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Srixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls

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Brand: Srixon / Equipment Type: Distance Golf Balls

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2012 15:30
      Very helpful



      a great allround ball for any player

      ==Srixon Trispeed Golf Balls==

      I knew nothing about golf a few years back and to be honest I wasn't' really bothered by this fact. Then when my other half started playing the game quite seriously and moved on from playing at the local pitch and putt to signing himself up to join the quite prestigious local Golf Club (prestigious and expensive) I took slightly more of an interest. Then when our little boy Jack came just as interested as my other half was I suddenly seeing myself standing up the driving range watching them both practice and attending posh functions up at the golf course on competition days (nice food so can't complain there).

      However my utter lack of knowledge of the game was meaning that I would often haze over when my other half and Jack would talk of handicaps, birdies and scoring so I vowed to listen more and try to work out what the game was all about. Of course I just assumed that a golf ball was a golf ball and they all were dimpled white with a different brand logo printed on them which of course donated how much the ball would be. Little did I know how naive I was being as a golf ball is far more than just a solid lump of plastic.

      These Srixon Trispeed Golf balls are what my other half wanted as part of his birthday present from me back in May. So I sourced the best price and the box of 12 balls was greatly received. Both the little man and the big man used them and I don't think there are that many left from the original 12 now (thanks to Jack I do believe). I paid a smidgen under £20 for the balls which I was amazed at the time how much they were and this was the cheapest price I could find. Of course the balls are brand new and on doing my research it seemed that you can get the balls for cheaper would you be happy to buy second hand but on asking my other half about buying second balls balls he wasn't so keen and said something about them getting pulled from the lakes and so on. So I bought the new.

      The balls may appear to look like any other golf ball you see as they are white in colour and covered in the standard golf ball type dimples. They have the Srixon Trispeed logo on them again as you would expect but it is in fact what is inside the ball that counts. This ball is said to be a premium "three piece distance ball" but it is designed for all types of golfers. Which meant that both Jack and my other half could use them comfortably.

      The balls are made in Japan but conform with USGA ad R&A rules and it is the way that they are made that makes them special. The dimples, which I presumed just like any other golf ball dimples actually follow a 324 dimple pattern which is not the same as a regular golf ball as the way in which the dimples are spread across the ball reduces drag during the flight of the ball which will of course optimize the distance the ball travels and will give a better boring trajectory through the wind! Imagine that just because of the pattern of the dimples!

      The three layers that the ball is made up from (I guess what gives the balls the TRIspeed name) again all works towards creating that "perfect ball". The inner section, the core, is made up of something called "Energetic Gradient Growth Core" which is resilient yet soft and will help to give a soft feel on the shots taken with the ball and give a high launch and a low spin which will in turn give a greater distance.

      The mid layer of the Srixon Trispeed gives the ball a superior soft feel as it contains a substance called Rabalon HR which is blended to add to the softness and high resilience of the ball. The outer layer, the cover gives the ball its durability and the coating is that of a thin ionomer cover which again gives good resilience.

      All of this sounds great but does it really work like this? After seeing Jack use these balls both on the golf course itself and on the driving range he seems comfortable using them and I was surprised at how far my little boy is able to smash the ball. Of course the ball is only part of the overall effect and depending on which club he is using, his stance and the overall effectiveness of his swing one could never be sure whether it was the ball which was aiding him in a great shot or all these other factors.

      The balls seem to glide well in the air and they have a lovely sound when Jack hits them correctly. He doesn't struggle with them like some of the cheaper coloured balls that he uses to practice with which I can now notice to be heavier and with a different dimple pattern to them.

      Srixon itself is a good make and the balls do seem to be good for both the abilities of my little man and my bigger man. The 12 balls come in at a not bad price when you work it out per ball and they do seem to be of a premium quality. I would rate them very highly with a score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation. I can find no fault with the balls and both boys seems happy playing with them even if there are not many of the original 12 left (may have to go golf ball hunting and see if we can find the ones they have lost!)

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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  • Product Details

    These Srixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls are premium 3piece golf balls designed for all handicaps of golfers. The construction combines a soft mid layer with a large and highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth core which produces a high launch angle with low spin that results in extreme distance and great feel with every golf club in your golf bag. Srixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls Distance The large highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth core in these Srixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls made possible through thin cover technology provides not only increased golf ball speed with softer compression but also a high launch angle and low spin for enhanced carry and roll. A bigger core means a bigger engine and more power on your shots all over the golf course. Srixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls Features Greater Distance Promoted by High Launch Angle and Lower Spin Rate324 Powershear Dimples provide Penetrating Trajectory for Maximum DistanceSoft Feel on Every ShotExcellent DurabilitySrixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls Feel These Srixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls are one of the softest compression golf balls in this price range. A thin yet durable ionomer cover with Rabalon HR blended highly resilient yet soft mid layer and soft core provide an incredibly soft feel on all shots without sacrificing distance and responsiveness. Get extra distance without sacrificing on feel all over the golf course with these wonderful Srixon TriSpeed Dozen Golf Balls available now at Onlinegolf.

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