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Woodworm Tour Towel

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Brand: Woodworm / Equipment Type: Towel

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2012 17:37
      Very helpful



      A distinctive and versatile golf towel with a picture of a worm on it.

      I've played golf on and off for a few years now but only recently have I begun to take it a little more seriously. Not so seriously that I've started donning silly hats and Rupert the Bear trousers but serious enough to start frittering my money away on accessories I never thought I'd need. One of my recent acquisitions was this Woodworm golf towel which cost me £6.99 from Amazon.co.uk.

      == Price/Availabilty

      The towel is sold by The Sports HQ through the amazon website. Delivery costs £4.99 but if you spend over £50 from this same seller, as I did, you can get it delivered free. You can also buy the towel direct from www.thesportshq.com with the same delivery rates.

      == Why do you need a golf towel?

      There are several reasons why you would need a golf towel handy during a round. A towel is essential for drying your clubs, cleaning your ball and wiping your hands. Dirty clubs mean a dirty golf bag; a dirty or wet ball will alter the way it travels or rolls; and wet hands might result in you taking out a fellow golfer if you lose your grip on the club mid-swing (which, as I understand, is bad etiquette).

      I had previously been using a plain navy blue hand towel which I seized from the kitchen. This worked okay but wasn't the most stylish solution and when I saw the woodworm towel on Amazon I decided it was time to upgrade.

      == Woodworm the Brand

      Woodworm is a sporting brand most associated with making cricket bats. They once supplied the bats used by England cricketers Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen. More recently though, they have branched out into the golfing market and now supply a range of golf equipment from golf clubs to golf clothing, and of course golf towels. Now trading under the name 'The Sports HQ' their range of goods can be found on-line at www.thesportshq.com and they also sell a lot of their products through Amazon marketplace.

      == Design

      The towel measures roughly 25 x 16 inches (that's approximately 64 x 41cm to you metric aficionados) and is made from soft towelling fabric. The front of the towel, as seen in the dooyoo picture, is black with red lettering for the name 'Woodworm' and accompanying logo (a large red worm). The back of the towel sports the reverse image of the design on the front with the opposite colours - so the background is red and the print/worm is black. The edge of the towel has a neatly stitched border to avoid any premature fraying.

      I really like the look of the towel and the distinctive design was the sole reason I decided to purchase it. I've never been tempted by the golf towels I've seen in sports shops because I've always found the designs a little boring and too conservative. The last thing I wanted to become was another walking Callaway or Nike endorsement - there are enough of these people on the course already. No, I wanted something different and unique. This is definitely such a towel.

      == Attaching to your bag

      The towel will clip onto any golf bag that has an attachment ring - even the cheapest of bags have such a ring - using the large sturdy metal carabiner which is hooked through a metal surrounded hole in the towel. The large carabiner makes it incredibly easy to clip and unclip from your bag with minimal effort and unlike some carabiners, this one has a very smooth mechanism and isn't fiddly at all. Also worth mentioning - the clip is positioned in the middle of the towel which means that the towel doesn't dangle down as much when clipped onto the top of my bag. Therefore when my bag is in its tilted standing position, the towel doesn't drape on the ground and get wet. If anything, it only brushes the top of the grass but this doesn't result in much water transfer. Imagine the disaster if the clip was in the corner of the towel instead.

      == Absorbency and cleaning

      The two sides of the towel are slightly different in texture; the back of the towel has a thicker coarser feel to it compared to the much shorter and smoother material on the front. I find the back is more absorbent and therefore better for drying golf clubs and balls. Because the fabric is thicker at the back I also find this better for cleaning mud and grass out of the grooves on the head of my golf clubs. Using the back as I do, it does take the brunt of the dirt and moisture which leaves the front of the towel free to use for my hands. I find the smooth soft fabric on the front of the towel very good for these purposes.

      The towel's large size also allows me to separate the towel into designated wiping zones (because I'm just that fun). I will try to restrict the mud to one part of the towel so I don't end up transferring it back onto my clubs and ball when drying them. Also, despite the back getting quite soggy after a while, the towel is quite thick and so prevents this moisture working its way through to the front of the towel - leaving it relatively dry for my hands. All of this means that I can get away with using only one towel for all purposes rather than needing several different towels attached to my bag.

      == Washing the towel

      There are no washing instructions on the towel so it is not clear whether it is designed to be machine washed or not. I would imagine it would be fine washed on a light wash at a low temperature (either a cold wash or 30 degrees) or more suitably, a hand wash cycle. I prefer to wash mine by hand with a bucket of warm soapy water and using a toothbrush (an old one) to clean the mud out of the fabric. I try to minimise the number of times I wash it to preserve the towel and more times than not, I just scrape the largest bits of mud off and leave it to dry after a round of golf. I find that it only needs washing after every two or three uses but this will depend on how dirty it gets during a round, which itself depends on the conditions. Expect to need to wash it more often when playing golf in wet conditions.

      == Overall

      On the whole, I am very pleased with this towel and I would thoroughly recommend it to any golfer. Not only does it look great in my opinion but it is also very functional with a practical design and high quality fabric. Its large size and opposing textures make it very versatile for cleaning clubs, balls (golf balls) and hands when out on the course. I am very pleased with my purchase and think it's well worth the £6.99 I paid for it. It looks great attached to my bag and has attracted many positive comments - the same, sadly, cannot be said of my golf.

      Thanks for reading :-)


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      Premium quality tour style golf towel Extra large towel made from plush towelling fabric 16 x 24 Clip for attaching to bag