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TomTom Go 710

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TomTom GO 710 - GPS receiver - automotive

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2013 11:50
      Very helpful



      Value for money TomTom

      TomTom GO 710 - Reliable, Easy to use mobile navigation system.

      TomTom over the years has become well known as possibly the most reliable sat-nav brand available in today's market. Not only were they way ahead of the Technology before the competitors came close but they have now had the extra advantage of being able to tweak their existing products to improve performance whilst other manufacturers were still in the product design stage.

      - Appearance -

      The Tom Tom GO 710 comes in a black and silver design, with a large easy to read touch screen with an easy to remove windscreen sucker which can be detatched in seconds by pressing the button at the top of the unit.

      - Functions & Usability -

      TomTom's are one of the easiest to use form of Sat Nav systems, once powered up you will be welcomed with the main menu screen which gives you the options to;
      1.Navigate to a specific location (address, city or postcode)
      2.Find Alternative Route
      3.Tom Tom Traffic (Live Travel Information)
      4.Mobile Phone (For use of connecting your mobile handset via bluetooth to the device)
      5.Change Preferences (Main settings for routes etc, disable toll roads, motorways etc)

      The second menu screen gives you the options to Advanced Plan your route, so you can check the distance and get an idea of where you need to go before you set-off.
      You can also browse the map locally to find local places, aswell as viewing your entire route.
      Other little useful extra's include the ability to Add Favourite locations such as Home, Work, Friends etc so you can quickly select saved addresses, other extras included are TomTom Weather, TomTom Plus Services, Guided Tours & Itinerary Planning.

      - General Use -
      It is quick and easy to turn on the TomTom, set your route and get going on the road pretty much within a matter of minutes, the only problem with sat-navigation systems is that they need to be able to obtain a valid GPS signal before they can calculate the route, often if you are indoors when trying to sort out where your going you will find that you have to go out on to the road for the TomTom to actually receive a valid signal to get going.

      - Maps & Driving Issues -
      The downloadable maps are one of the main positive factors about this build of TomTom and often resolves the issue of the following common problem; at some point when using your TomTom you will find at some point during your Journey that your system may suddenly 'loose the plot' I.e it will tell you to turn right when there is no right, or to turn left twice when you can only go right for example. This is simply due to out-dated maps, as new roads are listed the maps are updated, TomTom calculates the fastest available route between start and end location and can often end up taking you down short-cuts, country lanes etc and can include parts of a route which might not exist any more.

      To prevent getting lost in your journeys or frustrated with your device when it gets confused the best solution I can offer is to update your maps prior to programming your route, and always check over the route manually before beginning to follow the instructions. Most people end up feeling irritated when they end up on a Toll Road or Motorway when they originally didn't want too just because they hadn't checked the original settings and configuration of the route.

      - Speed, Processing and Extras -

      TomTom GO 710 comes with its own windscreen sucker and power cable for home and 12v for use in the car so you can keep the unit charged up whilst using. Another important factor to remember is not to leave your device on show in your vehicle, it only takes seconds to put a window through to retrieve your electronics.

      The device calculates road maps fairly quick, a 200 mile journey takes around a minute or so to generate the entire route, short journeys literally take seconds to calculate.

      Overall I love this TomTom have used it for many years after upgrading to this model from the first ever release of TomTom and to this date have no real issues to report apart from the scenario above which is effective to outdated maps. This particular model is not sold new any more however there are many second hand units floating around between £30 and £50. I hope this is of use to someone. Thanks for reading.


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  • Product Details

    If you're looking for more than just the navigation essentials, TomTom GO 710 is a complete portable car navigator, but with just that little bit more. Enhancing every aspect of your journey.

    Like all TomTom's, GO 710 works straight out of the box, has the best route instructions and comes with the full array of TomTom features. Like TomTom's award-winning easy-to-use navigation software, best routes, 3D view and spoken instructions, thousands of Points of Interest, instant route re-calculation, and itinerary planning and it comes ready for all the TomTom PLUS services.

    TomTom GO 710 has a full map of Europe (Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal) pre-installed on a memory card. So you can cross the whole continent without once having to switch maps.

    TomTom GO 710 also doubles as a hands-free car kit. So with a compatible Bluetooth phone you can make or take calls with just a touch of the screen.

    Another real on-the-road bonus is being able to control your iPod from your GO 710 screen and listen to it through the high quality speaker.


    Easy to use: extra wide 4" LCD touchscreen gives you smart design and easy to use navigation literally at your fingertips;

    Map of Europe on SD card: navigate Western Europe door-to-door without changing maps;

    Clear spoken instructions: speaks some 36 languages in over 50 different voices;

    Hands-free calling: doubles as a hands-free car kit using Bluetooth technology. So you can make & receive calls as you drive with just a touch of the screen;

    Smart extras: iPod control, home dock, and much more besides.

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