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Navigon 4350 max

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Navigon 4350 max GPS receiver - automotive

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2009 23:16
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      I've always been one of those people who said there was nothing wrong with using a map! I've had many a giggle at those idiots who have ended up in lakes or on train tracks because they were following their GPS too precisely! He he he, makes me giggle now just thinking about it.
      My other half is one of these guys that finds something he likes, researches it and finds the best one on the market and then only a few days later will show up at home with it! He did the same thing with the laptop, the television and the Playstation3 so when I saw him researching I knew what was next.

      I was determined one weekend to organize our bills and other household paperwork so I headed off to Staples. I should have known why he wanted to come along (Halfords is next door!). I was left with the kids in Staples and off he went.

      £169.00 plus the cost of a carry case later we were the owners of a GPS!

      Inside the box was the Navigon system itself which is stylish and sleek. It's not too big which is a plus as my mum's is huge and takes up quite a bit of dash space (She's got a Mini but still!). A car holder which attaches to the screen via suction cup and a USB connection cable.

      The maps cover 40 different countries yet still think the Citron dealership is 100 yards further down the road then it is. There are a couple things like that I have noticed which are no big thing really as you are still in the right area. There is one awkward roundabout near me and the GPS tell me to be in the middle lane when actually you need to be in the right-hand lane and it sees the magic round-about (six mini round-abouts in one) as one massive round-about. All this being said my other half still loves his little gadget.

      Whilst my other half was away on business I thought I'd give this thing a go. My new phone is awful on speaker and you can only just about hear people so I took the GPS and Bluetooth connected my phone to it. I gave it a quick try and called my mum. I synced my phone so I can dial from my mobile or the screen which is handy. It was really easy to connect my phone and I'm very proud to say that I didn't even use the instruction booklet!!! Yay! I had been planning on getting rid of my phone because I couldn't hear people but I have now found a solution which is brilliant.

      My lovely other half has not seen his GPS since. It is now MINE! He he he. He takes it on work trips if he's driving and stuff like that but he doesn't have a need for it during the week and as I run the kids around it is quite helpful for me. I had to get my eldest to a martial arts event the other day and I knew the area I had to be in but not a clue exactly where this place was. My evening was planned out perfectly time-wise as we got home from school, ate dinner, got the baby into his sleep clothes and then were left with 20 minutes to get to the place we needed to be. We ran out the house, typed the postcode into the GPS and away we went. As I turned down the road I then knew where it was but if I'd taken the time to look at a map or print one out things could have been much more stressful.

      Quite simple really:
      Type in a postcode, address, city or choose from your saved destinations list and after a moment you will be given up to three routes to choose from. It is sometimes hard to tell when looking at the map which route avoids the motorway but you soon figure it out.

      When I was trying to find my way to a shopping centre that a friend had asked my to meet her at I was coming up to an area I didn't know. I was nearing my exit on the motorway and the screen changed to a zoomed view of the upcoming exit which was wonderful. I felt a lot less intimidated by the alien roads around me. Best thing was getting in the car to go home later ... I plugged in the GPS and once it had started up all I had to do was tap the Take Me Home button!

      I have my son's school as a saved location and even though I know full well where I am going I turn it on incase there is traffic and try to see if I can get to the school faster then the route says I will. Ok the way I worded that was a bit off ... When you pick a route it tells you what time you should arrive at your destination. If you get stuck in traffic it will adjust to that and I try to avoid the traffic and see if I can get the clock to go down instead. Yesterday when I left the house it said I would get to the school at 8:38 and I arrived at 8:22! (No speeding either! I promise!)

      Traffic jams:
      My worst nightmare with bored kids in the car. To get the traffic updates you have to have the Navigon plugged into the car but the lead is rather long so not a problem. I pop it behind the steering wheel and trail it up to the dash.

      You would think that after all the research that my other half did and how much he loves his gadgets that he would properly turn the damn thing off when he uses it! Like heck! He held down the power button when it was still in navigation mode and thus when I turned it on next it got confused and froze. Took me a couple minutes to get it to relax and turn off properly then everything was find but take my advice and turn it off properly by powering down and not just holding the power button.

      By the way:
      You don't have to be going somewhere to have the map on. The four main buttons are New Destination, Saved Destinations, Take Me Home and Show Map. Tap Show Map to merely see a map of where you are. I usually have this one or just the main menu screen on when doing a shorter journey.

      Travelling at night:
      Not sure why I'd not thought of this before but I was out taking my eldest somewhere and it was about 6pm and suddenly I looked at the screen to notice it had gone duller. I had thought that the bright screen would be a bit much on a night journey so this was a good find.

      Alert! Alert!:
      Camera ahead! All known speed cameras are shown on screen and turn to a red pulsing circle as you get close to them. Have you ever approached a speed camera and thought "oh bug! What speed is this road?" ... well I have and thankfully the Navigon has that covered! Top left hand of the screen shows the speed limit for the road you are on. I put it to the test today when I went past change in speed limit and it only took about 20 seconds for the GPS to catch up.

      Features and Benefits:
      * 4.3" Touch Screen Display
      * Full Postcode Search
      * Pre-loaded Europe, UK & ROI street level Mapping
      * Pre-loaded safety camera data
      * traffic updates & re-routing for life - avoid traffic jams
      * Bluetooth for hands free calling
      * Lane Guidance with Lane Assistant Lite
      * Smartest/Shortest/Scenic Route Planner
      * Reality View with Exit Sign Post
      * Over 2 Million Point of Interests

      One word of warning is the battery life as it is only 2 hours. The unit will charge direct from the car charger and then you'll get the traffic updates too but just keep that in mind when doing a longer trip.

      © oioiyou 2009


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    • Product Details

      * Stay on the right trackwith the Navigon 4350 max GPS for Europe! The 4350max takes into account your driving style as well asthe traffic conditions for your day and time of travel as it calculates thebest route for your journey * This Navigon GPS can also supply alternative routes, so you can pick whicheversuits you best * Plus, the TMC aerial offers real-time traffic information tohelp you stay one step ahead of the game * The 4350 max has a range of handy functions with Reality ViewLight to help you get a more realistic view of roads and routes * Lane guidanceis also on hand to help you change lanes safely and easily

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