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Garmin nuvi 1390T w/ Premium Traffic

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4 Reviews

Garmin nüvi 1390T w/Premium Traffic - GPS receiver - hiking, automotive

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    4 Reviews
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      02.06.2011 13:43
      Very helpful



      Garmin nuvi 1390T

      For people like me who don't know which way is north or which way is south, a SatNav has been a godsend. That's not to say they aren't without their frustrations and this one is no exception. We originally had a TomTom but my husband was so annoyed with it he traded it in for a Garmin Nuvi 1390 with traffic.

      To quote an article I read to explain exactly what a satnav is, "Satellite Navigation is a system that uses orbiting satellites, known as GPS (Global Positioning System). A Sat Nav unit receives signals from these satellites, and combines the signals with map information and other data. The practical upshot is that if you have a Sat Nav unit, you will be able to use the SatNav to work out where you are, and find the most convenient route to your destination."

      This Garmin is a small black console, approximately 3 inches by 5 inches. The screen is big enough for me to be able to see what is happening while I am driving along. You turn the Garmin on by holding down a button on the top left hand side of the console and you firstly get a warning about not operating whilst driving. Then you reach the home screen which basically gives you a choice to either View Map or Where to? As I always need it to find where I am going I press the Where to? button. The screen is touch screen so you can actually do it whilst driving but I do not recommend this, keep your eyes on the road!!

      The nice thing about this Garmin is that you can get a sucker that sticks to your windscreen that then attaches to the back of the Garmin so you can have it in your line of view whilst driving. There is then a power lead that fits into the back and then powers into the cigarette holder so this Garmin will not only charge whilst you are driving but will keep its power for the whole of your journey.

      Once pressed the Where to" option then leads you to a number of different options. These are Address, Go Home, Points of Interest, Recently Found, Favourites and Junction. It's great that you have different options to use as sometimes you need different things at different things. For example, the go home button is great when you have been out and then need to plug in your home address, it is already keyed into the sat nav so you just need to press that button and it will bring up the directions straight away to your house. The Points of Interest button includes things like Food and Drink, Fuel, Transit, Lodging, Shopping, all the things you might be looking for whilst you are driving.

      I normally use the address button which either allows you to search by city or postal code. For me postal code is great as as along as you have this you will generally get to where you need to go perfectly.

      This sat nav is extremely easy to follow. Once you have plugged in where you need to go you start driving. The picture on the sat nav will show up a purple line which you follow as this is showing you you are going in the right direction. As well as that there is a voice that gives you directions a few seconds before you need them. For example, it will say, "in .3 of a mile, turn right" and you know to turn right. To be honest though, I find the voice a bit annoying and I am usually listening to music which drowns out the sound of the voice anyway so I turn the sound down and just watch the screen instead. The sat nav will tell you the estimated time you will arrive as well which I find really handy when it comes to planning my journey and seeing how long it will take me. Another nice thing is that it has the speed limit listed on the right of the screen so you know if you are breaking the limit or not, another handy thing for me when I am driving.

      The traffic indication on this sat nav is good. If there is going to be a delay it will show up on a little green button with a car icon and tells you the number of minutes of delay. Then, if you wish to find an alternate route to miss the traffic it will reroute you as well which has been quite handy at times.

      Now, on to my frustration with this machine. It sometimes sticks, in that I mean it will just freeze and give you no directions at all. When this happens I need to turn of the machine and wait for it to start up again which is a real pain if I am driving and don't know where to go. Also, sometimes it will be forever searching for satellites and will not bring up the directions I need which is also frustrating. It may be because our Garmin is a few years old now but I still don't think this should happen so for that I don't like it but for getting me where I need to go it is invalueable.


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        05.05.2011 23:31
        Very helpful



        Plug in and off you go

        I've always had Tom-Toms but my last one at two years had started to break down. The battery would never reach full charge and kept turning off whilst in use. On seeing this Garmin on offer and as a major bonus, that it has European maps included; I just couldn't say no. I paid £119.99 for my Garmin and think it is money well spent.

        The sleek, ultra thin unit measures 1.6 x 12.2 x 7.6 cm and is light enough to carry in your pocket weighing only 163 grams. The display is 4.3 inches wide, touch screen and extremely clear.

        As soon as I took the machine out I plugged it in and tried it out; due to the intuitive menu no set up is required. It is so easy to use. The GPRS connects quickly and it picks up addresses instantly. 850 km takes about four to five seconds to calculate.  It is loud and clear when giving directions and announces street names rather than simply saying "next left." This feature was not on my previous machine and I think it is a useful addition. Saying this, I do like to listen to my music quite loud in the car so often have the sat nav on mute. The on screen display is so clear and easy to follow, I find it just as easy to do this. 

        The lane assist feature is useful for negotiating busy junctions and getting in the right lane in plenty of time. There is a quick option for finding points of interest, restaurants and petrol stations for example. This is useful when visiting a new place.

        Using traffic master data the unit flags up heavy traffic areas so you know how long you are likely to be queuing or if there is a quicker alternative route. This only works when the fm traffic receiver is connected. I have this attached when going on long journeys.

        Another well thought out feature is the speed camera alert. Very accurate and up to date information of fixed cameras and areas where a speed camera is likely to be. Sometimes these alerts are a little annoying, constantly binging up but I would not be without them. This facility is available over seas and found it useful when travelling through Europe.

        The Eco route function is novel and a good concept. I don't necessarily always use it as have found that sometimes the most fuel efficient route is not always the quickest. This facility can also give you an estimated cost of your journey. Again, I tend not to use this as i would just recoil in horror at how expensive the trip was!

        I have used the sat nav to drive to Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. I drove through France and then Germany, taking wonderful scenic routes through the Black Forest. This journey was very relaxed and simple thanks to the excellent coverage provided by the European maps. I'm not sure I would have found it quite so easy having to read paper maps!

        I've downloaded the city explorer but it's not something I would use regularly. However some would find it useful. It shows you short cuts through parks and various alleyways that are not used by vehicles. It also tells you where to get buses and trains from. It also has timetables on there. I've not used this facility out of the u.k but have tried it for West Yorkshire and it seems a great tool.  

        In addition to the above features you can also download tour guides and restaurant guides. I have an iPhone so usually find it easy to get this sort if information through various apps, but again it is good to know the facility is there if I wanted it.

        The device comes with an anti theft set up that you can choose to activate. You can pin lock the machine and also  select a security location; usually your home address. If you forget your pin or enter it incorrectly you can take it to your secure location to unlock it. Anything that makes life harder for the crooks the better.

        The suction cup mount holds the machine steady and in position. It grips the window firmly and is a little tricky to pull off.

        The best feature I have found and was not necessarily looking for before I purchased is the hands free facility. At the touch of a button you can set up your phone to be answered via the sat nav using the microphone and speakers. This uses blue tooth technology and means your phone can be left in your hand bag/ glove box and you will never miss a call. This feature works with my work phone but not with my personal iPhone. If this is a feature you really desire then check if your phone is compatible via the Garmin web site. 


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        13.09.2010 21:37
        Very helpful



        Reliable enough, but not brilliant value for money

        We've just driven back from England, across the whole of France and Spain, with this little device to guide us, so that ought to be quite a good endorsement of the product. It's not all flowers and sausages though, (a bizarre phrase I just discovered on the internet, which seems to work quite well here!) so read on for more.

        The Garmin 1390T is quite a sleek, slim-looking piece of equipment that's a nice, handheld size. It comes with a charger you can plug into your cigarette lighter, a suction pad for sticking it onto the windscreen, a USB cable and an instruction booklet, at the current rate of £148 on Amazon. It also contains both UK and European maps.

        So, let's start with the positives:

        Firstly, there are a number of very useful things you can do with the touch sensitive screen. It's possible to change the brightness of the screen in increments of 10%, and you can also change the volume of the instruction-giving voice in a similar manner.

        Of course, you can input your destination in the usual way i.e. by using a choice of the postcode or street name, but you can also choose to search for points of interest, such as lodgings, food and drink, cash points or fuel, among other things, near to a specific place, such as your destination, your current location or somewhere completely different.
        This is great if you're in a new city and don't know where to look for these things. You can also, rather handily, select the option 'where am I?' if you're lost and need to find out your location.

        Under settings you can choose things you'd like to avoid on your journey, such as toll roads (particularly useful in France!), motorways, u-turns etc.

        Of course, the language can be changed, although the only English accents possible are standard British, American or Australian, male or female. I was disappointed to discover this, as the Irish option always sounds so much more laidback, somehow (at the risk of sounding racist!)
        One last thing, which could either be remarkably handy, or highly irritating, is the setting that allows you to be warned of any 'safety cameras' in the vicinity. Unfortunately I've only just discovered that this can be switched off! The nice thing is that, unlike with some other sat nav systems, you don't get a loud warning bell going off every time you go slightly over the speed limit. You only get a warning sound when approaching speed cameras if you're close to the speed limit.

        The speed limit is always displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you're looking at the map, and you can have this is kilometres or miles per hour- useful when driving an English car on roads on the continent.

        There are just a few negatives I found when using this device. The first concerns the question of value for money of the product, rather than its usage when bought. You don't get a mains charger included in the price i.e. you can only charge it in the car, unless you buy this separately, and it also doesn't come with a protective case (although you can buy these two items together for about £10).

        The second is that it seems to have quite a low battery life- it will last for a few hours, but doesn't charge very efficiently when plugged into the cigarette lighter. Perhaps it just requires charging at the mains though.
        Last, but by no means least, it loses satellite reception worryingly easily. Sometimes at the most crucial of moments you will hear nothing but an ominous silence, followed shortly by a matter-of-fact voice telling you, in your chosen accent, that he / she has 'lost satellite reception.' For some reason it also gets confused by tolls and needs time to reconfigure itself after each one.

        This is quite a big drawback for something that is specifically designed to pick up satellite signals, and which it should, theoretically, be capable of doing almost anywhere, and particularly on main roads through two of Europe's better-travelled countries.

        Overall, this is a useful piece of equipment, but with the tendency to be unreliable, I think it may be a touch overpriced.


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          04.08.2010 09:51
          Very helpful



          see review

          Having booked a budget holiday my husband decided he couldn't be old fashioned and look at maps and it was imperative that we purchase a sat Nav. So first steps research on line following this we visit every store in the area asking the same question which do you recommend. We were firmly in the Tom Tom camp but this was really because we hadn't heard of any others! We were firmly advised to get a Garmin as these had fewer problems and were more updated.

          We paid £149.99 for ours and purchased from Halfords this was not the cheapest price you can get for less online however my Husband likes to be able to go back to a physical place in case of problems!

          My top tip if you do look at one from Halfords sometimes there on line site is cheaper than in store but if you reserve on line you get that price.

          Set Up
          The Sat nav
          The sat nav has a 4.3 inch screen which is one of the biggest available and is much better than the smaller screens as when driving you can merely glance at the screen. This model also has a variety of different features such as Lane Assist, eco route, text to speech, points of interest, city explorer, Blue tooth wireless technology for hands free calling, Traffic alerts and of course European mapping.

          Lane Assist

          This feature tells you which lane to be and shows the junctions it looks like the Blue signs on the moterway and this proved invaluable when recently travelling through the centre of Leeds.

          Eco route:
          This gives you the most fuel efficient journey and so is a great environmental tool.

          Text to Speech
          This must be my favourite feature the pronunciation is sometimes a bit off which is hilarious particularly in France when all the street names were made into one!
          I have to be honest even with the Sat Nav the favourite expression is Re-calculating!

          Points of interest
          I have to say I think that this feature is invaluable there are different categories' under this setting such as shopping, restaurants, entertainment and then under the main categories this is divided again.
          On our recent trip to my Brother's Wedding where my Daughter was a flower girl she managed to fall and bang her head badly so into the Sat Nav is put chemist and away they went for emergency bruise relief!

          City Xplorer
          This is basically the same put as a pedestrian mode we have looked at this but not used it properly.

          Traffic avoidance
          We luckily have not needed to use this at the moment put it is straight forward to use .

          Set up and use
          The product was very easy to set up all I had to do was go to www.mygarmin.com and register the product and plug it in very simple. I am also a techno phobic and I have used the Sat Nav on numerous occasion (don't tell the hubby!) and I have found it easy to use and cannot imagine how we managed without it.


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      • Product Details

        nüvi 1390T packs big features into a slim design. The ultra-thin navigator includes lane assist with junction view, free traffic alerts, hands-free calling and ecoRoute to calculate a more fuel-efficient route.

        With a traffic subscription, you'll get the latest information on construction, accidents, lane closings and other obstructions that lie ahead on your route. Using your compatible Garmin, you can conveniently route around traffic to avoid delays - saving you drive time, gas and money!

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