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Powakaddy Cart Bag DeLuxe

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2 Reviews

The PowaKaddy Cart Bag Deluxe is a top quality, highly featured golf bag with 13 graphite friendly, full length dividers and separate umbrella bay. Unlike many bags, these models have been designed specifically, though not exclusively, for use on pull carts, powered carts, and buggies.

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2009 15:43
      Very helpful



      Great bag, better than the rest.

      I have recently been out and brought a powekaddy deluxe golf bag from American golf.
      I went down to buy a Titlist golf bag that I had spotted online but the powekaddy bag caught my eye and change my mind.

      The powekaddy bag was more expensive at £120 and is the most expensive bag of this type on the market. But I believe the prise is justified for the product you get.

      The bag is a cart bag that has 7 pockets and a 14 way golf club divider. Each divide has full length edges which stop your clubs getting stuck on others. Also the divides stops your graphite clubs from rubbing on each other which stops the shafts from scratching. Each divide is spaced just right so stop your clubs from clattering. This is great for golfers with forged clubs as we all know they can dent very easy.

      On the side of the bag you also have a separate putter well and a slot for your umbrella

      The bag comes with 2 deep side pockets that I use for water proofs etc... 2 smaller side pockets for tees glove etc... 1 cool pocket for drinks chocolate and a very big pocket for your golf balls.

      This bag also boasts a pocket for your valuables. Inside the pocket is a little wallet that can take money, phone, keys etc... Very useful and I like this a lot.

      On the bottom of the bag there is a slot cut out that stops the bag from turning on the cart. Check first that this is compatible with yours.

      The look of the bag is very stylish. I have mine is black with a silver trim.

      If you want a bag this has everything you need and more for a good price. This is the bag for you.


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      27.07.2006 11:25
      Very helpful



      An excellent bag for the serious golfer. Well priced.

      ~ ~ Long gone are the days when the serious golfer took to the links in a pair of old plus four trousers and an old pencil bag with an assortment of various clubs.
      The present-day golfer often turns up at the course looking like they are preparing for a fashion shoot and with so many accoutrements that you’d think they’d need a fork-lift truck to help them get around the golf course.

      ~ ~ I have to admit that I have also moved with the times, and while I don’t subscribe to the latest in high fashion golf leisurewear, I have certainly welcomed with open arms the modern advances in golf bag design. My golf bag is a very important part of my golfing equipment, not least as it has to be able to carry not only my full compliment of fourteen golf clubs, but also all the related paraphernalia that is now part and parcel of playing the sport. A couple of dozen assorted golf balls, packets of tees, waterproof trousers and jacket, golf gloves, windcheater pullover, large sports umbrella, pens, markers, spare soft spikes, spike tightening tool, course planners, a rule book, and a pitch-mark repairer are currently residing in my golf bag. Add to this the fact that I also take out onto the course my valuables such as my wallet and credit cards, cheque book, my mobile phone, (turned off, naturally) my watch, car and house keys, at least two large bottles of Lucozade Sport, glucose sweets, and an assortment of chocolate bars and fresh fruit.
      To be honest I don’t envy the professionals’ caddies, who have to hump around this lot on their backs each and every week in order to earn a crust. (Although having said that the “crust” they earn can be *VERY* substantial, especially if they are caddying for a top player.)

      ~ ~ In order to get this lot around a seven mile or so stretch of golf course it’s necessary for the serious golfer to have a large golf bag that is up to the task of holding everything they require. That’s why I am currently using the Powakaddy Cart Bag Deluxe.
      Apart from being great value for money (more about price later) it’s also designed specifically for use with Powakaddy’s electric golf trolley (that I also use) which it fits onto like the proverbial glove. It also fits perfectly onto most pull and electric trolleys on the market, and onto the rear bag section of ride-on golf carts, which I now use more extensively since I entered the “senior ranks” in order to save energy.

      ~ ~ The bag is manufactured from a hard-wearing brushed nylon type material, and comes in basic black with a wide choice of different colours for the side panels. I personally have the all-black version, but the more fashion conscious would probably go for a bag with the coloured side panels. The side panels can be in copper, blue, yellow, or silver. The nylon outer skin is very rain resistant, and is also simple to keep clean. I simply use a soft cloth and a bowl of soapy water to bring it back to “as new” condition. It also comes complete with a detachable rain hood that slips over the top section of the bag to keep your clubs dry in inclement weather, which you can also use to protect the club heads when your clubs are in transit on an aircraft. This detachable hood fits snugly and securely with both Velcro and press studs to help keep it safely in place.
      The clubs themselves each have their own individual divider in the inside of the bag, which stops the heads rattling together too much and thus avoiding chips and scratches, and keeping the shafts from rubbing together and becoming scratched and dingy looking. Also in the top of the bag is a separate full length divider for stowing your golf umbrella, which is lined in waterproof material to stop water getting anywhere near your golf grips if you put the umbrella into the slot sopping wet.

      ~ ~ But where the Powakaddy bag really comes into its own is the amount of storage space available. It has enough pockets to keep even a professional shoplifter happy! A quick check of my own bag shows there are no fewer than twelve storage pockets. Actually thirteen, if you count the separate slide in slot for your putter on the side of the bag.
      There are two very large and amazingly spacious pockets running the full length of both sides of the bag, which I use to store my waterproofs, windcheater, and any other spare clothing. Well, I use one of them for this purpose. The other one is actually full of assorted golfing debris that I’ve picked up over the years like Strokesaver books for various courses, golfing guides, etc.
      At the front of the bag is a clever “cooler” pocket lined with heat absorbent material which will accommodate a large 750ml bottle of water or minerals. It even does its job and keeps your drink relatively cool, which is a tall order considering the heat wave we’ve been experiencing this summer.
      Underneath this you have a clever wee pocket specifically designed for your valuables like your watch, wallet, money, car keys, etc. This is lined in a dark mesh material, which is like an inner pocket, and is removable if you’re leaving your bag lying outside for a short period to visit the pro shop or clubhouse.
      There is also a large pocket for storing as many golf balls you think you might need for your round, which if you play on a golf course with lots of lakes and water hazards like I do can sometimes be fairly empty by the end of the round!
      These are the main storage pockets on the bag, but it also has various other clever pockets on the sides and front which are actually part of the larger pockets, but with the addition of a zip and an inner lining manage to increase your storage space considerably. I use these for things like my golf tees, sweets, and less bulky items.

      ~ ~ The bag is easy to handle. There are 4 sturdy grip handles at the top and bottom of the bag, two at the front and two at the rear. This means you can grip it firmly when you’re loading or unloading it from the car boot, or when you’re putting it on or taking it off your caddy cart. There is even a locking system on the bottom of the bag which fits perfectly on the more modern Powakaddy carts to keep your bag securely in place and stop it from sliding around on the trolley.
      If you ever have to carry it for any distance then there is an adjustable shoulder strap. Mind you, I’ve only ever done this for short periods while in transit at an airport, and with the amount of stuff I have in my bag it’s not advisable! Those caddies on the pro tour must work out constantly in the gym to be able to hoof around 7 plus miles every day with a ton weight strapped to their backs!

      ~ ~ Pricewise, as always, it pays to shop around. The links here at dooyoo currently only show one listing, which just happens to be at eBay, with bidding starting at only £1! Obviously eBay is good place to start your search, as I’ve picked up many fantastic bargains over the years.
      You can also go to an online site like “pricerunner.co.uk” which gives you like for like comparisons of various online retailers. Currently the Powakaddy Cart Bag Deluxe varies in price from £77.99 up to £89.95.
      If you’d like to see an excellent interactive image of the bag then go to www.powakaddy.com.
      I personally bought my own bag just over a year ago from a golfing superstore here in Ireland called “McGuirk’s Golf”, paying €139, (just over £95) which is a wee bit over the top but I happily paid the extra as I wanted it quickly. (My old bag had fallen asunder!)

      ~ ~ A highly recommended bag for the serious golfer.


      © KenJ July 2006


      PS. I don't quite know why the "personal recommendation" box below is showing *NO*, as I most definitely *DO* recommend this golf bag.



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