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Nicklaus Polarity MTR Irons

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Golf Irons

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2009 22:55
      Very helpful



      Clubs that are so easy to use, it's like cheating

      It seems that in golf today the most important thing that a club should have is a high MOI rating (moment of inertia). This rating basically relates to the clubs ability to resist twisting and turning of the clubhead when a ball is struck off centre. In drivers and fairway woods this has prompted all sorts of weird and wonderful designs. However the same could not be said for the iron market that was until the Jack Nicklaus Company released their Nicklaus Polarity MTR Irons.

      The set consists of 7 irons (#5 iron through to sand wedge) plus the addition of two hybrid rescue clubs which form a replace for the 3 and four iron.

      As I stated at first the main benefit that these irons offer over all other clubs on the market is this increased MOI rating. This is done by repositioning the weight in the club head so that it is further apart towards the heel and toe of the head. With most clubs this weighting position is limited to the physical size of the club face, however with the Polarity MTR iron the heel weight is moved from off the face of the club and on to the actual shaft of the club just below the hosel.

      The iron heads are constructed from a double heat treated stainless steel which makes them incredibly durable and resistant to damage. They come either in a steel shaft option or graphite shaft option, the steel shaft that is used is something called the Pro Silver which is an ultra light weight high launch shaft. The graphite shaft used as standard is the Precision Rifle Black.

      Along with the irons the set also consists of two hybrid clubs which are used in replacement for the traditional 3 and 4 iron these come as standard with a graphite shaft, due to graphite's naturally lower kick point this enables the ball to be launched at a much quicker rate making it prefect for use out of the rough or other tricky lies. The hybrid's head contains a rather unique design in the form of its railing bars along the sole of the club; these allow the clubhead to be guided through the grass helping to keep the face straighter through impact. Also the look of the bottom of the club gives the hybrid its name (The Claw) as the railing bars across the bottom resemble a bear's paw print.

      Upon first trying these irons out I found that the overall feel and balance of the club was very good, and the results of their use where quickly apparent, no longer where a majority of my shots here, there and everywhere, but they seemed to be in a more constant and consistent area. As far as distance was concerned because the balls were flying straighter on average the ball seemed to be travelling slightly further than with my previous clubs. As far as the hybrid clubs are concerned I have found these to be beyond belief as they work just about anywhere, be it on the tee, the fairway or in the rough. In fact my next purchase will definitely be the matching 2 iron replacement hybrid club that is available separately as are the 3 and 4 iron versions as well.

      Overall I would certainly have to recommend these clubs to any golfer of a high to mid handicap as personally I feel that there is no other club on the market that gives you as much of an advantage over the competition as these clubs do.

      So keep your Pings, Callaways and Taylormades, Big Jack's Nicklaus Polarities are the ones for me.


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