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Binatone F350

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3 Reviews
  • Small
  • Reliable
  • only a car charger
  • No standard charger
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    3 Reviews
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      11.08.2014 14:04
      Very helpful


      • "Small "
      • "Reliable "
      • "Cheap "


      • " only a car charger "
      • "No standard charger"

      Brillant cheap Sat Nav to get you from A to B!

      I have owned this Binatone F350 GPS system for many years now. I remember buying this in Argos for £79.99 as it was the cheapest GPS system at that time. I wasn’t expecting much from it, I just wanted to buy the cheapest Sat Nav as I was in a rush as I had to get to a party on the same day in an unknown location.

      Therefore, I decided to buy this. The Navigation System itself only has UK and ROI (Republic of Ireland) maps on it as I didn’t need the European map option. It also consists of a 3.5 inch touchscreen which is useful. Some might say that it’s a bit small, but for me it’s perfect as it can fit in a party handbag that I usually use! It also comes with the car cradle to hold the GPS system and a car charger!

      When using this product, I found it amazing as I have used it many times, as I’ve owned this for a while. It gets you from A to B without a hassle. It has never got the location wrong so far, so it’s great if you only need a GPS system for this. I love the fact that this includes full postcode search which I know some inbuilt car GPS system do not have! Also, the maps are free so there is no subscription fee which is a bonus! It also includes a speed limit and camera warning so when you approach a speed camera, it warns you by beeping.

      This brings me to its downsides, first of all the beeping can get annoying at times when there are many camera in a street as the constant beeping can annoy you but you do have the option of turning them off. Also, sometimes it’s hard to hear the voice command if you have a noisy car including children!Also, if you prefer a standard charger, you do have to buy this separately. Finally, the touchscreen is not that responsive so sometimes, you do have to press a bit harder but that’s something I can live with!

      If you want this product, you can buy this second hand from many websites including Ebay for as low as £15 or less!


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      25.05.2013 18:02
      Very helpful



      Excellent sat nav for very low price.

      I was first introduced into the world of satellite navigation when I needed to go somewhere I didn't know for work. A friend lent me their Garmin Sat Nav. I was amazed how easy it was to use and how it could tell me where to go!

      I thought, I'd quite like my own sat nav, but realistically couldn't justify the expense. I had a look around, but the cheapest was a Binatone at about £50 which still was too expensive.

      A few months passed and I saw the Binatone F350 appear on Amazon and Ebay at only about £25, and it included UK and Ireland maps so I thought I'd get it.

      First thing to shock me when I opened the box was how small and light it was, but I suppose as it only has a 3.5" screen I should have expected that. Also in the box was the holder, power cable and usb lead.

      It was easy to set up and is simple to operate. The screen although small is very clear and particluarly in 3D mode (2D is also an option) very easy to follow and recognise the road layout.

      I've tried it out on a number of journeys that I know and it has always come up with a sensible route. As well as being able to glance at the screen to see where you are to go there is also turn by turn voice guidance. The sound is clear enough, but could perhaps be a touch louder. What I do miss compared to the Garmin is that it doesn't attempt to pronounce the street names which could be quite entertaining, but not worth spending the extra money on unless you are using it a lot.

      The battery life is stated to be around 2 hours, but I haven't tested this as I have always plugged it into the 12v socket when I've used it.

      To summarise it is a basic sat nav system at a very low price which is well worth the money for occasional use and it certainly meets my needs. If however you are going to using a sat nav extensively for work or something like that then it may be worth investing in a more expensive system with all the extra features.


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      10.09.2011 02:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An okay Sat Nav for a cheap price

      A couple of months back I accidentally left my car door unlocked outside my house. Unfortunately our village 'tea leaf' must have been checking the car doors, and upon finding mine unlocked, decided to steal my Sat Nav. I was a bit gutted to be honest. Not only had my wife bought me it as a Christmas present but I'd become quite attached to 'Mary' - the lovely lady who helped me on my travels.

      It left me with only one alternative, and that was to buy a new one. As I hadn't budgeted to buy a new Sat Nav, I only had a small amount of spare cash to buy one. The rest was being used up on our annual Summer Holiday. So off I trotted to my nearest Argos store, ready to buy my new toy. It was priced at £49.99 reduced from £59.99.

      Upon arriving home it just happened we were going to go strawberry picking 20 miles from our house. This gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my new 'toy'. Upon opening the box I was amazed at just how thin it was compared with my last one. However as technology has moved on, I accepted that perhaps the Sat Navs had also.

      On my last Sat Nav, I did not use the stand. It slotted nicely onto my dashboard, and upon arriving at destinations, it was carefully removed, and stored away from eye view. Unfortunately this one didn't fit, and I had to spend 20 minutes trying to set up the stand. I'm not a slow kind of person, so I feel for those who aren't upto such things.

      The screen itself was 3.5inch LCD and was super bright and also anti reflective. It had a multi language and user friendly interface with 2D and 3D navagation view. Like my last Sat Nav I could also search by postcode, city and address. There were also 2 million places of interest pre installed. This included such things as Petrol Stations, Hotels etc.

      An addition which I hadn't got on my previous Sat Nav was an expansion slot for a Mcro SD card to add additional images and adigital picture/document viewer.

      One aspect that did interest me was its boasting of a 'high sensitivity GPS receiver. On my last Sat Nav, it used to take 10 minutes or so to find the Satellite, when I was going on a journey, but as most of my journeys started from home, and I new my local area very well, it didn't worry me. 'Mary' would meet me about 10 minutes down the road. She was a very polite lady who never gave any cheek, even when I found myself going round a roundabout a couple of times.

      Going back to the journey. On this particular day it took the Sat Nav 20 minutes to find the Satellite and by that time I was at the farm, picking strawberries. Very disappointing. On the way home it was similar, although this time her twin sister 'Julie' took only 15 minutes, before she started shouting at me to watch my speed. The SAt Nav had a recognised speed facility, and as soon as I hit 35mph, she was screeming at me.

      I have since been on a couple more journeys with similar results. It does get me there, but I need to give her a head start. I also find the stand very temperamental which is quite frustrating. One positive aspect though, is that it is so easy to use and the interface is very customer friendly.

      Contents of the box

      *GPS Navigation Device
      *Car Mounting Kit (what a laugh)
      *In car charger
      *USB cable
      *Instruction manual

      So there we have it? Would I recommend it. In two letters NO. It just doesn't pich the signal up fast enough. It doesn't fit on the stand well and is quite a disappointment. If I had my time again, I'd add money to it, and get a better one.

      Copyright stebiz 2011 - also on ciao.co.uk


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