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TomTom Go 720

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TomTom GO 720 - GPS receiver - automotive

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    7 Reviews
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      24.03.2011 22:32



      Recommended as a simple to use system for navigation

      TomTom Go 720 is a good all round satnav system.

      Firstly, the size of the unit is good, with a 4.3inch screen to make viewing the maps easy. It is a little bulky compared with using a new smartphone or some of the newer Garmin products that are available. It is fairly light at just over 200g and feels solid, not cheap.

      Most of you would want to know how easy it is to use and would be pleased to know that it is very easy. Even my techno-unsavvy uncle can use it with a bit of training. To program a destination, simply tap the screen, add destination by postcode or voice entry and you are away. Maps are good, but you need to upgrade after a few months...the cheapest way is to buy a card from TomTom that gives you 2 years of updates for less than the price of one year BUT it has to be used within 3 months or so of you first activating your device...only good for brand new customers only! Some locations are not perfect and once ended up ignoring the instructions despite a very angry sounding Darth Vader telling me to "turn around now" when the complex was in front of me. For this, TomTom developed mapshare, where users can alter the locations of some points of interest in case they got it wrong. To do this for a destination you know to be wrong is fairly easy with a few taps.

      This device has Bluetooth built in and so can be used as a handsfree. Useful, though most people will have this on their windscreen and is not the easiest thing to reach and tap. The windscreen mounts are easy to do, though all vent mounts I have seen are useless (anybody who has a good one please feel free to correct me). You can also transmit sound through an FM tuner.

      The TomTom can act as an mp3 player and takes an external SD card for playing music. I would recommend an in-car charger and TomTom own brand tends to be over expensive. I have a third party one and it works fine. I also bought a screen cover to protect from scratches (I hate scratches on a nice screen).

      A couple of gripes with the system are that sometimes after a period of inactivity (couple of weeks), GPS takes ages to pick up a signal lock and also, some cases tend to hit the on button whilst it is in a drawer or pocket (at least I think that is what the problem is) as my TomTom spontaneously switches itself on and drains whilst not in use..thus the need for a car charger!

      Despite these niggles, I can recommend this unit, esp as you can get it for sub-£100 used (not sure if you can still get it new) and after years of service, it is still going (albeit with an extra investment for map updates).


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      31.08.2010 05:15



      One of the best Sat-navs out there

      This is a great sat nav if you're on a budget. It is part of the TomTom x20 series. The current series is the x50 so it is 3 generations old, however it is still very very good.

      TomTom allows you to update it online getting the latest speed cam locations and latest softwate although you have to pay to update maps :(

      The great thing I found about this device is that it can link to an FM radio or bluetooth audio device. At first I had it playing music and directions through the car radio. However when I discovered the extensive bluetooth functionality I used that as sound quality is much improved.

      The TomTom also allows you to connect it to your phone for use as a handsfree kit. This is great stand-alone or linked to your car speakers

      The mount for this device is very sturdy and the screen is of a very good size, I really cant fault it.


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      10.07.2010 12:13
      Very helpful




      We've had three sat navs during the past few years but this TomTom GO720 is the best we've tried. At the time it cost £209.99 but the price doesn't seem to have dropped although I suspect they can be purchased from eBay or Amazon sellers.

      It comes in a smart box which contains all sorts of information booklets telling you how to use it to it's best advantage. The booklets include how to connect to the PC if required, how to use, safety and services & accessories. T

      The booklet on how to use the satnav is very clear to understand plus there are diagrams and troubleshooting sections.

      The actual device is as shown in the picture and included are the following -
      - the screen
      - the car charger
      - home clock
      - windscreen holder
      - traffic receiver

      Initially the charger needs 2 hours to charge then it's ready to go.

      We're very pleased with it because (so far) we've managed to get from A -B with no major problems. Having read the manual it does a lot more than we need it for - eg it includes 'fun features' but basically we only need it for navigation.

      The screen is a good size to view by both the driver and the front seat passenger. It gives a clear picture of where you've been and where you're heading plus any new traffic jams/ major roadworks etc.

      It is clear to view at night as well as during the day which, in my opinion, is very important.

      Although it comes with a USB lead which enables it to be connected to the computer, we've only used this a couple of times, as there's been no need.

      Another good thing about this TomTom is the fact it warns you where speed cameras are situated - I wouldn't suggest for one moment buying this for that reason, but it does help the driver keep an eye on his/ her speed.

      We chose a woman's voice as hers sounded the most friendly! Her instructions are clear and concise and plenty of notice is given eg when approaching roundabouts etc.

      You can't alter information whilst the car is in motion which I guess is sensible but it's easy enough to change it when stationary if you decide to change your route.

      Loading it is simple and straightforward once you've used it a couple of times which means you don't have to keep referring to the handbook.

      In conclusion therefore, I'd say this is a good reliable sat nav to invest in and is well worth having a look at.


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        09.07.2010 10:46
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        She does get a little bit angry if you ignore her instructions, but she gets over it

        We've had quite a few sat navs in our family, from built-in to smartphone varieties, but the one my dad always relies on is his TomTom Go 720.
        The sav nav itself is fairly small and can be attached to the windscreen easily enough, yet for some reason my dad prefers to keep it in the space next to the handbrake. The sat nav has a fairly big screen so it's possible for both driver and a passenger to keep an eye on the navigation.

        The sat nav has a menu screen for various options, including different settings for the maps and routes, voice control and even a built-in music player. Although at first it appears well-organised, the menu items are very generically labelled and even after using it over a few years, it does take trial and error to actually find the setting you want to change.
        Many of the settings are cosmetic, for example you can choose between a few different voices and whether you want a car or an arrow to represent you. You can also decide whether you want a flat view or a 3D view, and whether you want night mode (a different colour scheme) on. Petrol stations are clearly marked, as are some points of interest. Passing a university will also show a cap symbol and produce a 'DONG' which could be quite useful.

        The sat nav has maps and routes for all of the UK, and I believe at least Europe as well as my dad has driven there and used it once or twice I think.

        Setting a route is simple - just enter the address/postcode and decide whether you want the fastest or the shortest route (personally I don't see why I have to choose between the two when clearly you want both, but whatever). The sat nav will then say 'Your route is being calculated', which normally only takes a few seconds, and then 'You can commence your journey'. On the journey there's a good balance of directions - there's not constantly repeating instructions as you get with some sat navs (e.g. the free Nokia software), and I'd say there's a good level of telling you what you need to know. Some instructions are slightly strange, particularly 'Please turn half left off the square', and using it in Swindon is something of a nightmare as all you seem to hear is 'roundabout roundabout roundabout' - but that's Swindon's fault more than the sat nav's!

        The reason that my dad loves this sat nav is because it tells you where the speed cameras are. You can choose how far in advance you want to be warned about them, and what sound and volume you want to represent them. They also show up on the screen with the road sign symbol of a camera, which is useful to directly pinpoint it on occasion. Even on familiar routes you can't always be sure whether cameras are on or off, so my dad tends to stick the sat nav on even when he knows where he's going (for example Manchester to Nottingham).

        The sat nav comes with a USB lead so you can connect it to your computer and download updates and extras. To be honest we've only done this a couple of times but it's fairly straightforward.

        One thing to point out is that the TomTom doesn't let you input a route whilst the car is in motion. One one hand this is a good safety feature; on the other it's annoying if a passenger (me) wants to input a route, especially if we know part of the journey but not the last few details.

        The only real disadvantage of this sat nav (other than that it's been slightly surpassed by more modern versions) is the charging lead. To charge the sat nav from your car is easily done by the cigarette lighter; however my dad's cable has worn down over time and stopped charging the sat nav. It has lasted a few years though. Unfortunately, a replacement is expensive from TomTom themselves - but you can pick up a replacement for only a few pounds from Amazon, which we did and it works just as well, if not better than the original. Just make sure you're picking out the right charger for your sat nav.

        Despite being several years old now, this sat nav hasn't come down much in price and is available from Amazon at the princely sum of £209.99, although as I write this you can get a second hand one there for around £135 including postage.

        As there are lots to choose from on the market these days, I would definitely advise shopping around before you make a decision. If you have a Nokia smartphone it's also worth trying out their free sat nav software, though it is a bit limited in terms of settings. If you want a dedicated sat nav than this is a pretty good choice.


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          22.08.2009 14:21
          Very helpful



          A good product that does everything you need it to do.

          From time to time I have to go out to meetings at various locations and ever since I got caught in Leeds City Centre one way system for most of 2005 and some of 2006, I swore I would never again leave home with out my trusty satellite navigation.

          I will never try to go to Leeds again either, in fact I don't even believe that Leeds exists anymore. London is easier to get into than Leeds, but I will cover their flaming oyster cards and decongestion charges another time.

          The Tom Tom Go 720
          It has a 4.3 inch screen which is a good size, it affixes to your windscreen using a vacuum sucker, just make sure it is firmly attached before you go on your way.


          Navigate to:
          Obviously this is the main one, you can select a postcode, area, address or even feature such as airport, pub, sports ground, etc.

          Once you have selected your destination, it will show you the route and then search for a signal to position you and then it begins to instruct immediately and suitably often.

          As you drive along the voice will reinforce when you will need to turn, whether you should keep left or right on the approach to roundabouts, etc.

          The voice gets a little too pushy on the approach to roundabouts as it can tell you up to four times that you will be turning right in the space of two-hundred metres. Sometimes you feel like shouting that you are neither a goldfish, suffering from any kind of memory problems or what was the other one, I was going to say...,

          The only problem is if you are not going to somewhere in a city or town, for example if you are going to a distribution centre in Daventry where there is very little civilisation, it will proudly proclaim that you have reached your destination whilst you are in the middle of a dual carriageway, with several enormous buildings around all of which could be the one you want. Ensure that you have the last bit of your journey on a bit of paper or the phone number of someone that can direct you the last bit.

          This is not a criticism of the technology because it is after all technology not magic.

          Find alternative route:
          This feature helps you to "Avoid Roadblock". This is particularly useful if you have just kidnapped a member of former band Blue just until rumours of reforming have passed. Although if you are considering kidnapping Duncan, I would recommend soundproofing the boot as he does tend to sing quite loud on long journeys.

          You can use it to "Travel via a certain point", say for example you need to empty your boot at a suitably high cliff top location but then get home for the next episode of Reaper.

          You can even select a particular longitude/latitude, etc which is particularly useful to those of you that are spies, previously trained in the military. Alternatively you may have been told by a spy of the location of buried microfilm detailing events surrounding recovery of weather balloons from Roswell.

          Help me:
          This feature will help you walk to drive to or phone the nearest petrol station, public transport, police, doctor, etc. Hospital is notable by its absence.

          There is even a "First aid" guide on there. This part is a basic document just listing the important things to remember when administering first aid. It will not talk you through a complex tracheotomy using a pen and rubber band.

          Change voice preferences, Tim, Kate and Jane are the default English voices that come with the packages and can give out all directions and alerts. You can download more voices at Tom Tom or even programme your own voice in which would be just a little bit self-loving and would lead inevitable to self-loathing.

          I will definitely be going for Homer Simpson or Mr T when I download mine. Those of you that find yourselves driving a lot will know that anything to break up the monotony of a long drive is welcome.

          The Voices
          Tim is ok, but there is just a tiny inflection in his voice that makes me think that he has a problem with the way that I drive. He just seems to be a little accusatory to me and until he gets off his high horse, I will not be using him.

          Jane, is a little too posh for my liking and her voice is a little passive aggressive. It makes me nervous. Sometimes I like to deviate from the path and the first time I used her, she wouldn't let me stop at the services. She didn't directly say that I couldn't but when I tried to move over to the left she kept telling me to keep right and just to keep the peace, I carried on without coffee and a nice wee.

          Kate is my girl, she seems friendly and outgoing whilst maintaining a level of professionalism that seems lacking with Tim and Kate. She does still call me on it, if I try to go my own way, but there is a light-heartedness in the way she says it that is lacking from that cow Jane.

          All in all this is a very useful piece of kit and it will get you to where you need to go or at least close enough. It will also store recent destinations and you can save "Home" so that at the press of a button, it will bring you home once again.

          Extra, Extras
          You can correct the map, if a new road has been made or if the map is wrong, download new/updated maps and even download other peoples corrections, although I would prefer to see it for myself, unless they are saying that a particular road ends in a cliff. In which case I would just add it to my "via" list in case S Club 7 stage a revival. Let's see them use alliteration when there are only five.

          You can even establish a connection between your mobile phone and the satellite navigation. I haven't engaged this feature mainly because of my intense burning hatred of the mobile phone culture.

          However, since the main question mobile phone users ask or text (grrrrr) each other is "where are you?" I guess that this connection will now enable the satellite navigation to answer on your behalf, once again diminishing the ability of humans to communicate.

          The Bluetooth technology that is inbuilt allows you to link up your phone hands free, listen to music from your MP3 player transmitted through your radio which I begrudgingly admit is pretty cool.

          You can pick the Tom Tom 720 up for around £150.00 inc vat, plus postage and packing now online. I think that the price is good so if you find it cheaper I would highly recommend it.

          There are many other Satellite Navigation systems available and I have used serveral. This is the best I have found for overall clarity and it's simplicity to use.

          Yes there may be "better" ones available at a higher price, but if this one does the job and does it well, why would I need anything more?



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            27.07.2009 21:44
            Very helpful



            A great road companion

            We bought TomTom for our car because it was the leading maufactuer for GPS and had a very good reputation. Having used it for two years now i don't regret buying it. Lets start with the good points. It has a big screen, bigger than the other and older models. It's description of the road is accurate. This sounds like quite a silly point as it's what you expect from a system which is suppose to tell you were to go but what i mean is that on some GPS it says turn left when actually it means bear left or it's actually a really big turn. This can be a bit annoying as you indicate only to find that you don't actually turn left. So from that point of view it's quite good. It also has accurate maps which you can update online for free. It also has many useful extra features like a list of points of interest with contact details of restaurants and attractions. It has blue tooth so you can connect to your mobile phone and use it as your hands free and it has an mp3. You can also connect your ipod to it and play the songs via your radio. So it's more than just a sat nav really. You can also record your own voice and use that instead of the computer's. It's a lot more entertaining.

            However, there are some bad points. For a start it has a really bad battery life. It can last a couple of hours but that's it. It's not really a problem because it comes with a charger that you can plug into the car. The main thing that is bad with it is the route planning isn't as flexible as it should be. When you type in your destination into the sat nav you get a choice of routes: the fastest route, shortest route ect. then you can view the route it's planned for you. But unless you are specific with which roads you want to avid you can't really change the route. Unlike on google maps where you can simple drag it to the route you want to take and it works out the way to go. The viewing of the route is exactly that you can't really amend it. Therefore in that respect improvements could be made. Overall it is quite user friendly and it gets you to your destination. The extra features are a bonus and having seen our friends who have different makes this is probably the best one to go with.


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            18.05.2009 23:00



            A cost effective way of getting the latest features of navigation

            I bought this unit in refurbished condition. Out of the box, couldn't differentiate it from a brand new one. It came with UK and Europe maps, also with a code to upgrade for the latest available maps. On updating had the latest features, has intelligent routing and advanced lane guidance. It has pretty clear and loud instructions. The 4.3 inch screen makes driving a pleasure and easily readable while driving. The special feature of being able to record your own for map instructions is very handy. My two year old son's voice guides me through the whole of UK. Options for map corrections and sharing with other tomtom users makes the map very accurate, including the latest road blocks. Its re-routing is good if you miss your turn.

            Additional features like Bluetooth dialling and FM transmitter truly make this unit a star buy.

            The only negative point is the brightness of the display screen. On a sunny day it becomes difficult to see the map.


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        • Product Details

          TomTom has a reputation for the most user-friendly and efficient navigation devices. And the GO 720 is no exception. A range of useful and also fun new features all benefit from the latest version of an award-winning intuitive user interface that makes the smartest TomTom technology easy to use.

          Easier on the eye: a 4.3" widescreen improves your view of where you are, and makes entering instructions easier and quicker. Better communicator: text-to-speech means your device can announce street names, as well as sms and traffic messages. Giving you easier guidance and allowing you to focus better on the road ahead. Better listener: speech recognition lets you tell your device where to go, instead of typing it on the screen. Better view day and night: light sensor gives automatic brightness control.

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