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Longridge Golf Swing Trainer

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Longridge / Type: Golf swing training aid

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2011 12:33
      Very helpful



      Useful but not essential

      Golf is a game which spoils a good walk as a famous American author once said, it could also be said to spoil a good bank balance because once it gets under your skin it can prove very expensive. Most players dream of being Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy but the Woods they tend to encounter is after shanking one from the Eighth tee. So golf more than any other game has an array of aids to help you push your handicap down below double figures.

      One of them is the golf swing trainer, in truth every problem with playing golf comes from the swing and the striking of the ball. As with all ball sports the connection of equipment with ball is the only moment that the player can impact on the ball, in other sports this can be almost constant but with golf even the best round a player will only hit the ball 65-70 times. Indeed, if you exclude putting a player may only use his full swing about 25-35 times in a round. So any aid which propels the ball straight is one which will improve your game.

      The swing adjuster is at it heart a very simple piece of equipment; it has a weighted end and a grip which only allows a grip in the correct position. The grip is graduated, with a bobble in the middle stopping the common error of holding the club too far down the shaft. The end of the swing adjuster is one which is weighted incorrectly for a player to hit his normal shot, indeed it forces the player to bring the club backwards and forwards in a straight line rather than at an angle. The player if he comes down at an incorrect angle will feel him being pulled over and can lose his balance if he's too far away from the straight and true.

      The purpose of the swing adjuster is for the player to swing backwards and forwards without feeling tension in his neck and lower back and without losing balance. If you watch the top players with their coaches they often have a little piece of wood behind a ball and the wood is pushed back on the upswing and isn't there in the down swing this makes the player come back and forward in a fluent arc. As most club players don't have a coach just behind them to put the piece of wood behind his club head before playing the shot we have to make do with golfing aids and this is one of them.

      The piece of equipment as with all golfing aids is in truth a bit of a luxury item, you can play golf very easily without it and you don't really need one but if you want to shave those precious points of your handicap then using one for an hour every now and again can make a big difference. I always say that golf is the one game where practice truly makes permanent, unfortunately most of us don't have time to play every day but a bit of a practice every now and again never hurts.

      If you want to buy the swing aid then they cost about £20 but are usually available for discount on online swap shops.


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      11.01.2010 18:32
      Very helpful



      Great piece of kit as long as you use it correctly.

      In brief,
      A very well made, adjustable and very simple but very effective Grip / Swing training aid designed, I guess, primarily for indoor use but can be used just as effectively outdoors.
      The aid comprises a Shaped Rubber Hand grip affixed to a cranked metal shaft, about 18 inches long, terminated with two detachable / adjustable metal weights. The idea being that the shaped grip ensures that your hands always grip the "Club" in an identical and correct position - thereby training them to this position ... The detachable weights simulate the weight of different clubs and allow you to Exercise and strengthen your grip, wrists and forearms etc. The club is then swung - hopefully on path and plane, as a normal Golf club, thereby promoting yet more repetition and muscle memory.
      Remember "Practice makes permanent, not perfect"......

      Now what's it like in use?
      I like this piece of Kit.
      I suffer from Osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists, amongst other areas, so the ability to use it indoors every day - WHAT EVER THE WEATHER, and with varying weights according to how I feel is fantastic. Not only does it let me practice my swing everyday, but it also helps me to keep my Back, neck shoulders wrists and hands in working order and to maintain suppleness. If you also suffer from this type of ailment, you will understand what I am saying.

      I use the aid in conjunction with a full length mirror so that I can see all angles and check all parts of the swing at all times. As the item is basically a shortened club you are able to check your Takeaway, wrist cock / set, swing plane, shoulder turn, club position at the top, downswing, whether you are casting at the top, late hit, follow-through etc, etc, etc. In short all aspects of the swing can be practiced and checked.

      The two detachable weights allow adjustment so that you can work simply on swing or strengthening or both, the choice is yours. All of the weight can be unscrewed from the shaft if you want to swing the "Club" very light, or you can simply unscrew what I will call a "Secondary" weight, from inside the Main weight, thereby roughly halving the weight on the end of the shaft. It is very flexible allowing you to "Tailor" the aid to your requirements.

      Time for the usual proviso now, don't think that this swing / grip trainer will improve your Golf swing overnight because it won't, it is just an aid which, when used in conjunction with normal practice routines and work / lessons with you local pro, should be of benefit your game.

      If you swing / practice badly with it, then you will swing badly on the course with your normal clubs, it is not a "Fix all". Use it at home when the weather is cold and you can't get to the range, and use it outdoors at the range when you can - It is well worth the effort. If you use it for exercise as well, like I do, then you get double benefit.

      Any niggles?
      1) I have only ever seen these for Right handers, I don't know what you "Lefties" are supposed to do? - shop around to see if someone does a Left hand version I suppose.
      2) Occasionally the inner weight can become a little stiff to undo from inside the main weight body.
      3) The grip can twist a little on the shaft.

      All in all this is a great little aid which should help your golf swing, as long as you use it correctly.


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