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PGA Tour Golf Umbrella Holder

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Brand: PGA Tour / Equipment Type: Golf Trolley Accessories

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2013 09:05
      Very helpful



      Keeps you dry, hands free.

      Walking along in the wind and the rain, holding an umbrella is not easy, is it?

      Walking along in the wind and the rain, holding an umbrella and trying to push, let's say, a child's buggy is even harder isn't it?

      Walking along in the wind and the rain, holding an umbrella, pushing a buggy and stopping every few yards to play a golf shot......well, just how difficult is that? Eh? I'll tell you. It's very, very, very difficult and not conducive to playing GOOD shots. Or to keeping dry. What you end up with is a very cross, very wet golfer with a very big score. Obviously it's quite unlikely that the situation would arise if we were, in fact, pushing a child's buggy, so let's suppose it's a golf trolley instead.

      Apart from anything else, what do you do with the umbrella while you're taking a shot? Lay it on the ground? Nine times out of ten you'd turn back from your shot to find it was two hundred yards back up the fairway, or halfway up a tree.

      No, and please don't let me hear anyone say, "But your caddy can hold it for you!" Golfers like me don't have caddies. We're never likely to have caddies. Tea caddies, perhaps, but not golf caddies. You're confusing us with those people on the telly in nice sweaters and fancy trousers.

      For mere mortal hackers at the sward, someone had to come up with an ingenious idea. Someone did. The idea was the umbrella holder and more specifically in this case, the PGA Tour Universal Umbrella Holder.

      T T T......How It Works....T T T

      This mostly plastic contraption clamps onto your golf trolley, as high as you can get it on the handle. The main body of the holder swivels so that it can lie (almost) flush to the handle, or stand erect. There's a knob on the side to tighten it.

      The golf umbrella handle drops into the holder which also has a tightening screw, so that the umbrella is less likely to fly off again in a sudden gust of wind.. The umbrella can then be opened to protect your clubs, your bag and you as well when you have the opportunity to stand under it. It leaves your hands free to operate your trolley, select clubs, write down your scores etc. And of course you can leave your little haven to play your shots knowing that you have somewhere to scurry back to without having to chase your brolly first.

      T T T .....Issues..... T T T

      I know that these work well because I see them in use all the time. Several of my golfing friends use this model.

      However, I did encounter one or two problems at the outset. The first was that my lovely umbrella didn't fit in the holder, because the handle was a little too chunky. Fortunately the handle was made of rubber and I could cut some of it off to make it fit. Do think about this before you get one. Whichever model you get, you are likely to face the same problem unless you already have a fairly narrow, straight handle.

      The second problem was that the clamp didn't fit to my round trolley handle as firmly as it should have done and on my first trip out I found that the brolly was tipping the whole thing over. There's no doubt that these will clamp better onto a square handle, and that you will have to do a lot of tightening on a round one to get it right. One plus is that there is an extra grip on the clamp and you can play about with them a little to adjust it to suit your particular situation.

      T T T .....Cost..... T T T

      I got my PGA Universal Umbrella Holder from Amazon for £7.50 including delivery. There are more expensive and probably better made models on the market, some of them made for specific models,but this really should fit most trolleys and while it is only plastic, it looks up to the job to me, and I know people who have used this for some time without complaint.

      One thing's for sure, golfers: without shelter, it's just a shot away. It's just a shot away.


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    • Product Details

      Keep your golf gear dry during a rainy day on the golf course with the PGA Tour Golf Umbrella Holder an easy to use umbrella holder that will fit to any golf trolley to keep you dryPGA Tour Golf Umbrella Holder Features Smart and StylishKeeps You and Your Golf Clubs Out the RainFits Most Push Pull and Electric Golf TrolleysSimply Clips onto Golf TrolleyFits to any golf trolley the PGA Tour Golf Umbrella Holder is available now at Onlinegolf.

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