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Road Angel Navigator 7000

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2 Reviews

Road Angel Navigator 7000 - GPS receiver - automotive

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2011 12:25



      Good item for ourdoors and car

      I purchased this item 4 years ago and to b fair to it, it is still working well! It has been superceeded by my Garmin but it is still a nice back up and when I have taken it out it still works as well as when I bought it. The only bug bear I have it is the fact the battery is now shot and sometimes does not charge. When charged I have about 2 hours life in it. This is dealt with by using a power monkey on it to keep the charge in it.

      This unit is fully water proof and so can be used in the worst weather and will not fault. It can be used in car and on foot and is just as good at both.

      It has UK wide street level maps for sat nav and has always taken me to the correct place on the easiest route. Once you take the wrong turn or if a road is closed it will re route you instead of keeping on saying "Turn around" like some sat navs do. The voice is clear and the screen is very clear.

      For walking the unit has Ordnance Survey® maps, The unit comes reloaded with 1:50k GB Natioanl Parks and it is then easy to buy more maps, load them onto your PC and transfere them across to the unit. Previously it used to be all on CD or DVD but not Memory maps (The operating system) does downloadable maps.


      Waterproof and rugged for outdoor use - It really is waterproof, the unit go dropped into a puddle and still worked fine after, perfect!

      Pre-loaded Ordnance Survey maps - Excellent to be able to use it straight away. Further maps can then be bought in 1:50k and 1:25k as well as CAA and marine maps.

      In-car satellite navigation with voice directions - excellent clear voice and screen making it easy to navigate in the car.

      Safety camera and blackspot alerts - brilliant to let you know were the black stops are and ewhen to take extra care. The Camera alert was good as it warned me when everyone would be putting their breaks on really quickly and helped many times.

      Ready to use straight out of the box - it really was, although this is now discontinued so not really an issue but it was good when they were selling it brand new!!!

      3.5" full colour touch sensitive backlit screen - Okay but not good in bright sunlight.

      Long life lithium rechargeable battery with car, mains and USB chargers - This started off good and if you buy a second hand one then put a replacement battery on it and it will work as new! When it was new this would last a good 20 mile walk and then some.

      Includes Memory-Map's award winning PC software for detailed route planning, map printing and tracklog review Memory-Map DigitalGPSTM data displays for outdoor navigation
      Fully compatible with Memory-Map's wide range of outdoor maps - this really was the selling point for me as I was then able to put my paper maps to the bottom of my rucksack and use this for navigation and location. The GPS locks on really quickly and does not stray for the duration of use.
      Once you get back you can also attack it to your PC and it will download your track with time, speed and distance. Excellent!!

      Really good product and still working after 4 years hard use. However other products have now superceeded it!


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      12.09.2008 12:41
      Very helpful
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      Highly recommended

      I've had this satnav for about 9 months now since I recieved my free upgrade from the 6000 and so far cannot fault it. The speed camera locator has never missed a location and allerts you of your speed, a coloured indicator of whether you are within the limit or not on approach as well as a countdown to the location before you get there. Unlike the 6000 it also tells you the speed limit through voice as well as on the display when it allerts you to a camera which is very usefull as you don't have to look down to see what speed you should be doing.

      The satnav is also improved over the 6000. It always seems to choose the same routes I would use looking at a map and has many options for you to choose to customise the route you want to take and also has as good database of places of interest if you need a cash machine or want somewhere to stay or eat. You can also choose between a male or female voice on this one which some people may like!

      The system for updates is also much better. You only need Active Sync on your computer then you can update it through the internet using the satnav rather than pre installed software on your computer. It is also bluetooth compatable so you can connect it to your phone and get it to do updates on the move through GPRS if you so wish.

      The only thing I would say is a slight downside is that it's quick brick like compared to a lot of the most recent satnavs on the market, however this does now put me off. It's a fabulous piece of kit and I recommend it highly!


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