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Garmin nuvi 200W

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Garmin nüvi 200W - GPS receiver - automotive

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    7 Reviews
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      15.09.2011 01:52
      Very helpful



      A great Sat Nav for those on a budget

      I passed my driving test in July 2009 and needed a Sat Nav as I live in a city I didn't grow up in so wasn't overly familiar with the roads. My husband gifted me this one as a 'well done for passing the test' present. At the time of purchase it was approx £100 which was then and is now very reasonable.

      This unit was recommended by my brother in law who had had his for quite some time and was suitable impressed. All reviews of this product seemed positive and it seemed quite simple to use which was a huge plus.

      When I opened the box there was the unit itself, a dashboard/windscreen mount, power cable (for in car) and a manual. I found the manual a little confusing as the unit didn't really have that many elements to it and seemed really simplistic.

      The unit itself was widescreen and touch screen, it has a colour screen that is easily navigated through a series of pictures. You can set favourite locations and one of my favourite features is the ability to search the area for popular venues under labels such as food, shopping, bars, atm's etc and the unit will find the nearest one to your current location. There is also a few pointless features such as an SD card slot so that pictures can be displayed on the unit. I cannot see the need or use for this to be honest, but perhaps it would suit someone else. Bizarrely there is also a unit converter for measurements etc? Seems a little pointless.

      After playing for a while I set it up in the car. Initially the suction cup held the unit to the windscreen quite well, but now two years later it will not hold it in place at all. I can't figure out why but it appears the suction cup has lost its suction.

      This is really easy to use, I mainly search by postcodes but addresses can be typed in manually too. I find the screen attractive but not distracting. I like the voice that gives instructions and she isn't annoying or irritating. The instructions she gives are clear and easily understood without looking at the screen. I like how you can change the care to be an vehicle of your preference. I also like the tracking feature where a blue line is left on roads you have travelled on before. I find this quite useful if you have taken a detour etc.

      This sat nav finds its satellites quickly and can be programmed to choose either the quickest or the most scenic route. I have mine programmed to the quickest. It does sometimes make silly suggestions, but these can be overridden just by going a different way, the unit will recalculate within seconds.

      Some of my favourite features are that it tells you the expected time of your journey. This is really useful when doing longer journeys or relaying the ETA to other people. I also like trying to shorten the time with short cuts etc. I also like that it warns you of speed camera in the area, including when there is the possibility of mobile speeding units. it will beep if you go over the speed limit which is a great reminder to reduce your speed.

      This is a great Sat nav and I would really recommend it but one of the things I do not like is that you have to pay for updates. I recently tried to download updates for my unit, being that I've had it for more than 2 years and Garmin now charge for these downloads, which just bumps up the price of the unit. I didn't expect this and do find it disappointing.


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      12.07.2010 00:55



      Great for price, solid and reliable

      This is my second Garmin Nuvi satnav, and I have to say I have been very pleased with both products. This model is very reasonably priced and if you are willing to forsake the lack of european maps then its a steal for less than £100. Personally I didn't see myself doing much driving in the rest of Europe so saved myself around £40 and went for this model. The widescreen display is very clear when driving and the colours look nice and bright. The touch screen is, at times, a little slow and inaccurate but for the most part very useable. I have found that when first started up the finding of satelites can take a short while so if you have no idea of where you are going you cannot start driving before it gets a signal. This can be alleviated by simply starting it up 5-10 minutes before you are due to set off. A word on battery life, I have found that when it is not plugged into the cars power, the battery life is extremely poor and lasts a little over 2 hours, but to be honest it is plugged in all of the time in my car. It has a nice slim design and the suction pad provided fits very securely to the window and is fairly unobtrusive when there. The screen does suffer from sun glare at times but a simple readjustment soon fixes this problem. The sound is very good however can become a little annoying so the option of mute is very welcome. There are a multitude of different features and the maps are fairly extensive and make finding points of interest nearby very easy. Also if you miss your turn off at any point it is very quick to re-calculate a new route and takes this in its stride. In summary, a very useful bit of kit for not a huge amount of money, and it has never let me down with bad directions yet.


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      26.09.2009 16:20



      A brilliant Sat Nav with easy to use features and a beautiful widescreen display

      The Garmin nuvi 200W is another great entry level Sat Nav priced under £100.
      The 200W is incredibly slim and has a very nice, sleek design. The inbuilt speakers are very powerful and allow you to hear all instructions clearly. The 200W also has a widescreen which is great for seeing more of the map before you get there, there's also a built in backlight which makes driving in darker conditions much easier.
      The menus or the 200W are fairly simple to use and are very easy to set up by searching for a street address or just entering in the post code. As well as this the 200W is packed with some great features. The points of interest is a lot more detailed than on the Tom Tom One and has a greater database of nearby restaurants, shops, petrol stations etc. Another cool feature is the "avoidance" system where you can plan you route around a certain motorway or a route that misses out a toll.
      One of my favourite things on this is the ability to switch between a 2D and 3D map which looks great, very detailed and clear to see your surroundings.
      The GPS itself is quite powerful, although it takes a while to locate the satellite the first time you use it, the process is sped up the following times and the device has managed to find my location 99% of the time.
      The only thing that lets the 200W down for me is the battery life, by making the sat nav so small they must have reduced the battery size, although its advertised as up to 5 hours on a typical day I usually get only 3-4 hours which can be very limiting if you don't use the in car charger.
      Overall this is a brilliant sat nav, jam packed with features in a nicely designed device. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a powerful/mid-range sat nav for the price of a beginners model.


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      17.09.2009 12:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Fantastic if you're on a budget like me and you get more than you hope for for the price.

      ~~MY STORY~~

      I've been considering buying myself a sat nav for months now but just could not quite justify the expence for the limited use I would get out of it on a day to day basis. Then things changes drastically when I got a new job as a delivery driver and realised I don't know where anything is really other than where I live and where I work. So in an instant a sat nav went from being just another one of those gadgets that would be cool to own if I had the money to an absolute necessity.

      So, then began the hunt for the perfect sat nav. I set myself a very basic criteria that it has to be:

      Under £100 (I'm still on a budget)
      Easy to use (I'm new to these)
      Astheticly pleasing (Got to look good)

      After reading review after review both on here and on Amazon the same sat nav kept popping up and attracted my interest. The Garmin nuvi 200W even at first glance seemed to tick all the boxes and came in widescreen for an added bonus. It was hard pushed to find a bad review about this item anywhere. I picked mine up from the Amazon website for £69.99 (Bargain!) and bizarrly the same price as the non-widescreen version. Places like Tesco and Asda have them priced at £90+ so this really is a bargain.

      Only two days after ordering the package was here at my door. I still love that child like excitement of opening something you just bought online. It comes in a suprisingly small box for what I was expecting so I was initially concerned I may have ordered the wrong one. But no, It was the right one, all neatly packed in there.

      ~~IN THE BOX~~

      Garmin nuvi 200W
      Screen / Dashbourd mount
      Extra suction cup
      In car power cable
      Quick start guide

      ~~OUT OF THE BOX~~

      It all feels very neat and tidy when first taking it out of the box. much more refined then I expected. Seems to me to be very solid indeed with a very good build quality.

      When first setting up it took around 5 minutes to initially find the satellites which is a little frustrating as I just like to get up and going right away. But not to dispair once it had found them I reset it just to make sure this wasn't going to be the same every time it's turned on. It sparked up and found it satellite in only a few seconds.

      ~~IN USE~~

      I've tested this out a few times now whilst delivering to houses all around East Yorkshire and I must say I am very impressed. With only the post code and house number entered it took me right to the door time after time. There were a few instances where it got a little confused when delivering to a farm for example as it doesn't recognaise all of the entrance tracks as roads but these sorts of places are always well signed so no problem there.

      The maps and the screen are very clear indeed and very easy to read at a glance whilst on the move. The voice commands to go along with the maps are also very clear, directed me to my destination corner by corner almost every time. The are a few occasions when the voice command is wrong for example, when coming to a fork in the road where the markings take you to the left as if straight on the sat nav will sometimes tell you to turn left rather than go straight ahead. Sounds simple but this can cause a little confusion in some cases.

      There are a lot of features I found whilst on the road some more useful than others for example:

      Speed camera locations (One free update online)
      Point of interest locations (Great for finding petrol stations, ATM's)
      SD card slot and picture viewer (Could come in useful I guess)
      Measurement converter (Hmmm)
      Currency converter (Hmmm again)
      Calculator (I've used it a couple of times)
      Trip reading screen (Interesting to see how far/fast you went)

      Overall this little gadget that I initially only wanted because I thought it was cool has proven invaluable and I'm sure will keep me in my job as I'd be useless without it.


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        15.07.2009 10:56
        Very helpful



        Excellent Sat Nav for those who don't need Euro maps or the gadgets

        I owned this item for just over a year before a drop on my kitchen floor consigned it to ebay (spares and repairs!) and I upgraded to the 255WT.

        It was my first Sat Nav and after a lot of research I went for the 200W as I didn't need all the top-end features or Europe maps but I was keen on a widescreen and this seemed a good price (now at less than a ton it's even better)

        A multi-stop flat-hunting trip in SE London for my girlfriend was a very relaxed affair. The Garmin took us door to door without a hitch and avoided the usual page turning arguments. It's taken me to numerous remote Kent villages and towns and door-to-door to villages in South Wales easily too. It was excellent on a recent UK holiday, taking us to various tourist locations without a hitch, making the travelling much less stressful. Missed turns or deviations from the route are re-calculated promptly and safely. It works well if you're in town on foot, though remember to change to pedestrian mode first for the quickest route.

        Out of the box it took a few minutes to locate a satellite but response time after power on now is just a matter of seconds, depending where you are. It really is a smart looking device, I particularly like the impressive "speedo" screen (see my photo on amazon) which shows your speed, journey time, average speed and more - though this is definitely more for the male of the species ! The 3D map is generally pretty easy to read with voice prompts offering able assistance. You can change the view to 2D easily if you prefer. Safety cameras are well prompted in advance though you have to pay for updates but it has pin-pointed every one so far, including temporary ones. Map updates are free (but infrequent) and you can also download different vehicles if you so desire. I quite like the American cop car....

        The manual is pretty spartan but as the Nuvi is easy to use, this has not been a problem for me. It does not come with a mains charger or USB cable but these are available cheaply on auction sites. Your digital camera USB cable could quite easily be the right size (USB A to mini B) and it will charge quite quickly from the PC.

        I now also always take it when I go walking in the country, obviously it doesn't show footpaths etc but it has been invaluable on a couple of "where am I" occasions when I'm on or near a road, and it shows the all-important direction of travel too. Runners could find it useful to log their overall speed and distance.

        What I like :
        Excellent display - apart from in the brightest sunlight it is easy to read
        Screen lock - handy when you're on a journey break and you put the unit in your pocket
        PIN security
        Speedo page - all the numbers you could ever want! (journey time, average speed, stopped time etc etc)
        7 digit postcode entry
        Quality (and discreet) fixing - I use the "dashboard disc" rather than the windscreen and it sits there rock solid all day. It does not have one of those long arms that looks like it fell of a dalek
        Very robust build quality (it has been drop tested more than once!)
        Memory card slot - if you don't have a USB cable you can use it to upload photos to view if you want - quite handy if you're visiting relatives.
        Good battery life of 4-5 hours on a full charge
        Nice touches like the chequered flag at your destination and the change to night display at sunset
        Locates places of interest (with phone numbers) and utilties like ATMs and petrol stations easily - very useful

        What I would like :
        One-touch sound on/sound off button to make it easier to quickly mute the voice when you're nearing home. Having said that I rarely use the voice instructions, preferring the sound off
        Road colours to follow map standard i.e. motorways blue, A roads red etc
        Mains charger - but so far I've not really needed one as it charges quickly in-car
        Better instruction manual
        More user-friendly website - it's not easy to navigate
        Map updates are free for 3 months after registering but there were none in that period for me. You pay £59.99 for one-off updates or £99.99 for "lifetime". You may want to hold of registering your unit for this reason.

        If you shop around you can get it for well under £100 which is fair as it is a 2007 model. Some sites also now offer the "overhauled" model which is a refurbished item. You pays your money....

        Overall it's been a very good buy - I use it a lot more than I thought I would but I haven't thrown out my A-Z's yet!

        (also reviewed on amazon)


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          30.08.2008 13:13
          Very helpful



          Definately worth a punt!

          Choosing between the Garmin and TomTom satnavs is not an easy thing to do, especially when everyone seems to knwo the name TomTom! To make it easy ill say this, buy the Garmin. I found it much easier to use than the tomtom. Not only that its a very good price as well!

          Set up is very simple, instructions tell you everything you need to know how to get the unit up and running properly. The unit itself is pretty decent to look at, so its not an eyesore when your driving along with it in your field of view. Build quality is very good and feels like a solid bit of kit.

          The software itself is very easy and even my dad managed to use it the other day after 10 minutes with the manual so it cant be that difficult. The maps can be viewed in either 2D or 3D, and can also be zoomed in and out. Theres plenty opf built in points of interest as well so you'll never be short of a petrol station etc.

          Overall this is a brillaint buy for the moneya nd i would recommend it over the tomtom anyday.


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          26.08.2008 13:16
          Very helpful



          A great sat nav system at a great price!

          When I was recently in the market for a Sat Nav system, there were so many available, that I barely knew where to start. There were a few specifications that I had in mind when looking for a suitable GPS system. I didn't want to spend too much money to begin with. For months previously, I had been observing reviews and prices of sat nav systems online, and what was clear to was the fact that new systems were constantly being released, which meant that prices were being reduced all the time. So I didn't see a point in splashing out on an expensive system, knowing that the price would probably fall before long. I also wanted a widescreen sat nav, simply because they look better and more modern, but also because pretty much all new sat nav systems are manufactured in widescreen, and that the 4:3 screen aspect ratio will become a thing of the past, much like tv's. After extensive researching, price comparison and review reading, I came across the Garmin Nuvi 200w, and a sat nav system that seemed to impress greatly, so i decided to take the plunge and bought one.

          Much like many of the reviews I had read on the Nuvi 200w, my first impressions of it were very good. I bought the system off the Littlewoods website, as it had been reduced in a seasonal sale that they were having. This meant that the system was on offer for around £30 less than on any other reputable site that I could find it on. The product was well packaged, securely and compactly fitted to an inner cardboard shelf, that meant that the sat nav was unable to move or rattle within the box, therefor limiting the chance of damage during postal delivery to a minimum. Included in the box was the Nuvi 200w sat nav system, a vehicle suction mount cup for attaching the system to the windscreen, a dashboard disc for attaching the system to the dashboard, a usb power cable and the instruction manual. The mounting equipment are of good quality, and assembly and attaching to either windscreen or dash is very easy. I have read a few reviews where users had complained about the suction cup not being very strong, although I have yet to come across this problem. I was slightly disapointed to find that there was no mains power cable with the system, only a usb power cable, which is not always convenient.

          The Garmin Nuvi 200w is a very nice looking piece of kit. It is silver and grey in colour, and it's actual dimensions are 4.8"x2.9"x0.8". It is a very solidly built system, and also has a little bit of weight to it to give it a good quality feel. The screen is a very nice 480x272 pixel widescreen, with a very impressive, brightly coloured touch screen, sunlight readable, anti-glare display. Navigating through the systems menu's is very easy, with big, bright picture icons available on each screen, and the on-screen instructions and icon descriptions are available in a number of different languages. One thing I did find quite annoying and time consuming is when the system is switched on, pairing it up to a satellite can take some time. I found myself having to stand out in the open for up to 10 minutes whilst the system attempted to pair up to a satellite. Whether this is a common problem, or one that is dependant on your location, I do not know.

          The Nuvi 200w is packed full of great features. It comes preloaded with City Navigator NT data maps for all UK and Ireland roads. The maps themselves are bright and clear, and have turn-by-turn voice directions which can be turned on and off. The maps can be viewed in either 2D or 3D, and can also be zoomed in and out of for various levels of detailed views. The system also comes pre-installed with a large POI (points of interest) database, which includes ready directions for hotels, restaurants, shops, petrol stations, cash machines etc. Custom POI's can also be created and saved into the database. It also has a built-in Cyclops safety camera info, which can warn you of any up-coming stationary speed cameras. The systems maps and speed camera information can easily be updated with new maps online, and at no extra cost and with no subscription fees, unlike many of it's competitors. The system also has several other features including, JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock & time zones, currency & measurement converter and calculator. An SD card slot is also included on the Nuvi 200w, for any additional memory needed.

          The Garmin Nuvi 200w has a full UK postcode search feature, which once the system has paired up to a satellite, is very easy to use. A coomon complaint with may sat nav systems is how many of them mis-guide, and fail to arrive at the requested destinations, this however is a problem that I have not yet come across with the Nuvi 200w. The voice directions are clear and concise, and overall, I have had very few problems with the navigation itself. the sat nav system has a useful 5 hour battery life, thank to it's re-chargeable li-ion battery. The Nuvi 200w is build for both road and foot use, as the system is small enough to fit into most pockets. The Garmin Lock security feature means that a pin code can be used to lock the device, as a security measure.

          In my opinion, the Garmin Nuvi 200w is an excellent satellite navigation system. There are not many better systems on the market today at the same price, if any. I have had no previous experience with sat nav systems, however I found the Nuvi 200w to be extremely easy to use and very user friendly. It does have a few minor faults, with it's long satellite pairing wait, and the lack of a mains charger, however these can be picked up fairly cheaply. Apart from that, I cannot fault the Nuvi 200w. As well as being very stylish, and with a high quality feel, it also does exactly what it's designed to do, which is fundamental, as well as being packed with a wealth of other top features. This satellite navigation system certainly comes well recommended.

          Detailed Specifications:

          Product Type GPS receiver
          Width 12.2 cm
          Depth 2 cm
          Height 7.4 cm
          Weight 173 g

          GPS System
          Recommended Use Automotive
          Connectivity USB
          Voice Navigation instructions
          Aerial Built-in
          Features Built-in speaker, calculator, clock, 2D / 3D map perspective, Garmin Lock
          Maps Included Ireland, United Kingdom
          Software Included NAVTEQ ON BOARD, MapSource City Navigator NT
          Compatible GPS Software Garmin SaversGuide, Garmin Travel Guide

          Waypoints 500
          Trip Computer Avoid highways, quickest route, avoid toll roads, fast/short route

          Built-in Display
          Type TFT - widescreen
          Resolution 480 x 272
          Diagonal Size 4.3"
          Display Illumination Yes
          Colour Support Colour
          Features Touch screen, anti-glare

          Connector Type USB
          Slot Provided
          Slot Provided SD Memory Card

          Battery Enclosure Type Internal
          Technology Lithium Ion
          Run Time (Up To) 5 hour(s)
          Included Accessories Car power adapter, vehicle mount

          The price of the Garmin Nuvi 200w varies, however one of the best prices I have recently seen the sat nav system sold for is around £108, on Amazon.co.uk.


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        • Product Details

          Navigate without breaking your budget with nüvi 200. Like all nuvi 200-series members, the 200 features an easy-to-use colorful touchscreen and ultra-slim design - perfect for everyday navigation. Like the rest of the nüvi 200-series, nüvi 200 sports a sleek, slim design and fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it convenient for navigation by car or foot.

          Navigation is just the beginning. nüvi 200 includes many travel tools including JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, calculator and more. It also comes with Garmin Lock, an anti-theft feature, and configurable vehicle icons that let you select car-shaped graphics to show your location on the map.

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