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Young Gun SGS Junior Driver Blue

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Brand: Young Gun / Equipment Type: Club / Golfclub Type: Driver

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2012 14:06
      Very helpful



      a great large wood for youngsters

      ==Young Gun Junior Driver==

      I would hate to think how much we have spent recently on all the golfing goods we have had to buy just on the little man. I try not to listen when my other half tells me how much he spends on a single club as the adult items are way more expensive than the junior ones.

      This Young Gun Junior Driver wasn't actually as much as I thought it was going to be and as we had managed to source a few of Jacks other clubs second hand I didn't mind buying him this rather inexpensive new club. We bought it the same time as we got his golf bag and it is the same Young Gun brand. This is not a brand either myself or the other half had heard of before but I guess unless you are buying junior golf equipment you wouldn't really come across it.

      The brand itself actually specialise in the young golf players sector which would suggest why there name is Young Gun I suppose. It is a worldwide brand and claims that because of the focus solely on young players that their goods are better than other golf brands who deal with adults as well.

      We paid a good price of £9.99 pence for this driver and I have seen it on other online stores priced at a little higher but it is not something I have seen when looking in the shops on the high street that stock golf items and the local golf store do not seem to stock this brand either. The price was good and we didn't have to pay any postage or packaging either.

      The club we have is called "little dog", named by Jack as the other half named his driver "big dog"! Boys and their toys I suppose! It is a club which has a large chunkier head than the other iron clubs in Jacks golf bag. The one we have has some blue markings on the base of the head which indicates the age range that the Young Gun company work with. The yellow is the youngest players club at age 3 to 5 with a height of 98 cm to 115 cm, the next stage is then a club with blue markings for ages 6 to 8, red markings donate a club for players aged 9 to 11 and the green markings are for players aged 12 to 14. This is quiet a good system and easy to follow.

      The driver is the club used to take a long distance shot and usually played with from the tee. It is the longest in length club which is in Jack's bag and the one that he tends to practice most with when up at the driving range. This club should give him the longest shot out of all the clubs that he has in his bag as it is the one which holds the most power.

      This Young Gun Driver boasts a 15 degree loft which the company have designed in order for the slower swing of a junior golfer to be utilised and aid them in getting a good back spin on the ball and also to get the ball into the air quicker. This angle also should make for a straighter shot as it should reduce side spin.

      The largeness of the head doesn't mean that the club is any heavier than Jack's irons and he seems comfortable swinging "Little Dog" with grace. The pure graphite shaft of the club again helps him with the speed of his shot whilst still keeping the driver lightweight. The rubber grip on the club is thick and comfortable and although some of the black colouring has seemed to wear off onto his golf glove the rubber grip appears to be made to a high standard and is of a good quality.

      Jack can really whack the ball out of the driving range with this club and I am surprised at how well he has taken to the game and the game to him. He does seem like a little natural considering he is only coming up to 6. This club is a little forgiving for him as the large head does make hitting the ball a little easier and even if he doesn't hit it 100% correctly this club seems to help him out a little and make his shot that bit better than it usually would.

      The club was a good price and I think well worth the money to see Jack smash the ball up to 100 yards the other day I must say I was flabbergasted! I don't even think I could hit a ball 100 yards! He loves his Little Dog and I would be more than happy to stick with this same brand when he outgrows this club and is in need of the next size up.

      A club which aids young golfers for a good price and made to a good standard is well deserving of a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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  • Product Details

    Young Gun focuses 100% of it's time and energy on junior golf equipment and it has become known across the world as one of the leading junior golf brands.Whilst other companies may just cut down or make slightly smaller versions of existing adult clubs, Young Gun builds from scratch with only the junior golfer in mind. This means clubs which are suited precisely for a junior golfer's swing, with forgiveness and ease of use being the main priorities.

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