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Evesham NavCam 7500 TMC

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Evesham NavCam 7500 TMC - GPS receiver - automotive

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2007 22:20
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      Short & sweet.. (read in depth remarks for this and the NAV-CAM 6400). Sold Aldi Stores U.K. 15th March 2007.
      Keep your money in your pocket and meanwhile, look for something worth buying.
      Does it do what it says it does on the box? NO!
      Will you receive an answer from Evesham to your satisfaction to resolve what it says on the box (and manuals) but does not do? NO!
      Will you get your money back from Aldi stores U.K. if you take the item back withing 30 days and tell them it does not do what it says it can do, on the box and manuals? YES! but be quick!
      Now,, for the in depth review of the 6400 (All other models of this version are identical in the fact that it does NOT give "door to door accuracy" and it does NOT allow you to enter an individual house number to assist your door to door accuracy,, despite all the claims on the box and the instruction manual and leaflets enclosed with the item..
      Most readers of this topic who have already been suckered into the £120 purchase, have at least some resolve by being able to take it back to Aldi and obtaining a full refund in the 30 day period. My advice is, do just that.
      My original reason for the purchase was that, a few years ago, Aldi UK had a special offer on a Medion sat nav unit in the form of a PDA. Good bundle and it did everything I wanted. Sadly, that unit has demised through my own rough handling and so, it was a timely event that Aldi UK advertised another GPS in car unit on the 15th March 2007. Just a few pennies short of £120, I went for it on the basis of what it said it could do.
      It quickly turns out that this unit does NOT do what it says on the tin (to coin a phrase) and far from it..
      Both advert, exterior of box and documentation supplied, says it has Accurate Door to Door Navigation and entries by House Number.. Well, as that is exactly what my past Medion GPS unit did, I'd be happy with that.
      Took me 10 minutes out of the box before it became VERY obvious that this unit does nothing of the sort.
      Regardless of whether you attempt to plan the route by postcode or streetname, it does not allow you to input an individual house number before it instead, goes straight to its calculating mode.
      Evesham have a err, a support web site and an even more err, incredible telephone support line. Fine, if you want to spend about £6 , hanging about on their 0870 number, all day, fine. You MAY finally be able to speak to a human voice, but don't even consider that you will find a resolve from them, as the question posed about the lack of the quoted benefits of this system will be greeted with, "first time we've been asked that question" and "well, it must be the AA software that is at fault".
      The knowing, nervous coughs bewteen the statements instilled into me, a follow up call the next day, with the same questions but as another user. Surprise, surprise, similar answer was given by the obvious goldfish. :(
      Well, as they had been gracious enough to pass the blame onto the AA navigator software, I made a call to the AA Navigator production team on 0870 1080013. Nice people :D After posing them the problem, the resultant statement was most informative. i.e. " The Navigator software was never produced with an individual house number facility, so why Evesham should make statement to that is beyond me". I did ask about an upgrade but was advised that even with the new version (due out in May of this year), it was highly unlikely that it would include this provision.
      So, two contacts down and still no resolve. It was suggested to me that I put in a road that is knowingly LONG, in the hope that the house number faciltity may come on line. Although I am now aware that it does actually offer, what they call, "segmented location" by house numbering, this is only reported as a "block" of numbers, i.e. 1-100 as an example and again, only for a very limited number of roads in the UK.. Let's try WATLING STREET then? As it only runs from the borders of Scotland down to London,, should have no problems eh :?: WRONG :(
      In an effort to bring this matter to the retailers, Aldi UK (head office number 01245 215000), I was promised a return call. That was 4 days ago and despite making every attempt to resolve with EVESHAM via emails, (I even suggested a replacement mapping software that I was more than happy to download from their web site, at MY expense), the "two liner" response, given 3 days later was about as ignorant as you would ever wish to receive. As such, I'm not wasting any more time on them or this unit, which quite frankly, after researching the web for alternatives, is well over priced for what it is and there are many more out there from about £79 inclusive, that do as much, if not more than this heap of junk.. Yes, it does have more problems, such as its standby mode for so called power saving? Easy to touch by accident, button that not only puts it into sleep mode but also eliminates any input or current routing you just happen to be following at the time :!: :evil: Anyway, they had their chance and blew it big time.. Off now to Trading Standards to vent my frustration. Well, it is the most mis-leading package I have ever come across so, why not? This is after all, the forum to keep you informed and if I just ward off just ONE unsuspecting potential buyer or save just one existent buyer the cost and frustration of trying to resolve with Evesham, then it has all been worthwhile. I end on the statement by their own customer services (a contradiction in terms if there was ever one) and I quote, "we had a very successful launch of a new product, with the entire allocated stock of Nav-Cams selling out within hours of the stores opening." I'd say Mr Smug,, you'll have an even busier time restocking these units back onto your shelves when they come back in their thousands from the customers you've attempted to hoodwink with your untrue statements..


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    • Product Details

      Offering door to door satellite navigation complete with visual and voice guidance, the Nav-Cam 7500 also warns the driver of 6 speed camera types with visual and audible directional alerts. Also featured on the unit is an MP3 Digital Music Player and Digital Photo slide show viewer.

      The Nav-Cam is easy to use and offers a complete and powerful satellite navigation application with a friendly user interface, It features clear and simple touch-screen menu options with large on-screen buttons which can be activated using the supplied stylus or even with your finger. The unit also has hardware buttons that offer an alternative way of browsing the map. Navigation can be displayed in a stunning 3D mode which brings the maps and roads to life.

      This Nav-Cam 7500 comes with the option of TMC (Traffic Message Channel) to enable you to be alerted of road congestion and provide you with the opportunity to avoid the affected areas. You may never be stuck in a jam again!

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