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Route 66 Mobile 8 Symbian S60 V3 - Great Britain & Ireland

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Manufacturer: Route 66

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2010 18:09
      Very helpful



      Worthwhile investment as a cheaper alternative to standalone Sat Nav units.

      This Route 66 Mobile 8 Symbian S60 V3 turns any smartphone or PDA that runs the Symbian operating system into a fully featured Sat Nav. as long as it has a built in GPS receiver or you purchase an external one if your device does not.
      There is also the same product for devices running the Windows OS so be sure you get the correct one for your application.

      I run mine on a Nokia N95 with it's built in GPS receiver and it performs admirably, very often fixing position much quicker than some of my friends dedicated Sat Nav's costing a few hundred pounds. The beauty of having your phone as your Sat Nav is that it always stays with you so need to worry about your car being broken into or having to keep hiding a windscreen mounted one out of sight every time you park up. Plus if you are on foot and looking to go somewhere unknown there is also a pedestrian mode that will switch from roads to pavements.

      As a Sat Nav I find it to be user friendly, your desired destinations can be input as a street name or postode, as a landmark or recent history item or even as a lattitude/longitude co-ordinate input.
      Once your destination is input the program will let you choose either the shortest or quickest route to reach it and will give concise turn by turn instructions always putting right if you miss a turning like any decent Sat Nav should.

      The Route 66 product comes supplied with Great Britain and Ireland maps with all the usual poins of interest like petrol stations, banks etc. and you can update these for life free of charge. The Route 66 does not have the huge selection of voices or colour schemes that something like TomTom has but there is enough to suffice. Additional Maps, Trafic Information, Travel Guides, Weather Reports and the all important Safety Camera database are all available at an additional cost. The Safety Camera add on is £10 for a years subscription and includes all updates as part of this. This will sound an alarm when approaching a safety camera and you can also set it to alert you if you are exceeding a designated speed.

      The initial install of the program and maps plus all future updates are done through linking your device to a computer and synching with the Route 66 program which comes on disc and you install on your PC. This program in turn updates it's maps and databases online before passing these updates on to your phone or PDA. It's a very simple proceedure however and won't give you any headaches.

      In summary this is a worthwhile product and I am more than happy with my setup. I got mine for £18 from a reputable store so do shop around for the best price, this was at a time before Sat Navs were being sold for £50 - £60 so was even more of a smart buy in my eyes. Dependant on your phone you may find the screen a little on the small side but on my N95 it's perfectly fine.
      Be aware that once you install this program onto a device it is very difficult to switch it over to something else, the activation code required to get it going ties it into whatever device you register it on so you can't buy one and put it on everyones phone in your family.


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