has helped me improve. I really like the style a shape of the putter. The head is just a simple flat face and very easy to hit. This is quite a small head compared to some putters on the market but it balances very well and feels very smooth when I swing it.

      The grip has always been very reliable. Even in wet condition it is comfortable and stays firmly in my hands. I have been using this for over ten years now and there is no serious wear on the grip or anywhere else on the putter. One thing I like about this is that there is a little arrow on the head which I like to line up with my ball and I find it actually helps me aim. Another handy thing is the back of the putter, it is shaped in a way that I can scoop the ball up of the green and into the air. Hence saving me bending down to retrieve my ball.

      Price wise these are not overly expensive. Obviously I bought this as part of a set and I bought it at auction but if you buy this on it's own it not to expensive. Golden Bear are seen as good quality clubs especially for beginners. They are easy to play with and quite forgiving and this is certainly true of the putter as well. I have tried a few different putters over the years but have never found one I am as happy playing with as this Accuforce one. If you enjoy golf and are looking for a new putter then this is defiantly one that is worth considering.


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